Friday, July 30, 2010

:: TEAM EMMETT:: Kellan Lutz and the St. Bernard Project

When Kellan Lutz first joined Twitter, his first tweet was the above picture and a note that he was getting sweaty in New Orleans building houses in St. Bernard Parish.

To give a little history, St. Bernard Parish was devastated when Hurricane Katrina blew through the area in August of 2005. A water way named, the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet or MRGO, as we know it, flooded the entire parish. Water was every where and up to roof tops of the homes in the area.

Five years later, people are still trying to return to "Da Parish" where they were born and raised. With a little help of course by Habitat for Humanity and the St. Bernard Project.

Kellan has been a big supporter of the St. Bernard Project while he was in town filming a movie in the spring of this year. Now is your chance to help out his cause and the great people of St. Bernard Parish.

Below is some information on the Pepsi Refresh Challenge, where $250,000 will go to the winning charity based on voting for such charity.

Check it out and vote!!!!

Our favorite charitable Cullen, Kellan Lutz, is asking for your help aiding the St. Bernard Project in winning $250,000 in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge! The St. Bernard Project has been working since 2006 to put families back in their homes after being displaced by Katrina, as well as provides vital mental health and wellness counseling for those affected by both Katrina and the devastating oil spill this is a cause near and dear to Kellan’s heart- his first ever Tweet was about SBP and first Twitpic was wearing a St. Bernard Project shirt. He just Tweeted today about SBP and all the good work we are doing with Pepsi Refresh! With your votes – and your support – we can make a real difference for the Greater New Orleans Area. Here’s how! Go to and VOTE ONCE EVERY DAY BETWEEN AUGUST 2ND AND AUGUST 31ST! By taking just a few moments out of your day to vote, you can help New Orleans residents faster than you can say Renesmee.

Source: >>> Go here to vote and show your support for Kellen Lutz and the St. Bernard Project!!!!


St. Bernard Project said...

Thanks for the support! SBP is forever Team Emmett