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::Team Twilight::: Stephenie Meyer to present Oscar for Best Adpated Screenplay tomorrow.

London, March 4 (IANS) ‘Harry Potter’ author J.K. Rowling has turned down the opportunity to present an Oscar because she is too busy writing her next book.  The ‘Twilight’ scribe Stephenie Meyer and Rowling were approached together by academy bosses to announce the winner of best adapted screenplay award. Meyer accepted the offer, while Rowling turned down the invite, reports
‘You won’t be hearing from me often I am afraid, as pen and paper is my priority at the moment,’ Rowling wrote on her website.
The movies nominated for the screenplay award are:
‘In the Loop’ (Jesse Armstrong, Simon Blackwell, Armando Iannucci and Tony Roche)
‘District 9′ (Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell),
‘Precious’ (Geoffrey Fletcher)
‘An Education’ (Nick Hornby)
‘Up In The Air’ (Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner).

::Team Edward:: Rob fears for life after "The Twilight Thing"

NEW YORK -- With his tousled, seemingly unwashed locks, and rumpled, just-rolled-out-of-bed undershirt and jeans, Robert Pattinson seems laid-back and carefree.

But the 23-year-old heartthrob, who attracts throngs of screaming fans wherever he goes, has a lot on his mind these days -- not the least of which is what will happen when the "Robsession" ends.

"If it suddenly dies down and suddenly no one is interested ... yeah, it is worrying," he says. "It's scary to think that it all might just fundamentally stop after the 'Twilight' thing's finished."

That "Twilight thing" is the more than $1 billion movie franchise based on Stephenie Meyer's best-selling series. Pattinson stars as Edward Cullen, the vegetarian vampire who falls in love with human Bella Swan.

Despite the success of the first two films, "Twilight" and "New Moon," Pattinson hopes to break away from the emo, teenage undead role with his latest project, "Remember Me." The drama stars Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin as twenty-somethings falling in love while coping with family tragedy. Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper co-star.

Pattinson, also an executive producer on the film, recently talked to The Associated Press about nude scenes, being idolized and what he fears most in life.

AP: Did you feel a lot of pressure choosing "Remember Me," since it's the first time we're seeing you post-"Twilight"?

Pattinson: I just always liked the script. When I was making it, I didn't even think about it. Now that it's being released, it comes into context with all of that.

AP: I know your two sisters are older, but were you able to draw on any real-life experience for your role as a protective brother?

Pattinson: I've never really had the opportunity to do that, really. I remember when I was like 6 years old and one of my sisters was being bullied by someone and I came down with my foam baseball bat. That's the only example of brotherly protectiveness I had.

AP: What exactly are these modesty patches you used during the sex scenes?

Pattinson: Mine was made out of half a bra and some wig tape, which took me 35 minutes to actually figure out how to stick on and then it just fell off immediately. ... You're so obsessed whenever you have to do any nudity stuff. You're like, "Yeah, I definitely need this thing on." ... And then you get there and as soon as you're standing naked in front of everyone you don't care anyway. It's actually quite liberating."

AP: So if nudity doesn't make you blush, what does embarrass you?

Pattinson: Dancing. I used to dance all the time till I was 16 and I was at a wedding in Seattle. I didn't realize at the time that Canadian beer is like really strong, like 7.8 percent or something. And I was just going nuts on the dance floor and my dad was like, "What are you doing?" ... I've never been able to get that out of my head. I'm so self-conscious about it.

AP: When are you most at ease?

Pattinson: Arguing with people.

AP: What can't you live without?

Pattinson: Very little. I'm not one for ... comforts and stuff. I think I can kind of do without most things.

AP: So when you travel, there's nothing you can't leave home without?

Pattinson: No, I don't bring anything. I came here for like four days and ended up bringing this massive suitcase and ... I've been wearing the same clothes for like three days now.

AP: So you're not into shopping, yet you're ranked one of the top earners in Hollywood. That money must go somewhere?

Pattinson: I bought a really nice guitar recently, which is the only thing I've ever really spent a lot of money on. But that's the only thing. I had my apartment in London before when I was unemployed -- this tiny little place and I liked it more. You had to walk through a restaurant kitchen and up this staircase filled with trash and there's no heating. I like that. But now it's quite difficult. I can't live in places like that anymore. The people outside, that's the only issue.

AP: Do you regret taking on "Twilight"?

Pattinson: You can never tell. When I did "Twilight," I had no idea it was going to be so big. I didn't know they were going to make the sequels afterward. ... But I don't really have any regrets about it. It's just, you can't. There's nothing you can do about it.

AP: So no pleasures? Reality TV?

Pattinson: I don't so much anymore. I used to watch things like "American Idol" and stuff because I used to like it. And now, I was back at home in London and I saw "Top of the Pops" they had a Christmas special and five out of the 10 people were reality TV show winners or ex-winners. Now people who want to be musicians think it's not about learning an instrument, it's not about doing anything. ...They should have much better idols."

AP: How do you feel about being an idol?

Pattinson: I don't really know if I am. It's still just the sort of character that people like a lot. I try and avoid promoting myself like that cause otherwise you end up with a huge burden of responsibility.


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::Team Twilight:: Fan Fiction Friday

Hello Sparkly Ones,

Hola, Bon Jour, Guttentag, Buon Giorno, 'el-lo, G'Day, Howdy and Hey y'all!! Hopefully I have included most our Twi-Sisters in these languages (and not butchered the spellings too much?). We're all counting down to Eclipse, but we still need a little something to tide us over, right? That's where your favorite ::Team Twi-Smut:: comes in. Read on to see what our Perv Pack picks are for this week.

Thanks again to Cullen Sister, @CullenLoveShack and @ForksPixie - ::Team Twi-Smut:: for picking these juicy lemons for us!

Fan Fic acronyms to know: AU=Alternate Universe, AH=All Human, OOC=Out of Character, Canon=As Stephenie Meyer wrote it, M=Rated Mature. Stories are ranked from 1-5 Sparkles for writing skill, story and plot and overall story quality as it relates to the Twilight Universe.

The following Reviews are from Cullen Sister

Reality Minus Expectations by mjinaspen

Rated: M
Type: Romance AU/AH Canon Couples
POV: Bella and Edward
Status: Complete (25 chapters)
Shack Rating: * * * * * (5 Sparkles!!)

When it comes to Aspen’s social scene, event planner Bella Swan is a smash success. Her marriage, however, crashed and burned. The town's newest real estate attorney arrives in time to add some heat of his own to take away the sting.


The Misapprehension of Bella Swan by hunterhunting

Rated: M
Type: Romance/Humor AH/OOC Canon Couples
POV: Edward and Bella
Status: Work in Progess (6 chapters)
Shack Rating: * * * * * (5 Sparkles!!)


The Misapprehension of Bella Swan Regarding the Inferior Intellect of Hockey Players: Through incessant stalking and persistence, can Edward wear down Bella's resistence and teach her to embrace her inner puck bunny? A ridiculous love story.


Distorted Reality by breath-of-twilight

Rated: M
Type: Drama AH Canon and Non-Canon Couples
POV: Rose
Status: Work in Progress (13 chapters)
Shack Rating: * * * * * (5 Sparkles!!)

Rose and Bella are in High School when a horrific tragedy strikes that leaves life blurry and hard to swallow. The line between what's real and what's not is rather thin.Give it a chance. it's a lil messed up.


A Little Crazy by tby789 and LolaShoes

Rated: M
Type: Romance/Angst AH
POV: Bella and Edward
Status: Complete (4 chapters)
Shack Rating: * * * * * (5 sparkles!)

tby789 and LolaShoes entry for the Parkaward contest. Edward is the new, mysterious tenant across the street. Bella has spent her whole life here. Can he convince her that life isn't a place, but what you keep with you?

The following Reviews are from @ForksPixie

Colliding Meteors by IdreamofEddy

Rated: M
Type: Romance/Hurt/Comfort AU/OOC Non-Canon Couples
POV: Bella and Jasper
Status: Complete (38 chapters)
Shack Rating: * * * * * (5 Sparkles!!)

Starts during Chap.3 of New Moon. Edward leaves Bella, Sam does not find Bella, someone else does.


Fate Has Brought Us Here by cullen818

Rated: M
Type: Romance/Drama AU/OOC Non-Canon Couples
POV: Bella and Jasper
Status: Complete (34 chapters)
Shack Rating: * * * * * (5 Sparkles!!)

Set two years after New Moon. Edward never came back and Bella is at college trying to pull her life together. She meets up with the one Cullen she never thought she could have anything in common with. Definitely a Team Jasper story.


Somebody to Love by mommybrook

Rated: M
Type: Romance/Hurt/Comfort AU/OOC Non-Canon Couples
POV: Bella and Jasper
Status: Work in Progess (24 chapters)
Shack Rating: * * * * * (5 Sparkles!!)

Bella is 25 years old, divorced with two kids. The Cullen's return to her life when she absolutely needs them the most. If you don't like the idea of Jasper as the leading man, this is not the story for you!


That does it for this week! Make it a Lemony week!

::Team Bella:: NEW NEW The Runaways trailer premieres on Yahoo Movies.

::Team Human:: Billy Burke gives us the trailer to his new film Removal via Twitter


::Team Eclipse:: Eclipse Film loses it's "Muse" at least on the Soundtrack.

For the original Twilight soundtrack, Muse contributed the bombastic "Supermassive Black Hole." For the indie-heavy New Moon compilation, they offered the whimsical glam-rocker "I Belong to You." Considering their track record, the band was already dishing on their new tune for Eclipse mere days after New Moon gave the world's teens a hormonal imbalance.
But now that that flick's headed to DVD and we're onto Eclipse's proper promo cycle, we caught up with the band's Dominic Howard to ask him how Muse is coming along with their latest song-to-play-vampire-baseball-by.
"Nah, it's gone," Howard tells us -- just a few months after he quipped to MTV: "We might even do something for the third one. How about that for a scoop?"
The news is surprising given the band is pals-y with Eclipse's director, David Slade (he helmed loads of Muse's early videos), and possibly pals-ier with Stephenie Meyer (there's even a photo of lead singer Matthew Bellamy cozying up to Twilight's dark-ish mistress on Muse's official site).
"Oh, it’s nothing to do with Stephenie, she’s totally cool," says Howard, beginning to explain how Muse have potentially broken their Twilight hat-trick. "It’s the people in the movie business, completely outside of the writers and the creative types, the non-creative types I suppose are the people who are quite hard to deal with in Hollywood, so it didn’t work out."
As for the original tune in question, which remains untitled, Howard says it would have fit Eclipse like Edward on Bella -- even though it wasn't directly inspired by the books or movies.
"It was a love song, so it’s a personal song, and it wasn’t really to do with the films. But it was sounding good," he says.
Muse still plans to release it, says Howard, even if you won't hear it on the Eclipse soundtrack. (Maybe you can just play it over the make-out scenes once the flick hits DVD.)
"Yeah, yeah, we sure will [release it]. I mean, it was great. We worked on it in Australia, we were ready to record, we were going to do some recording with Butch Vig, so we might still do it," he says. "I’m sure the song will definitely come to life for real at some point, but I think for this film it’s not going to happen."


::Team Edward:: NEW Rob Pattinson podcast for Remember Me.

Rob Pattinson sat down with the filmmakers of REMEMBER ME — Allen Coulter (director), Nick Osborne (producer) and Will Fetters (writer) for a long form candid chat about the film and working together.

Rob and the filmmakers share revealing insights into the genesis of the film (Part 1), the character of Tyler (Part 2) and the chemistry between Rob and his co-stars Emilie de Ravin and Ruby Jerins (Part 3), who plays his little sister in the film. Part 1 is now available HERE!

::Team New Moon:: Chris Weitz talks DVD Release, Breaking Dawn and Regrets.

BuzzSugar has an interview with New Moon director Chris Weitz. The New Moon DVD release is coming fast, out in stores March 21st. Chris discusses his favorite
scene in New Moon and what he wished
ended up on the cutting room floor. Great interview!

There are lots of different editions of the New Moon DVD. Which bonus features are you particularly excited about?
I’m excited that my voice will finally be heard! For me, the fun thing
was doing the commentary with Peter Lambert, my editor, because it kind
of re-created the atmosphere in the cutting room. Peter’s a really
funny guy, and we were able to delve into not only the
behind-the-scenes moments, but to explain why certain things were shot
or cut together in certain ways. So that, for me, was the most fun.

When you go back and watch it again, are there things you’d like to change if you could?
I would like to never have shot Rob and Kristen running through the
forest and Kristen’s just turned into a vampire. Because everybody
always laughs and it makes me feel terrible. [Laughs] I would have shot
it a different way so it wouldn’t get that response. But otherwise, I’m
very happy with things.

You must get lots of questions abut Rob and Kristen. Do you laugh it off or are you totally sick of hearing about it?
I’m somewhat clueless — when you’re the director, you’re kind of like
the school principal. Nobody really tells you anything. You really have
no idea what’s going on. I’m the last person who would know about this
kinda stuff. I’m sure you could get more from reading the paper.

What was your favorite scene to shoot in New Moon?
I’m very fond of the memories that a lot of the scenes invoke in me. My
favorite scene is probably somewhere between the very last scene, and
the cliffhanger that it’s left on, and the scenes in Italy. Just the
experience shooting those scenes was so magnificent. We were in this
beautiful hillside town in Tuscany, and going home to fresh-made pasta
every night, and surrounded by thousands of fans of the series while we
were shooting it. I know I’ll never experience anything like that ever

What’s your take on the rumors that Breaking Dawn will likely be two movies, possibly in 3D?
3D seems to be the new thing that everything has to be. I think the
good thing about 3D is that it can lend tremendous depth to a picture,
and really make it extraordinarily lush, visually. And also that it
gets people to go out to the theater. Film directors want people to see
things in the theater, on the big screen, at least the first time. So
that’s a good thing. As for the book being broken up into two films, I
think it’s a good idea. There’s so much material in the final book that
I think it’s warranted.

How would you direct Breaking Dawn?
Very carefully, because I think that you want to deliver the fans a
faithful version of the book that they love. Yes, there’s a lot of
extraordinary goings-on. So it’ll have to be done carefully.

How do you think the movie franchise has been affected by using different directors?
I think it’s good for it, because I think there’s a tremendous amount
of coherence thanks to a very strong cast, who care about getting their
characters right. And I think that the fans’ interested will be
un-dimmed, and I think it’s interesting to see the different visual
approaches, different stylistic versions, different choices that
different filmmakers take.

Are you excited to see Eclipse, or will you inevitably be thinking about how you would have done it differently?
I’m really excited to see it. I’m very excited to see it. I’m sure he’s
done a really great job. I think that he’s, amongst other things, a
much better action director than I am. So I’m really keen to see the
action sequences. I think that there are a lot of things that I would
have been very daunted by the prospect of shooting, which he will have
taken in stride. I’m excited to see it whenever I can.


::Team Edward:: Rob does The Daily Show! Video

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::Team Eclipse:: Eclipse Cut rejected by Summit. Art Director replaced (Confirmed)

Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the uber-successful Twilight series, confirmed this morning that it has replaced Eclipse editor Art Jones with Nancy Richardson, the editor of Catherine Hardwicke’s original Twilight film. The studio is not placing blame on Jones, who previously worked with Eclipse director David Slade on his horror film 30 Days of Night as well as Slade’s Ellen Page-starrer Hard Candy. They do believe, however, that Slade’s material – which they call “very good” – needed a stronger edit. The studio has more confidence in Richardson, who they say understands the emotion of the characters and is an ace at balancing action with the other elements of the film.
Richardson recently completed Miley Cyrus’ upcoming romantic drama The Last Song. Eclipse is scheduled to debut on June 30.

Source: Summit Entertainment, LLC and EW

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::Team Edward:: MTv Interview on the Red Carpet of Remember Me


::Team Edward:: Remember Me Red Carpet Pictures

Robert Pattinson arrives at the Red Carpet for Remember Me and is joined by Kristen Stewart. We're not saying it's a date, but you be the judge. We do think it is super cool of her to support Robert at his premiere.


::Team Edward:: Robert Pattinson on the Today Show

And so it begins, The Press Junket for Remember Me. Robert Pattinson was on the Today Show with Matt Lauer. In this interview you will finally hear that the movie is not just a Love story between a girl and a boy, but it touches on an event in American history that for some will be hard to watch.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy