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::Team Edward:: The MTV Movie Awards should be EPIC!!! OHMYROB!

Ashton Kutcher threatens to pull a “Kanye” in the name of Robert Pattinson:

“How does Robert Pattinson not win every award ever invented?…I almost got up onstage this year at the Grammys when he didn’t win and almost kicked Taylor Swift off. Because I’m like, ‘What’s up? Robert Pattinson should have won this.’”

– Ashton Kutcher, outing himself as the Twilight star’s biggest fan, to MTV

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::Team Love Shack:: Eclipse Read Along Chapter 5 IMPRINT

Hey Sparkly Ones!!!

Welcome to our Eclipse Countdown Read Along DAY 5!! We ask everyone to join us on this journey toward The Twilight Saga Eclipse by reading the book together with us this month.We will post one chapter summary a day for the month of June and as we close the book we can pick up those tickets and hit the theater!!!!! We encourage everyone to join the discussion on our Facebook page daily!

We have been having GREAT discussions thus far, so don't miss out on it today!

Now we are getting down and DIRTY, as in DIRTY DOG!  We learn that Jacob showed Edward Bella's pain. One of the few things the dog was good for....Edward needed to see it!

Have a Dazzling Read!

Chapter Number: 5
Chapter Name: Imprint
Page Numbers: 113-130
Date of Chapter: May 25, 2006
The chapter opens with Jacob and Bella still at La Push.  There is an awkward silence between them and Bella begins to ask about the others.  Jacob confirms that Quil has indeed phased and is ecstatic about being a wolf.  Jacob says that most of the others are happy as well except for him and Sam.  Sam has had plenty of time to get over everything so it is really just Jacob that is the cry baby.  Bella asks about Sam’s story and Jacob warns her that it is long and strange. 
Jacob begins by telling Bella that Sam had it the hardest because he was first and didn’t know what was going on.  Once the elders discussed with him what had happened, he waited for the others to come of age.  At the time of the change Sam was in love and dating Leah Clearwater.  All that changed when Leah’s cousin Emily visited.  When Sam saw Emily it was love at first site, soul mates.  Sam has to live with letting down Leah and see the anger and hurt in her eyes.  At first Emily hated Sam for it but eventually the love and adoration Sam showed her was over powering. 
Bella asks Jacob if he has found his soul mate and he says that only Jared and Sam have.  Bella feels relieved by this.  The conversation turns to Jacob and what he was thinking the other day to make Edward so uncomfortable.  Jacob admits to thinking about the night Sam found her in the woods and what she looked like the first time she came to see him.  Edward was pained by the memories.  Bella was angry with Jacob for being so mean and decides to leave.  Jacob begs her to stay and she insists the next time he leaves she’ll come back.
Characters Involved: Jacob Back, Bella Swan
Character Mentioned: Angela Webber, Edward Cullen, Alice Cullen, Quil Aetera, Sam Uley, Emily Young, Leah ClearewaterQuil Aetera Sr., Jared, Billy Black, Harry Clearwater
Places Visited: La Push
Memorable Quotes:
 “Am I the only one who has to get old? I get older every stinking day!” ~ Bella pg 119
“Did you seriously just stamp your foot?  I thought girls only did that on TV.” ~ Jacob pg 119
Important Information learned:
Imprinting happens the first time you see you match after transforming.
Only Sam and Jared have imprinted.
Werewolves don’t age until they can control their phasing and decide not to phase anymore.

Chapter Summaries are courtesy of Twilight Lexicon 

::Team Eclipse:: The Twilight Saga: David Slade's Note to the Fans

Dear fans of The Twilight Saga,

I want to congratulate you for reaching over 6 million fans on The Twilight Saga Facebook page.

It's hard to fathom that it was just over one year ago that I started constructing this third and epic adventure which takes place in the town of Forks.

I want to share a story about one of our days of shooting with you.

It was a Friday night and the rain was relentless. We were at La Push to shoot the tribe's histories, a great speech by Billy Black. We had Taylor and Kristen and the whole wolf pack around a campfire as the heavens let loose on us.

Gil Birmingham was in fine form as the rain hammered down on us all, we adjusted our lights so that the rain vanished into the black of night.

We constructed a tent over the scene to keep everyone dry as we worked, every 15 minutes or so we would have to tip it to stop the collecting rain from splitting the fabric.

For some reason still unknown, around 3am, the wolf pack stood exactly in the way of several gallons of rainwater as it was being cleared. Being the wolf pack, they just laughed it off as they stood there soaked to the bone.

We worked through the mud and the rain all night, until we had the scene perfected.

As we left, dawn was now cracking and in the dim light I passed a small army of fans who had braved the weather for the entire night, still standing there, holding drenched flowers and waiting to get a glimpse of our actors.

So, to those of you who stood behind our security, who waited in line at theatres overnight, to those of you who just love these stories, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is a love letter to you.

Each day I felt the weight of your favourite scenes, your favourite lines, your dreams and your imagination.

It has been an unforgettable journey, and now as I finalise the last prints to ready the film for your local theaters, I cannot wait for you to see it.

Sincerest Regards,



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::Team Twilight:: Fan Fiction Friday

Happy Friday my sparklies. Have you been listening to the new soundtrack while reading? Don't forget to join the "Discussion" on the Eclipse read along. We always love to hear your thoughts. Oh yeah, it's only 25 days to Eclipse here in the U.S. *squeeeee*

Fan Fic acronyms to know: AU=Alternate Universe, AH=All Human, OOC=Out of Character, Canon=As Stephenie Meyer wrote it, M=Rated Mature. Stories are ranked from 1-5 Sparkles for writing skill, story and plot and overall story quality as it relates to the Twilight Universe.

The following reviews are from Cullen Sister:

Breaking News by WriteOnTime

Rated: M
Type: Romance/Humor---AH/AU---Canon Couples
POV: Edward and Bella
Status: Work In Progress (13 chapters)
Shack Rating: * * * * *(5 sparkles!)

Breaking News

Two network news anchors. One desk. In a race to get the story, love might become the headline - if they don't kill each other first. AU/AH Canon Couples, smart people, particle physics, and tap dancing.


Cascade and Cyanide by americnxidiot

Rated: M
Type: Hurt/Comfort/Romance---AH/AU---Canon Couples
POV: Edward and Bella
Status: Complete (25 chapters)
Shack Rating: * * * * *(5 sparkles!)

Cascade and Cyanide

"But something was horribly wrong with Edward Masen. Something that had nothing to do with the drugs or the gossip or his family. And I had no idea what to do." Rated for dark themes no rape/cutting.


The following reviews are from Forks Pixie:

A Lesson In Release by Lillie Cullen

Rated: M
Type: Romance/Supernatural---AU/OOC---Non-Canon Couples
POV: Jasper and Bella
Status: Complete (24 chapters)
Shack Rating: * * * * *(5 sparkles!)

A Lesson In Release

Jasper can't handle the overpowering emotions from Edward and Bella anymore. Jasper decides to teach Bella how to satisfy her own needs. But what will he learn in the process? LEMONS but with a good plot! TwiFi Winner Best Non-Canon Couple!


by thatisastory

Rated: M
Type: Hurt/Comfort/Romance/Supernatural---AU/OOC---Non-Canon Couples
POV: Jasper and Bella
Status: Complete (23 chapters)
Shack Rating: * * * * *(5 sparkles!)


Becoming a vampire was supposed to mean a new beginning for Bella. Instead tragedy is visited upon the Cullens, and Bella is neither alive, nor dead, left to keep a promise she wishes she'd never made. This is her Afterlife.


That's it for another week. Be sure to post any fics you'd love to see reviewed under the "Discussion" tab.

Sparkly Dreams,

Cullen Sister

::Team Love Shack:: Eclipse Read Along Chapter 4 NATURE

 Hey Sparkly Ones!!!
Welcome to our Eclipse Countdown Read Along DAY 4!! We ask everyone to join us on this journey toward The Twilight Saga Eclipse by reading the book together with us this month.We will post one chapter summary a day for the month of June and as we close the book we can pick up those tickets and hit the theater!!!!! We encourage everyone to join the discussion on our Facebook page daily!

We have been having GREAT discussions thus far, so don't miss out on it today!

Have a Dazzling Read!

Chapter Number: 4
Chapter Name: Nature
Page Numbers: 92-112
Date of Chapter: May 25, 2006
The chapter opens with Bella having a bad week.  She has accepted the fact the Victoria is still after her because, in all honesty, she never expected her to stop.  However, Bella is feeling the need to be changed more now than ever.  Carlisle and the others aren’t that concerned has there are seven of them.  Edward’s one reply is that he will have the discussion with her if she meets his condition.
Edward goes away hunting with Emmett and Jasper leaving Alice in charge of watching Bella.  Bella is hoping to keep her time occupied by working and helping Angela.  Unfortunately when she gets to Newton’s they don’t need her to work and a flyer saying “Save the Olympic Wolf” causes Bella to head straight to La Push. 
Bella arrives at La Push greeted by a shocked yet extremely happy Jacob.  Bella instantly feels like the Bella she used to be with Jake, less responsible and carefree.  They walk to First Beach and talk about how things have been but the conversation quickly moves to why they are no longer friends.  Jacob is shocked to hear why Edward left.  Bella continues to explain to Jacob what happened in Italy.  Jacob then tells Bella about the events while she was away.  The pack had come across a fresh trail from Victoria.  They followed it and ran into the Cullens.  There was a minor interaction between Emmett and Paul.  Carlisle and Sam agreed that Victoria was top priority and they continued to track her.  Unfortunately she retreated to the water and the pack wouldn’t give the Cullens permission to cross the line.
Jacob then tells Bella that if she hadn’t jumped off the cliff without him things would never have changed.  They we probably be hanging out in his garage and there would be no vampires in Forks.  Jacob then tells Bella that Sam is upset with her because after everything that happened Sam felt Bella would be the one person who had enough reason to hate the Cullens as much as he did.  Bella is angry by this statement and with Jacob.
Bella and Jacob start to discuss why Bella loves Edward.  At first Jacob feels it is because of looks or money and feels hurt.  Jacob tells Bella to look with in her own species to which she replies then she is stuck with Mike Newton.  Jacob is again hurt by the comment.  Bella is too angry to care and pushes Jacob about being a werewolf.  Jacob places Bella’s hand on his heart to prove that he is human.  Bella realizes how much pain Jacob is in and the anger subsides.  
Characters Involved: Edward Cullen, Mike Newton, Mrs. Newton, Bella Swan, Jacob Black, Billy Black
Character Mentioned: Alice Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Victoria, Jasper Hale, Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Rosalie Hale
Places Visited: La Push, Newton’s Outfitters
Memorable Quotes:
“I’m really glad Edward didn’t kill you.  Everything is so much more fun with you around.” Emmett pg 93
“Nature taking it’s course—hunter and prey, the endless cycle of lie and death.” Jacob pg 109
“Normal humans runaway from monsters, Bella.  And I never claimed to be normal. Just human.” Jacob pg 112
Important Information learned:
Bella tells Jacob about everything in Italy.
Victoria was in Forks while Bella was in Florida.
There was a confrontation between the werewolves and the vampires.
Sam is angry with Bella.

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::Team Eclipse:: New Eclipse TV Spot

::Team Bree:: Stephenie Meyer shares the Bree Playlist and some news from Seth on her website

Hey... I hope everyone is doing well. First off, in case you are enjoying your summer a little too much and have lost track of time, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner comes out in just about 30 hours! Remember that it can be read on-line for free at starting at noon on June 7th, or the hardcover edition can be purchased on June 5th. And, to get you even more excited, Stephenie has just sent me the Bree playlist.

On the same topic, there are a couple of interviews with Stephenie about Bree Tanner, and they can be found at USA Today and (you have to sign up (if you haven't already) to read it).


Stephenie Meyer's Bree Playlist:

  1. "Yes Please" - Muse
  2. "Heads Will Roll" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  3. "Midnight and I" - White Rabbits
  4. "Now We Can See" - The Thermals
  5. "Falling In" - Ha Ha Tonka
  6. "Rocking Horse" - The Dead Weather
  7. "New Noise" - Refused
  8. "What If We Could" - Blue October
  9. "The Royal We" - Silversun Pickups
  10. "Count Me Out" - Meese
  11. "Blindness" - Metric
  12. "Set the Sails" - Dan Mangan

::Team Jasper:: Jackson Rathbone Uncut Interview with Nylon Magazine

JACKSON RATHBONE: UNCUT "Obviously, I'm going to star in Twilight the musical."

You might know Jackson Rathbone from the Twilight series, where he plays Jasper Hale. And you might know Jackson Rathbone as the rock musician who plays in the band 100 Monkeys. But soon you'll know him as something else - the sci-fi action hero from M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender, an adaptation of the Nickelodeon anime cartoon.

Does anyone call you by your real first name, Monroe? I still go by Monroe when I am in trouble with the law.

Which is… often? Very rarely; very rarely. I don’t get so much as a speeding ticket these days but I am a habitual parking violator.

I know M. Night Shyamalan is famous for his secrecy. But what can you tell us about The Last Airbender?
Well I can say it is going to be an amazing action film; it’s got the most incredible CGI. We got ILM working on it, which is Industrial Lights and Magic, and it truly is magic, honestly, at the end of the day. We are shooting on the green screen, we have a character called Appa? Which is a big bison kind of flying bear creature? And that’s me, I’m a big flying bear creature.

Nice try. Okay, no, but I get to ride it.

Not a real flying bear? No, I rode a fuzzy saddle. It was about 15-20 feet off the ground. It’s on this kind of rocking thing… They were moving it, and there is a big green screen behind you. Night’s yelling, “Okay, you’re flying through the air now!” You’re like, “Okay, I am flying through the air now.” And oh yeah, I had to be flying through the air, and no, I wasn’t on any drugs.
Maybe there was good liquor on set? I can hold my liquor! I’m from the South, come on now. You know, I love Jameson Whiskey, and I love Bud Light, I keep it pretty simple. I was actually in a bar recently, and they only had three beers on tap, and it was Bud with lime on tap! I had to give the bar tender a little, you know, guff for that one. Are you kidding me? You don’t even have Bud Light on tap? You don’t even have Lonestar on tap? You only have Bud Light Lemon-Lime?!

I hope you lamented about your lime beer problems during your Last Airbender audition. Oh, I didn’t have to audition. I actually had my part delivered by an owl, followed by a list of magical school supplies… No, no, I did the normal auditioning process. Actually I had auditioned for M. Night’s The Happening before… then I met Night and we hit it off.

I heard in an M. Night movie, you don’t ever see the full script…. At the audition you only get the lines you’re gonna say, but this movie in particular based off the Nickelodeon animated series, so it’s a departure from Night’s thrillers. It’s about finding the hero within against all odds, and it’s got some of the most incredible action sequences, with all of these characters being able to manipulate the elements and being able to throw fire and throw water to block it… However, my character only gets to throw a boomerang. That’s not as rock n’ roll as being able to bend water.

So you can't bend water. What else can’t you do? Iron. You want to watch me iron, you’ll see how bad I am. I like my clothes wrinkled anyway, so it’s fine. But one of my band mates taught me a trick; his name is Lawrence Abrams and he’s a jazz musician; he’s about 56 years old. He taught me the old put it on a coat hanger and put it in the shower and let it steam up a bit. First time I did it though, I put it in the shower, and that was wrong. You don’t put it in the shower because it gets wet. See? I learned.
You’re an actor with a band, 100 Monkeys. Do you think you’ll do anything to combine those two passions? Obviously, I’m going to star in Twilight the musical. The scary thing is, I bet they’re totally making one, like, right now!

SOURCE: Nylon Magazine

::Team Love Shack:: Eclipse Read Along Chapter 3 Motives

Hey Sparkly Ones!!!
Welcome to our Eclipse Countdown Read Along DAY 3!! We ask everyone to join us on this journey toward The Twilight Saga Eclipse by reading the book together with us this month.We will post one chapter summary a day for the month of June and as we close the book we can pick up those tickets and hit the theater!!!!! We encourage everyone to join the discussion on our Facebook page daily!

We have been having GREAT discussions thus far, so don't miss out on it today!

Enjoy a little note passing in class with Edward,

Chapter Number: 3
Chapter Name: Motives
Page Numbers: 65-91
Date of Chapter: May 18 & 19, 2006

Edward and Bella are returning from their trip to Florida as Bella recounts one pointed conversation she had with her mother, Renee, during their visit. Upon arrival at home Charlie expresses missing Bella while she was away, especially her cooking, and tells her to call Jacob as soon as possible. Jacob, who had apparently been calling frequently that day, called again.

Confused at the strange conversation she just had with Jacob, Bella begins to cook for Charlie and try to decipher the meaning behind Jacobs words. Moments later, Bella theorizes that Jacob was checking up on her to see if she had run off to be "changed".

The following day Bella is met with a surprise visitor at school. Jacob has come to relay a message to the Cullen family. In doing so, Edward is forced to reveal his real reason for taking Bella away for the weekend; Victoria is back. With that frightening information, along with the news that during the chase there was an altercation between Emmett and Paul, Bella is left stunned and frightened. And with a renewed longing for her friendship with Jacob.

After the meeting Bella and Edward adjourn to class where they pass messages back and forth and both come to terms with the new situation they find themselves in. Through this conversation Edward agrees to not keep something like this from her again.

Characters Involved: Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Renee Dwyer, Phil Dwyer, Charlie Swan, Tyler Crowley, Mike Newton, Ben Cheney, Austin Marks, Jacob Black, Mr. Greene, Mr. Berty

Character Mentioned: Paul, Emmett Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Jasper Hale, Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Sam Uley, Alice Cullen, Victoria

Places Visited: Jacksonville Florida, The Swan house, Forks High School

Memorable Quotes:
"The way he watches you- it’s so …protective. Like he’s about to throw himself in front of a bullet to save you or something." –Renee Dwyer

"The food around here sucks when you’re gone." – Charlie Swan

"I don’t have any leeches on speed dial." –Jacob Black

"And screw the protecting me crap." –Bella Swan

"With your luck not even the black box would survive." –Edward Cullen

"My money’s on the big Indian." –Austin

Important Information learned:
Edward lied to Bella about Victoria.
There was an altercation between Emmett and Paul.
Edward promises to tell Bella next time Victoria is around.


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::Team Stephenie Meyer:: USA Today interview with Stephenie Meyer about Bree Tanner

The month of June promises to be a feeding frenzy for Stephenie Meyer fans, who have a new Twilight movie and a new book to drool over.

And the two are connected.

Eclipse, the hotly anticipated third movie in the series featuring the steamy lovers, vampire Edward Cullen (played by heartthrob Robert Pattinson) and teenager Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), opens June 30.

But first comes The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella (Little, Brown, $13.99), an offshoot of the Eclipse novel, to be released Friday at 12:01 a.m. It tells the story of what it's like to be a newly created vampire.

"I had always wished people could read Bree's story before the movie came out," Meyer writes in remarks released today exclusively to Meyer's international publishers and only to USA TODAY in the USA.

Bree, who appears in just 10 pages of Eclipse, is played in the movie by Canadian Jodelle Ferland. The teenager is part of an army of newborn vampires created by Edward's archnemesis Victoria, who plans to use the newbie blood drinkers to exact revenge on Edward and Bella.

Bree is the only newbie mentioned by name in Eclipse. She dies in the novel as well as the novella — an emotional event for Meyer.

"It was harder for me to kill Bree than any other fiction character I've ever killed," she writes, "even though I was killing her for the second time."

The novella's plot is secret, but we know that it gives a new perspective on events that take place in the saga. All four novels —Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn— are told from Bella's perspective.

The novella is told through Bree's eyes and plot points are included in the Eclipse film. Director David Slade, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and some of the actors had access to the novella during production.

Q: Bree only appears in a couple pages of Eclipse. What was it about the character that made you want to explore her story further?

A: In the beginning, I wasn't fascinated specifically by Bree — it was the newborns in general. While I was writing Eclipse, there was a lot going on behind the scenes, of course, things Bella didn't know about. Because I was focused on Bella, I couldn't delve too deeply into the newborns' story, however, there was always in my mind a general idea of what they were up to. I had to think about that while I was pacing the plot: Bella is at this point, the newborns are doing this. To keep it all straight, eventually I made a calendar of the months of May and June — which is all Eclipse deals with — and wrote down on each square what was going on with Bella that day and what was happening in Seattle. So the story of the newborns was always a big part of the story of Eclipse. And it made me kind of sad that there was no way to express any of that in the book.

Bree is the only newborn mentioned by name in Eclipse, the only newborn who has contact with the Cullens (aside from being killed by them), and the only newborn who encounters the Volturi in the clearing. She lives the longest, so she is the narrator who can tell the full story. She was a natural choice to chronicle the story of the newborns. Once I started writing from her perspective, she really came alive. So much so that, as the inevitable end got closer, it was really depressing going ahead. It was harder for me to kill Bree than any other fiction character I've ever killed, even though I was killing her for the second time. (Before Bree, the saddest was Walter in The Host.)

Q: Why do you feel it is important for people to read Bree's story prior to the release of the Eclipse movie?

A: Eclipse is told from only Bella's perspective. That has some limitations; when there is so much going on off-stage (so to speak), it leaves a lot of mysteries. The films have the advantage of seeing the story from outside of Bella's head. The viewer can see things — like the wolves hunting Victoria in New Moon— that the reader only gets hints of. Of all the Twilight books, Eclipse has the most going on outside of Bella's view. For the movie to work, we have to see and understand some of these things.

Knowing that elements of Bree's story were being incorporated into the movie, I hoped the story could somehow get out first. Personally, I always want to read a book before seeing the movie. I like to make my own mental pictures before someone else's picture intrudes. Probably most of my readers don't have the same hang-up, but for those who do, I wanted to give them the chance to create their own mental pictures of Bree and the gang.

Q: In which order would you recommend one read The Twilight Saga with the addition of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner? Should they follow Eclipse with the novella or finish Breaking Dawn before cracking the pages of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner?

A: If I were going to read the saga for the first time, I would probably read Bella's story straight through before launching into other perspectives.

Q: Why did you choose the American Red Cross as your recipient charity for donations from the sale of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner?

A: I was very moved by the outpouring of support after the disaster in Haiti. A lot of Twilight fan communities did fundraising effort, and I was so impressed by their efforts. I wanted to continue that movement. I think it's important that we not quickly forget Haiti and Chile now that they're no longer the focus of the media. It takes a very long time to recover from such devastation and they still need our help.


::Team Eclipse:: "What Part of Forever" Cee Lo Green - Eclipse OST Listen here!

::Team Edward:: DVR Alert Rob Confirms Jay Leno June 15th.

It’s promotion time, and for this go-around Jay Leno’s got Robert Pattinson.

A source close to the production tells Gossip Cop, Pattinson will be on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on June 15 to promote Eclipse.

Last time around, while promoting New Moon, Pattinson appeared on rival “Late Show with David Letterman,” where the talk show host famously told the Twilight star, “Oh, bite me,” when Pattinson said he’s been “cryptically avoiding” answering whether he’s dating Kristen Stewart.

Hopefully, Leno will get more out of Pattinson this time around.


::Team Love Shack:: Eclipse Read Along Chapter 2 EVASION

Hey Sparkly Ones!!! 
Welcome to our Eclipse Countdown Read Along DAY 2!!  We ask everyone to join us on this journey toward The Twilight Saga Eclipse by reading the book together with us this month.We will post one chapter summary a day for the month of June and as we close the book we can pick up those tickets and hit the theater!!!!!  We encourage everyone to join the discussion on our Facebook page daily! Yesterday was a GREAT indepth discussion so don't miss out on it today! 

Have a Dazzling READ! 

Chapter Number:  2
Chapter Name:  Evasion
Page Numbers: 35-64
Date of Chapter: May 15-17, 2006
As Bella attempts come to terms with both the end of her high school career and her chosen future, her friends are all busily excited with preparations for graduation.  In the middle of these excited discussions Alice Cullen receives a vision of the future.  But as Bella tries to discover the content of that vision, she finds her attempts being artfully dodged by both Alice and Edward. 
After returning home that afternoon, Bella enjoys time with Edward and emails her mother Renee.  During this exchange Edward finds the stereo Bella received as a birthday gift from Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper in the bottom of Bella’s closet.  After vowing to replace it before anyone discovers its current condition, he suggests celebrating Bella’s new found freedom with a trip to Florida, by using the airline tickets she received as a gift from Carlisle and Esme for her birthday.  Bella rejects this idea, instead offering to go another weekend.
During dinner that evening Edward, shockingly, brings up the soon to expire airline vouchers to Charlie.  This insights an argument between Bella and her father, ending in Bella announcing that she will go to see her mother if she wants. 
The evening soon winds down with a quick trip to the Cullen house and a visit with Esme and a demonstration in vampire chess before Bella returns home to find Charlie anxious to have a talk with her about intimacy which leads to massive amounts of embarrassment for both Charlie and Bella.  When Charlie is satisfied that he has received the answer he wants, Bella is freed from the situation and goes to her room.  Bella finds that she is too wound up to relax, and hatches a plan to drive to La Push to visit Jacob.  Charlie is pleased with the idea and gladly lets Bella go, even knowing this will mean she may be late for curfew.  Unfortunately when Bella tries to start her truck she is met with silence, and soon discovers she is not alone in the cab of her truck.  Quietly turning some mysterious object between his fingers in the darkness, Edward quietly says, "Alice called."  He then begins to expound on the theory behind why Alice cannot see a werewolf with her abilities.  He calmly states that he will return her truck to working order by morning if she decides to drive herself to school.  Conceding that she may close her window if she chooses not to see him tonight. 
Bella storms into the house announcing that her truck won’t start, that she is tired, and is going to bed.  She does indeed slam her window shut indicating she doesn’t want to see Edward after his stopping her from going to La Push. Moments later, she opens the window as wide as it will go.

Characters Involved:  Bella Swan, Charlie Swan, Edward Cullen, Angela Weber, Alice Cullen, Ben Cheney, Mike Newton,

Character Mentioned:
Renee Dwyer, Billy Black, Jacob Black, Rosalie Hale, Emmett Cullen, Jasper Hale, Esme Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Clearwaters, Uleys

Places Visited: Forks High School

Memorable Quotes
"You’re really not that good of a mechanic, Edward." –Alice Cullen
"I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not." –Bella Swan
"So you felt the need to torture it?" –Edward Cullen
"It’s not like I’m headed off to Vegas to be a showgirl or anything." –Bella Swan
"…well, when you’re physically involved with –" –Charlie Swan

Important Information learned:
Bella shows little interest in the pomp and circumstance surrounding the ending of her high school career.
Alice has had a vision.
Edward seems to be avoiding the topic of that vision with Bella.
Edward unexpectedly wants to take Bella away to Florida for the weekend.
Carlisle speculates on the reason why Alice cannot "see" Werewolves with her second sight.
Edward will make good on his vow to stop Bella from going to La Push.


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::Team Eclipse:: First Review of Eclipse Official Soundtrack (spoilers!)

 Thanks to The Twilight Saga Official Facebook Page!

1. Metric "Eclipse (All Yours)" - Very Catchy and lyrics that really mesh well with the presence of the movie. We believe this might be Bella's theme for the movie. Placement might be found towards the end of the movie after all the fight scenes, etc.

2. Muse "Neutron Star Collision ( Love is Forever)" - Heidi & Lauren have been a HUGE Muse fans before the Twilight Saga threw them into ultra popularity domestically here in the US. So naturally, we were excited to see what they would bring the fans for this 3rd movie in the series. The sound is very reminiscent of their latest album, futuristic sounds with an 80's pop feel to it with some Beethoven thrown in at the end. We can't really see the song fitting in any particular scene, so it will probably be in the ending credits.

3. The Bravery "Ours" -This is a song that we can see fans rocking out to whether it be in their living room, seeing the band in concert or at a Twilight Convention. It's tune is very energetic and could possibly be in the graduation scene or the graduation party at the Cullens.

4. Florence + The Machine "Heavy in your Arms": LOVE LOVE LOVE! This song had us captivated from the very beginning and meshes well with the entire theme of 'Eclipse'.Very edgy and has the undertones of Queen meets Evanescence meets Gospel-esque dramatic vocals. This song wins the award for "Most Likely to be on Repeat".

5. Sia "My Love" - Initial reaction was that the beginning of the song sounded like background music that seamlessly moves with the movie. Fans might have seen it in a previous trailer or TV Spot. Could be featured in a meadow scene or after the proposal. Very instrumental and we feel it's the Lykke Li "Possibility" of this Soundtrack.

6. Fan Farlo "Atlas" - Heavy drum beats meets ukulele. Not much to really describe about this song other than it was a catchy tune. We don't have a particular scene that this would fit in.

7. The Black Keys "Chop and Change" - Our immediate thought was that this was what Muse's song SHOULD have sounded like. Edgy beat that had a lead singer with a Bob Dylan like voice. Very short song compared to others.

8. The Dead Weather "Rolling in on a Burning Tire" - Definitely the theme song for the Newborns coming out of the water or Major Fight scene. Jack White reveals his geniusousness ( definitely NOT a word but just go with it) once again and Alison's voice is very haunting yet appealing. Infectious beats with some of the oddest background sounds.

9. Beck and Bat for Lashes " Let's Get Lost"- Sounds like a remix of an early 90's club beat song. Very catchy and reminds us of Thom Yorke with it's roughness and eclectic beats. This is definitely an Edward and Bella song and we predict that it will be in the "Leg Hitch" scene.

10. Vampire Weekend "Jonathon Low"- Fans of Vampire Weekend will not be disappointed with the band's contribution to this Soundtrack. They stay very true to their original sound but with softer lyrics. It has an upbeat feel with a Rock/Opera meets Italian "Night out on the town".

11. Unkle "With You in My Head (featuring The Black Angels)" - Not a huge fan of this song. It reminds us of a 60's Hawaii- 5-0 song with a slight Radiohead undertone.

12. Eastern Conference Champions " A Million Miles an Hour" - Very reminiscent of Stone Temple Pilots. It's catchy but only for transitional purposes somewhere in this movie. Again, not a huge favorite.

13. Band of Horses " Life on Earth"- Overall it was a great song. Not a lot a lyrics, more of an instrumental sort of song. Nevertheless, we would have liked to have seen it more upbeat towards the end. Possible scene: When Jacob breaks all the bones in his body or just a Jacob song in general.

14. Cee Lo Green "What Part of Forever" - We love this song just as much as Florence + The Machine. It was refreshing to hear this song after a few low key SLOW songs. It's a uniquely catchy and addictive song that fans will really appreciate and rock out to. It wins our award for "Most Surprising Song on the Soundtrack".

15. Howard Shore "Jacob's Theme"- This song's basis is quite sad and heartbreaking, which could easily go along with Jacob's feelings at seeing Edward and Bella together, etc. However, the song doesn't stick out like Alexandre Desplat's "The Meadow" from the 'New Moon' Soundtrack.

::Team Love Shack:: Eclipse Read Along Preface & Ch. 1 ULTIMATUM.

Hey Sparkly Ones!!! 
Welcome to our Eclipse Countdown Read Along!!  We ask everyone to join us on this journey toward The Twilight Saga Eclipse by reading the book together with us this month.We will post one chapter summary a day for the month of June and as we close the book we can pick up those tickets and hit the theater!!!!!  We encourage everyone to join the discussion on our Facebook page daily!

Have a Dazzling READ! 


Summary:The preface hints at some future event in which Bella finds herself in imitate peril.  We can assume her protector to be her boyfriend, Edward Cullen. 
They find themselves alone and outnumbered, knowing that no help is coming, because "his" family is fighting another battle somewhere else. 
And in the midst of this torrent of emotion Bella hears a Wolf howl in the forest.

Characters Involved:  Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, unknown assailants, a wolf
Character Mentioned: The Cullen Family
Places Visited: The Forest
Memorable Quotes: 
"Somewhere, far, far away in the cold forest, a wolf howled."

Important Information learned:
Bella is, yet again, in the fight for her life.
Edward is protecting Bella, and is out numbered.
The Cullen family is far away fighting another battle.
There is a wolf in the forest near by.

Chapter Number:  1

Chapter Name:  Ultimatum
Page Numbers: 3-34
Date of Chapter: May 14, 2006
After receiving a heart wrenching note from best friend and werewolf Jacob Black, Bella seems more determined than ever to mend their broken friendship.  Charlie has decided to release Bella from her punishment under the condition that she not neglect her other friendships, particularly that of Jacob Black’s.  Bella agrees, grateful for the freedoms this will give her to both spend time with Edward, and attempt to visit Jacob.  Her freedom doesn’t include a visit to the nearby city of Seattle Washington, which is currently the setting for a rash of serial killings that  are Edward claims are the work of a vampire.
After Edward arrives for his typical evening visit the two spend time filling out college applications and revealing, much to Charlie’s dismay, that both have been accepted to Alaska University.   While pondering the wildlife populations of both Alaska and Antarctica, Bella gently broaches the subject of a visit to La Push.  A visit which Edward adamantly opposes. 
The two are left at yet another impasse as Bella is resigned to see her best friend and Edward has vowed to stop her.

Characters Involved:  Bella Swan, Charlie Swan, Edward Cullen
Character Mentioned: Renee Dwyer, Jacob Black, Billy Black, Angela Weber, Ben Cheney, Alice Cullen, Victoria, the Volturi, Lauren Mallory, Jessica Stanley
Places Visited: The Swan house

Memorable Quotes:  "Doesn’t change a thing. Sorry" –Jacob Black
"Isn’t Edward up for a little healthy competition?" –Charlie Swan
"You and Billy gossip like old women." –Bella Swan
"Go away." –Charlie Swan
"I want to be a monster, too." –Bella Swan
"Well, I’ll live in Antarctica." –Bella Swan
"Penguins, lovely." Edward Cullen
"It’s a story about ghastly people who ruin each other’s lives." –Edward Cullen
"You have some serious issues with the classics…" –Bella Swan
"Is that what they think?" –Edward Cullen
"You compare one small tree to an entire forest." –Edward Cullen

Important Information learned:
Jacob misses Bella, and vice versa, but they struggle with the divide between them.
Edward fears for Bella’s safety around the werewolves.
Charlie doesn’t like Edward.
Bella and Edward were accepted to Alaska University.
Bella is paroled off of her grounding from the motorcycles, with the condition she not neglect her other friends, especially Jacob.
Charlie can’t cook.
Bella still longs to be a vampire.
It’s possible that a vampire is the Seattle serial killer.