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::Team Jasper:: 100 Monkeys at The Roxy 12/27/09 New Video

::Team New Moon:: New Moon and RPatz top Moviefone's 2009 poll.

We all know what movie critics’ like, since they’ve been getting together to announce the year’s best since early December. But what about movie fans? Or at least those movie 200,000+ fans who’ve bothered to vote in a poll at Moviefone.com?

Michael Haneke’s The White Ribbon was chosen — oops! Wrong poll. Let me try again:

At Moviefone.com, Chris Weitz’s The Twilight Saga: New Moon was named best movie (global box office: $662 million) with more than 40 percent of the vote. The film’s male star, Robert Pattinson, was chosen the sexiest actor, followed by his New Moon rival Taylor Lautner, the "male breakout star" of 2009. Megan Fox, the star of Michael Bay’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, was both the sexiest and the worst actress of the year. There are worse combos, you know?

Curiously, voters were markedly divided when it came to Revenge of the Fallen. Bay’s saga about the eternal fight between robots and humans (or what passes for human in today’s blockbusters), was chosen as the year’s worst film, the best action movie, and the second-most disappointing release after Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is the most anticipated movie of 2010, followed by Iron Man 2, starring Robert Downey Jr, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I, starring Daniel Radcliffe.

Sandra Bullock was the best actress for The Blind Side.

Considering that she gets to be (emotionally) sandwiched between Pattinson and Lautner in both New Moon and the upcoming Eclipse, Kristen Stewart should have been voted the luckiest star of 2009, but I don’t believe there was such a category anywhere. Maybe next year.


::Team Emmett::Kellan Lutz to appear at the People's Choice Awards 1/6/10

Obviously a fan favorite, The Twilight Saga: New Moon is going to have a strong presence at this year's People's Choice Awards set to take place on January 6th and will be graced with the presence of both Kellan Lutz and the newly single Taylor Lautner.

Kellan has earned himself a nomination for Favorite Breakout Movie Actor, while Twilight is up for Favorite Movie, as well as On-Screen Team, recognizing its stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

Queen Latifah is hosting and performing for the event and while I'm sure she'll do a great job, it will be hard to hold the audience's attention what with all he werewolves and vampires in attendance. They tend to steal the spotlight, what with all the fangs and hair.


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::Team RESPECT:: A Reminder

Just a quick reminder. I run a paparazzi free blog. You won't find stalking pics of any of the Twilight actors/actresses on my site or on the FB page. I am literally terrified that someone is going to hurt one of these kids trying to get a picture. So if that is what you are looking for - you won't find it here and you are free to stalk them elsewhere.

xxoo Lisa xxoo

::Team Eclipse:: Gossip Cop busts Trailer rumor.

Over the weekend many tipsters pointed Gossip Cop to online rumblings of a trailer for “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.” It appears rumors (and descriptions) of a finished teaser started on IMDB, eventually making their way to fan sites and gossip pages.

We were skeptical such a clip was running anywhere. We’ve talked to sources with the production, and none of them had heard of discussions yet for the release of a trailer. It’s also worth noting that Summit Entertainment has been closed since late last week for the holidays, and the studio wouldn’t have released in that period such a critical piece of the “Eclipse” marketing machine.

Follow @GossipCop on Twitter.

::Team Twilight:: The BEST Twi-Moments of 2009

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::Team Jasper:: Jackson's Parents talk New Moon and their kid!

::Team New Moon:: 2009 The Year of New Moon

For Twilight fans at least, the year 2009 was invariably the year of The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Of course, in the beginning, there was still a fair amount of Twilight excitement lingering, what with fans continuing to see the film in theaters (or, let's be honest, on the internet) time and time again and DVD release parties across the country. Yet, the principle attention-grabber in our world was New Moon.

At first, it was casting. There were quite a few roles to fill for New Moon, and we anxiously waited for those announcements to trickle down the pike. It started with Bronson Pelletier, who was rumored to have scored a part in the wolfpack. Then there was Dakota Fanning, who her co-stars were supporting for the part of "Jane." Then a few photos of the current wolfpack out and about led to even more rumors. Finally, the announcement came out and it was time to inspect. At first, everyone was pretty skeptical about the selections. When you have literary characters whose make-up becomes so ingrained in your own minds, theirs become difficult shoes to fill. So, we worried that Jamie Campbell Bower was too young for the part of Caius or that Michael Sheen wasn't old enough . . . etc. This, in turn, led to discussions about what scenes, quotes, and details absolutely had to be in the film. Whether fans were complaining or not, the excitement was still there. The movie was on its way.

So when the announcement came down in the spring that production was kicking off, things got really interesting. On-set photographs from various days of shooting surfaced, interviews with the cast started to come out here and there, and everyone looked toward Italy and how they were going to handle one of the collective favorite moments from the story. Of course, a few set pictures (thanks to the Twilight fan community on location) set everyone's mind at ease, as yellow Porsches, red capes, and, well, a touching embrace between Bella and Edward were witnessed from across the very large pond.

Shortly thereafter, the first teaser for the film was released. It was watched once, twice, three . . . let's just say countless times by each and every one of us. It was the growl heard 'round the world. On the same occasion as the teaser's release, the MTV Movie Awards, the Twilight cast was raking in awards - to the extent that the event is rightfully referred to as the 2009 Twilight Movie Awards.

At that point, filming was complete. Though the "big three" would be scattering across the country to film three different summer pictures, the world would still be watching them. Daily, information and photographs from the set of one of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, or Taylor Lautner's movies (Remember Me, The Runaways, and Valentine's Day respectively) would come about - to the point, mind you, that at least one of the films was practically revealed in total (thank goodness for indoor shoots, eh?) before our eyes.

In August, though, Vancouver was poppin' with Twilight stars once more as they got to work on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. While there were still paparazzi photos from the area once in a while, the on-set experience differed greatly from New Moon. Thus, the atmosphere was a bit unchanged in the fandom as New Moon's theatrical release neared. A full trailer, quite a few TV spots, unbelievable press and globe-trotting for the cast, and so many still frame images (primarily stemming from the Official Companion) later, the New Moon premiere was upon us.

There were some who camped out for days and others who relaxed in their PJs to catch it on MySpace. Nevertheless, most Twilight fans watched as the cast for New Moon trekked down the red carpet, one by one, into what was the first screening of the film for many of them. Soon enough, the film would be released, and Twilight fans would make their ultimate mark on film society with historical opening night numbers and a stellar showing at the box office. Even those who'd never uttered the word Twilight had it on the brain as a consequence of New Moon's opening (for better or for worse).

A few weeks later, and everyone's beginning to look forward to the DVD release. Nearly the entire year - to this day - held The Twilight Saga: New Moon as a focal point for Twilight fans. It was exciting, nerve-wracking at times, and completely overwhelming at others, but the mood was New Moon from start to finish. As the year comes to a close, one can't help but remember all of the fun we had in anticipation.

With The Twilight Saga: Eclipse right around the corner, 2010 looks to be pretty good for Twilight fans as well . . .


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::Team Twi-Fic :: Fan Fiction Friday ooops, Saturday Reviews

Hey Sparkly Ones,
Hope you all had a great holiday week and are still enjoying the family you can stand and all the Twilight presents you surely got this year!! Sorry the Fan Fic reviews are late..but Smut is always better when you have to wait for it. So welcome to Fan Fic Saturday! Team Smut has a few holiday themed lemony goodness for you this week as well as a little Domward for you truly freaky girls!

Thanks again to Cullen Sister and @CullenLoveShack - ::Team Twi-Smut:: for picking these juicy lemons for us!

Fan Fic acronyms to know: AU=Alternate Universe, AH=All Human, OOC=Out of Character, Canon=As Stephenie Meyer wrote it, M=Rated Mature. Stories are ranked from 1-5 Sparkles for writing skill, story and plot and overall story quality as it relates to the Twilight Universe.

The following Reviews are from @CullenLoveShack

The 12 Days Of Dickopotamus by ShinyVolvoLurve

Rated: M
Type: Romance/Humor AU/AH Bella and Edward
POV: Bella and Edward
Status: Complete
Shack Rating: * * * * * (5 Sparkles!!)


Edward has always been generous, more so at Christmas. Celebrate 12 days Edward style. Lemons from start, language, hot sex! My favorite Lemony Christmas story! HAWT HAWT HAWT!! Mature Themes.

The following Reviews are from Cullen Sister

Master of the Universe by Snowqueens Icedragon

Rated: M
Type: Romance/Hurt/Comfort AU/AH Canon Couples Very Mature Themes
POV: Bella
Status: Work in Progress (55 Chapters complete)
Shack Rating: * * * * * (5 Sparkles!!)


Bella Swan is drafted in to interview the reclusive enigmatic Edward Cullen, multi-millionaire CEO of his company. It's an encounter that will change her life irrevocably, leading her to the darkest realms of desire. MATURE THEMES


Countdown To Christmas by Breath-of-Twilight

Rated: M
Type: Romance/Humor AU/AH Canon Couples Very Mature Themes
POV: Various
Status: Complete
Shack Rating: * * * (3 Sparkles!!)


Have yourself a smutty little Christmas-24 days till x-mas, at least 1 one shot per day by a new author, posted full of lemony goodness that will leave you with a whole new wish list for Santa. Followed by one mass collab at the end. MATURE THEMES


There Are Worse Things I Could Do by EZRocksAngel

Rated: M
Type: Romance/Humor AU/AH Canon Couples Very Mature Themes
POV: Bella and Edward
Status: Complete
Shack Rating: * * * (3 Sparkles!!)


Bella and Edward have a summer affair leaving for two different states when it is over. They end up at the same school and they must figure out how to make their love last despite all the obstacles in their way.

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::Team Carlisle:: Peter home for the holidays

I told my wife [Beverly Hills 90210 alum Jennie Garth] the only gift I want is to be able to be with my family," Peter Facinelli recently told iVillage while filming Nurse Jackie (the Showtime drama starring Edie Falco) in New York. "I wrap up the second season today, and I head home tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a break and just spending some time with my family."

It's no surprise that the dad of three looks forward to a little downtime with his loved ones in their L.A. home. In addition to his role as Dr. Fitch Cooper on Nurse Jackie, Facinelli also plays vampire Carlisle Cullen in the blockbuster Twilight films. Anticipating his holiday break, the 36-year-old took a moment to chat about a beloved Christmas tradition, New Moon fan requests and why he's in favor of a fifth Twilight movie.

The Twilight Saga has such a huge fan base. Has the experience been crazy so far?
I'm a fan of the books, too, so I understand their passion for the project and the movies. And I'm excited to be a part of the franchise and be able to have a say in how it's made.

Are you constantly getting stopped on the street?
It's helpful that in the movie I have blond hair and in real life I don't. I'm able to get around a little easier than some of the others. That said, the fans know me by now and what I do look like, so I do get approached quite often.

Have you had any crazy fan requests?
Yeah, you get the, "Can you bite me?" a lot. Once in awhile I'll bite them on the wrist for a picture. It's fun, you know. The whole series is fun to be a part of. It's great that they're so excited about these movies. It would be worse if they were throwing tomatoes at us, you know what I mean?

Did you draw on your own fatherhood experience for your role as Carlisle Cullen?
Whenever you take on a role there are things you connect with and things you have to research, and for me, being a patriarch of a family came naturally. I have a family of my own and so I understood what it was like. So it was more about working on who Carlisle was as a person and where his travels have taken him and how to get 350 years onto the screen.

Did you take on a father-figure role with your younger castmates?
I think in the first movie I was more fatherly towards them, because when you meet up with the other actors you kind of see them as their characters and they take on traits of their characters. So everyone kind of fell into who they are in the family, and my role was the patriarch. But as they got to know me more, I became more like the older brother kind of figure.

Do you all really get along?
We're pretty much a family on and off set. After work we enjoy each other's company. We go out to dinners. We had this experience together. There were no egos involved when we started Twilight, and there are still no egos involved, and that's kind of nice to see that people's heads haven't grown. They're still the same people we started the journey with.

What vampire superpower do you wish you had in real life?
I'd love to be able to fly -- that would be cool. But I don't know if that's a vampire power. I mean, Carlisle's power is compassion, and I think I got the short end of the stick. I was like, "Can't I be compassionate and fly?" You can't really [be] like, "Stand back! I'm going to smite you with my compassion!"

Are your three daughters Twilight fans?
They all are. I've got a 12-year-old [Luca Bella], a 7-year-old [Lola Ray] and a 3-year-old [Fiona Eve], and they've all seen Twilight. The 12-year-old and the 7-year-old have seen New Moon, and it's exciting to be a part of a movie that my family can actually be a part of and see.

New Moon was a little intense. Was the 7-year-old scared?
No, she gets that they're movies because of what I do. She loves the movie. She was excited to be able to go to the premiere and be able to see it.

Do they think it's cool that you're a celebrity?
No, because we live very down to earth... when we're at home, we're very regular people. It's not any different for them than any other upbringing. But it's kind of cool for them to be able to go to the premieres and see that and be a part of the whole Twilight Saga.

You and your wife are both famous actors. Is it hard to stay grounded in family life when you're a part of the Hollywood scene?
No, because my wife comes from Illinois and I come from New York, and at the end of the day what we do is a job and not who we are as a people. I'm an actor, not a celebrity. I never walk around thinking I'm a celebrity. So, in that sense, we really do live a grounded lifestyle. And I wouldn't want it any other way for my kids.

Do you have any plans for the holidays?
I'm going to take the kids skiing.

How about any holiday traditions?
We have a little village set that we put underneath the Christmas tree, and this year the kids got to build it themselves because I was out of town. Usually I help, but this year they kind of surprised me and did the whole village under the tree. It was kind of fun to come home and see that they had done it by themselves.

Do you have a New Year's resolution for 2010?
I don't make New Year's resolutions anymore because they always get broken. I also feel like if you want to change your life, there's no time like the present. So why wait for a certain date, you know what I mean?

There's been talk about the last Twilight book, Breaking Dawn, being split into two separate films. Can you confirm the rumors?
I don't know. I know there are rumors. I'm in support of it. It's a very thick book and there's a lot going on. To scale it down to one, we would miss a lot of stuff. So, if I had a say, I would love for it to be two. That said, I haven't heard anything about it, nor has Breaking Dawn been confirmed at all. So I think we're all just waiting to hear what someone decides to do.

So you're not itching for it to be over?
No, I'm a big fan of the books. So for me, it's fun to be able to revisit Carlisle and I'm quite saddened that there's only one more book to do. It would be great if it was broken into two.

What can fans expect from the next film, Eclipse?
Every one of these has had a different director [David Slade directs The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, opening in June] so the feel's been a little bit different. Each one of the books progressively has more action. New Moon has some really cool action with the werewolves and the Volturi and it builds from there into the third one where the Cullens get to do some really great action stuff. And that's fun for me, because as a Cullen we're very reserved and always trying to fit in and look humanlike. But in Eclipse, you get to see what we're capable of as vampires.

Who would win in a fight between Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson?
In real life? Well I'd have to go Taylor all the way on that one, just because he's been taking karate since he was in his mother's womb. And I've seen him do some back flips and some high kicks. I think that Taylor would win the fight between him and me, too.

Alright, give us the scoop. Are Rob and Kristen Stewart dating?
You know, I don't know who my costars are dating, and I don’t ask. I mean, I don't know who Edie Falco is dating either.

Do you get tired of people asking you that?
Yeah, I get tired of people asking me who Edie Falco is dating all the time!

::Team Eclipse:: Summit releases synopsis

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

* June 30, 2010
* Action/Romance
* Directed by David Slade
* Screenplay by Melissa Rosenberg
* Based on the novel “Eclipse” by Stephanie Meyer
* Cast - Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Billy Burke, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone and Dakota Fanning

In The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger as Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob - knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella is confronted with the most important decision of her life.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

::Team New Moon:: "Avatar" fails to match New Moon at box office

LONDON (Reuters) - Director James Cameron's new movie "Avatar," considered one of the most expensive films ever made, dominated the box office on its first weekend but failed to reach the 10 million-pound mark.

The story of a man sent to infiltrate an alien race made 8.5 million pounds, according to Screen International on Tuesday, less than last month's vampire sequel "New Moon" which took 11.68 million and well down from the record UK 2009 opening of 19.8 million set by "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."

Film studio 20th Century Fox has said it spent $237 million (147.9 million pounds) to make the movie, but some newspaper reports have estimated it cost at least $300 million.

Coming in at No. 2 was "St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold," with the girls of St Trinian's searching for pirate treasure.

Last week's chart-topper, Walt Disney's high-tech adaptation of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," was down at three, just above "Nativity," with two schools competing through Christmas plays, which rose two places to four.

"Planet 51," the story of an alien race living the life of 1950s America, was down two spots at five, with "Where the Wild Things Are" slipping four places to six with the tale of a boy trying to bring happiness to a magic kingdom.

"The Twilight Saga: New Moon," was down at seven from five, just above Gerard Butler as the "Law Abiding Citizen" avenging the murder of his wife and daughter who fell one place to eight.

Former chart-topper, horror thriller "Paranormal Activity," was the week's biggest faller, slipping five places to ninth.

Disaster movie "2012" was down at 10 from eighth spot.

::Team Edward:: ExtraTV's Most Desirable Character of 2009

Of course...it's Edward Cullen! Once again Team Edward beats out the dog for the top spot!


::Team Carlisle:: Peter Facinelli returns to alma mater to speak

Peter Facinelli Tweeted last week about his visit to his high school, St. Francis Prep, in Queens, New York. The local Northern Queens paper covered the visit.

“St. Francis Prep principal Patrick McLaughlin said that Facinelli recently reached out to a teacher at the school and said he would like to come back and talk to students.

“He really did a great job,” said McLaughlin, who taught Facinelli when he was a student at Prep. “When something like this happens, just having him walk back into the school sends an important message to every student in this building that there’s someone who walked in your footsteps and is now very successful.”

Facinelli, who was born and raised in Ozone Park and graduated St. Francis Prep in 1991…”

Read the rest in the Courier

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::Team Jasper:: HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY Jackson!!!

A few pics from JackBone's Vegas Bday party last night! Happy 26th Birthday on Monday Jackson you Zorro lookin' hottie you!!!

::Team Robward:: Merry Christmas - All I want is YOU!

::Team Edward:: Rob's How To Be auditon tapes.

::Team Twilght:: Top 25 Movie Moments of the Decade

4. Edward saves Bella from a car accident in 'Twilight' (2008)

The movie that propelled a phenomenon, this scene had pre-pubescent girls and middle-aged women equally putting their hands over their eyes.


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::Team Twi-Fic:: FanFic Friday LEMONS after dark!

Good Evening Sparkly Ones,
It's time for part two of Fan Fiction Friday. The Lemon's After Dark edition. Steamy, hot lemony goodness for your night time pleasure.

Thanks again to Cullen Sister and ForksPixie - ::Team Twi-Smut:: for picking these juicy lemons for us!

Fan Fic acronyms to know: AU=Alternate Universe, AH=All Human, OOC=Out of Character, Canon=As Stephenie Meyer wrote it, M=Rated Mature. Stories are ranked from 1-5 Sparkles for writing skill, story and plot and overall story quality as it relates to the Twilight Universe.

The following Reviews are from ForksPixie

Fate Has Brought Us Here by cullen818

Rated: M
Type: Romance/Drama AU/OOC Non-Canon Couples
POV: Bella and Jasper
Status: Complete
Shack Rating: * * * * * (5 Sparkles!!)


Set two years after New Moon. Edward never came back and Bella is at college trying to pull her life together. She meets up with the one Cullen she never thought she could have anything in common with. Definitely a Team Jasper story. Rated M for lemons.

Love Will Keep Us There by cullen818

Rated: M
Type: Romance/Angst AU/OOC Non-Canon Couples
POV: Bella and Jasper (and other character POVs )
Status: Complete
Shack Rating: * * * * * (5 Sparkles!!)


Newborn Bella is experiencing things that no vampire should. Something is terribly wrong, but what? Can the Whitlock's figure it out and overcome the obstacles that come with it? Sequel to Fate Has Brought Us Here-READ THAT FIRST! Team Jasper Story! Rated M for lemons!

Hope Will Bring Us Home
by cullen818

Rated: M
Type: Romance/Angst AU/OOC Non-Canon Couples
POV: Bella and Jasper (and other character POVs )
Status: Work in Progress (25 Chapters & almost finished)
Shack Rating: * * * * * (5 Sparkles!!)


Final installment in the Fate/Love/Hope trilogy. Read Fate Has Brought Us Here and then Love Will Keep Us There first. J/B never saw these events coming...can they save their family before it's too late? Team Jasper story!

You will see, by this installment, how much the author has grown as a writer. Rated M for lemons!

The following Review is from Cullen Sister

Wide Awake by AngstGoddess003
Rated: M
Type: Angst/Hurt/Comfort AH OOC Canon Couples
POV: Bella/Edward
Status: Complete (52 chapters)
Shack Rating: ***** (5 Sparkles!!)


This only links you to the first 42 chapters. For the entire story, or just to read the remaining 10 chapters & outtakes, please go to:

Edward and Bella have dark pasts that leave them severely emotionally scarred, with nightmares that force them to stay awake. They meet and begin to form a bond during the night hours. AH, Highly OOC, Rated M for dark themes. No rape, no cutting. BxE

That's it for this week FanFicsters. See ya next Friday for more smut n' fun!


Don't forget to join our community on FanFiction.net for all our 5 Sparkle stories!

::Team New Moon:: More Easter Eggs in New Moon

From the "Twilight Tracker" app:

* On Bella's copy of Romeo & Juliet, a picture from Volterra covered the book.

* The camera drop during Paul and Jacob's in-transformation tussle was intentional to recreate the look of an actual animal knocking over the camera.

* In front of Emily's house, there was a drum actually given to the production crew by a member of the Quileute Nation.

* The opening of The Twilight Saga: New Moon with the moon phasing backwards was also intentional to reflect accuracy in phasing.

* Aro says "Fore ... ne il vostro l'uno o altro" to Bella in the Volturi lair, meaning "Perhaps ... nor yours either" (regarding whether he understands Edward's soul).


::Team New Moon:: Chris Weitz reveals a few hidden secrets in the movie.

1. Hidden wolves
”Look for an upside-down engraving of a wolf in the shot of the bowl in which Carlisle burns his first-aid equipment; on Jacob’s T-shirt when he meets Bella in the school parking lot for the first time; and a wolf trinket on the dream-catcher that he gives her.”

2. Vampire elevator music
”When Edward, Bella, and Alice get into the elevator on their way to see the Volturi, the music playing in the elevator is from Strauss’ Die Fledermaus (a.k.a. The Bat).”

3. Emotional baggage?
”When Bella is looking for the meadow where she and Edward are seen lying down together, she carries a golden compass clipped to her backpack — part of my baggage!”

4. Speedy suitor
”We did a little trick when Edward gets out of Bella’s truck and they’re arguing. We wanted to show Edward moving impossibly quickly, so we put Rob right next to the camera but out of sight, and used a double dressed like Rob in the driver’s seat. When Edward gets out, it’s the double, and then Rob steps in front of the camera, and it looks as if he got there faster than humanly possible.”

5. Look it up
”And last but not least: If you want to know what Jacob says before he almost kisses Bella, ask a Quileute! The address of the Quileute tribal council is quileutenation.org. I can tell you this much: He says, Kwop kilawtley.”


::Team Twi-Fic:: It's FAN FIC FRIDAY!! Hawt New Reviews!

Hello Sparkly Ones,
Well, it's that time of the week again. Team Twi Smut has been "feverishly" reading this week to bring you these great stories! I am sure you have Holiday shopping to finish but we all know there's always time for Fan Fic. "Be right there honey, just one more chapter."

Thanks to Cullen Sister and ForksPixie - ::Team Twi-Fic:: For their HARD (hehe) work!

Fan Fic acronyms to know: AU=Alternate Universe, AH=All Human, OOC=Out of Character, Canon=As Stephenie Meyer wrote it, M=Rated Mature. Stories are ranked from 1-5 Sparkles for writing skill, story and plot and overall story quality as it relates to the Twilight Universe.

The following Reviews are from Cullen Sister
Clipped Wings and Inked Armor by hunterhunting

Rated: M
Type: Romance/Angst AH
POV: Bella and Edward
Status: Work in Progress (35 Chapters)
Shack Rating: * * * * * (5 Sparkles!!)


The infamous Tatward & Inkella saga.

Haunted by her past Bella is broken and alone. Starting over, can she let go of the guilt that consumes her when she meets a beautiful tattoo artist or will his own personal demons destroy them first? Rated M for language and lemons. AH/OOC. ROAR!!!!! This one is HOTTER THAN HOT!!! One of the most reviewed stories on FF.net!

La cazone della Bella Cigna by philadelphic

Rated: M
Type: Adventure/Romance AU Canon Couples
POV: Edward
Status: Work in Progress (23 chapters)
Shack Rating: ***** (5 Sparkles)


A famous voice teacher. A mysterious piano prodigy. Backstabbing classmates. Music school is competitive, and aspiring singer Bella Swan is determined to succeed. Hard work she can handle, but who expected music school to be dangerous?

Purgatory: Senior Year by Lou-La

Rated: M
Type: Angst/Drama AH AU Canon Couples
POV: Edward
Status: Complete (35 chapters)
Shack Rating: ***** (5 Sparkles)


Edward needs to grow up and Bella needs to open up. Relationships change, people change, everything changes. The formative High School years are always the hardest. Rated M because that’s all I write - Language and Lemons, my two favorite L words.


Art After 5 by sleepyvalentina

Rated: M
Type: General/Drama AH AU Canon Couples
POV: Bella
Status: Complete (57 ch)
Shack Rating: **** (4 Sparkles)


I want to warn everyone up front – this is a mature story dealing with very adult themes. There will be sex involving a person under the age of 18. If you are not able to deal with this, please do not read. I assure you, all parties involved are beyond the legal age of consent in the state in which the story takes place. Controversy can be exciting, but pedophilia is revolting.

Bella Swan had life figured out until she met sixteen-year-old Edward Cullen. A few months and an intense emotional connection later, she finds herself on a journey toward self acceptance while questioning everything she'd previously accepted as true.

Bonne Foi by Amethyst Jackson

Rated: M/NC17
Type: Drama/Romance AU Canon Couples
POV: Edward
Status: 24 chapters currently
Shack Rating: * * * * (4 Sparkles!!)


Edward Masen was changed in 1918 and abandoned by his sire. He feeds on human blood, unaware of any other way…until he stumbles across college freshman Bella Swan for a night that will change everything.

Breakfast at Tiffany's by hmonster4

Rated: M
Type: General, Romance AH AU Canon Couples
POV: Bella and Edward
Status: Complete (33 chapters)
Shack Rating: *** (3 Sparkles)


Edward admires Bella from afar, until a chance meeting convinces him to send her messages in the Tiffany's window. Can their two worlds merge beyond the grand gesture? elaboration/continuation of the One Shot. Collaboration.

Creature of Habitby EZRocksAngel

Rated: M
Type: Romance/Supernatural AU, OOC.
POV: Bella and Edward
Status: Complete (32 chapters)
Rating: **** (4 Sparkles)


Bella begins working for the elusive and distant Edward Cullen who she discovers is hiding behind an elaborate charade to maintain his secret lifestyle. Bella is determined to find out the mysteries of Edward Cullen but with what results?

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::Team Emmet:: Kellan Talks New Moon Video

Thursday, December 17, 2009

::Team Edward:: Rob's People Mag scan.


::Team Carlisle: What if Carlisle met Coop?

The fact that Peter Facinelli portrays two very different medics in The Twilight Saga: New Moon (and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) - Dr. Carlisle Cullen - and in Nurse Jackie - Dr. Fitch Cooper - is widely known.

One might've wondered, though, what it might look like for Carlisle and Coop to come face to face. If so, a recent interview that Twilight Lexicon did with Facinelli has brought out his opinion on the hypothetical encounter.

"Carlisle wouldn’t bite Cooper because he wouldn’t want him around for eternity," Facinelli joked. "Coop would be trying to be his friend all the time, and Carlisle would just avoid him like the plague. I don’t even know if Carlisle has the patience for Cooper ... [H]e’d be like, 'You wanna bite of my Twinkie? You need to get outside, man. You’re looking a little pale there.' Oh, it’s a blast because they are so different. One is so contained and one runs around like he’s just had six Red Bulls."

::Team Edward:: Rob sighting at Norm's Guitar shop.

Yesterday (Wednesday) at 2pm, Robert Pattinson popped in to Norm’s Rare Guitars in Tarzana by himself, no security, driving an inconspicuous vehicle, the staff seemed to be familiar with him, and they watched the door closely for cameras (none showed), and the few girls who were around naturally were foaming at the panties. He was very low key, he appeared healthy and well rested, and seemed quite specific about what he wanted, and relieved that he was able to shop undisturbed.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

::Team Edward:: Rob Mag Alert! People's 25 Most Intriguing People of 09.

His Holy Hotness has landed a spot in People Mag's Top 25 Most Intriguing People of 2009. The issue hits the stands this Friday. Save up your lunch money kids.

::Team Twilight:: Congrats to Kristen and Anna WTG Ladies!

Hey Sparkly Ones,

Looks like the Ladies of Twilight are taking the stage in the news today. We love our girls too!!! Big CONGRATULATIONS go out to Kristen Stewart who has been selected to grace her 3rd Vanity Fair cover in the February HOLLYWOOD Special Issue of VF! I am SO sure these pics will be fierce!

BIG CONGRATULATIONS going out to our girl Jessica - who has the best opinions on zombie movies ever - Anna Kendrick has been nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her critically acclaimed film Up in The Air. Way to go, Anna!! You know what they say about Golden Globes and Oscars! Good luck!!

::Team Edward:: His Holy Hotness coming to Vogue Mag in the spring.

From E! Online
We know where Robert Pattinson was today.

Across the street from our offices—at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art!

But he wasn't exactly checking out any exhibits…

Sources tell us that hottie R.Pattz and his stunning Remember Me costar Emilie de Ravin were there being photographed at the museum (aka LACMA) for Vogue magazine.

I'm told editors at the fashion bible are planning a multipage spread of the twosome for the mag's annual Power Issue that rolls off the presses just in time for Remember Me's March 12 release date.

"The theme is a date at LACMA," one source says.

Photographer Norman Jean Roy is said to have shot them in several spots throughout the museum, including interior and exterior setups. "It's kind of edgy in a Vogue way," the source says. "Emilie is wearing high fashion but it's like sort of tattered-looking. Rob is mainly in suits."

Pattinson arrived at about 9 a.m. before the museum opened. But it's not like art lovers—or Twihards—were going to get a good luck at him during the day anyway. Locations were blocked off with blue tarps and surrounded by security guards.

::Team Jasper:: Jackson's 2004 Levi's Commercial. Awww!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

::Team Emmett::Kellan Lutz Calvin Klein's latest underwear model.

Fox411 Exclusive: Kellan Lutz is the new Marky Mark for Calvin Klein

Kellan Lutz has been hired to fill some very big underwear at Calvin Klein.

Fox411.com has learned exclusively that the "New Moon" hunk has been signed to a modeling contract with the fashion giant, and will be featured in a very familiar ad campaign.

"He’s going to be their new Mark Wahlberg," the insider told Fox411.com. "Kellan has been signed to Calvin Klein for a huge campaign that will feature him in his skivvies all over billboards and in magazines."

SLIDESHOW: Hollywood's Sexiest Six-Packs.

That’s right, 17 years later after his ripped abs ad campaign, Marky Mark finally has a worthy stomach-muscled successor.

“The executives have a plan to model the ads very similarly after the famous Mark Wahlberg campaign in the 90’s," the source said. "They want to recreate the look of the hugely successful ads, and who is better than Kellan Lutz to fill out those little underwear?”

Ahem. Moving right along...

The 1992 campaign was shot by the late legendary photographer Herb Ritts. No word yet on which lucky snapper will get close to Lutz’s vampire abs of steel.

Reps at Calvin Klein were not immediately available for comment.

::Team Twilight:: Twas the Night Before Cullen Christmas


::Team Carlisle:: Peter talks Breaking Dawn

::Team Eclipse:: Amazing Fan Made Trailer

::Team Edward:: The sex walk in a still photo!!!!!

Bigger pic here

::Team CULLEN:: I am dead!! Call the paramedics!

A Cullen threesome? YES PLEASE!!!!!!!

Loves and sparkles to @candykizzes24 for this piece of heaven!

::Team Carlisle:: Peter at the Z100 Jingle Ball

Monday, December 14, 2009

::Team Edward:: Robert Pattinson fans continue to seek respect for the actor

When a man or woman signs their first major motion picture contract, they are in essence signing away a large portion of their former life. It's no secret that paparazzi lurk around every corner in Hollywood, and as such, most people expect celebs to be fully prepared to have all angles of their life exposed on camera each and every week.

Robert Pattinson's fans, however, are taking a stand against the paparazzi and issuing yet another call for more respect for their favorite Hollywood man.

This summer I wrote about Pattinson fansite Letmesign.com's initiative to gain respect for Rob among all fans. In an effort to expand their horizons and reach out to a larger segment of the fan base, the site owners Angie and Karee recently re-launched the campaign.

With Rob doing some international filming for his upcoming roles in Bel Ami and Unbound Captives, the new and improved Respect Me campaign has a worldwide focus. The new Respect Me site is still a work in progress, but at this point in time fans can leave their comments about Rob and respecting him in the guest book, check out some fanmade media related to the campaign, and of course grab a 'Respect Me' banner or button for your website, blog, Facebook, or other website!

The re-launch of the Respect Me campaign happens to coincide with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's signing of a new piece of anti-paparazzi legislation. This new law not only goes after paparazzi photographers themselves, but also after the various media outlets that purchase the photographs. As of January 1, 2010, paparazzi in California will no longer be allowed to photograph celebrities in personal or family related activities. There is a fine of up to $50,000 for violations, and this extends to any media outlets that purchase photographs of this nature.

The questions now is will a law like this really help protect celebrities like Pattinson from having too much of their lives exposed (and, in some cases, their lives endangered) by the paparazzi? And is the law really going to be beneficial if it's only applicable in California borders?

What are your thoughts about the Respect Me campaign? The paparazzi? The new California law? Comment below with your feedback!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

::Team Eclipse:: David Slade Tweets about Eclipse Movie progress.

Director David Slade, who is not known for tweeting anything that makes sense, threw us a bone on Friday by tweeting a few details about Eclipse post production. Thanks David! Eager to know who that composer is! To follow David on Twitter: @David_A_Slade

::Team Twi-Fic:: Only the BEST in Fan Fiction Recommendations!

Hey Sparkly Ones,

Dr. C welcomes Forkspixie and Cullen Sister to The Shack Staff as our new Fan Fiction Review staff! We have created a new community on FanFiction.net to save our very favorite stories - the 5 Sparkle - stories to share with you! These are the best of the best and the MUST READ stories for any Cullen Freak. There's a new link in the sidebar menu on the left that will take you right to these stories any time you need your fan fic fix. Hope you enjoy these stories as much as we have!

Merry Cullenmas everyone!
xoxo Kynd

P.S. FanFic authors if you'd like to submit your stories to us please email me at kynd_culture (at) Yahoo (dot) com

::Team Emmett:: Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer

::Team Edward:: TayTay goes FanGirl!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

::Team STOPTHEPAPZ:: Kristen chased by papz at her parents home. OH HELL NO.

Dear Sparkly Ones,

When the shack said NO PAPARAZZI PICS we mean it for the entire CAST. It has come to our attention that a double standard would seem to exist in the fandom. Rob is off limits but it's ok to stalk Kristen Stewart at a family Christmas gathering at her parents home? We say OH HELL NO. No it's not ok!! So I'll join The Fierce One in once again flipping off the paparazzi. Leave the kids ALONE!

::Team New Moon:: DVD and BluRay Covers


::Team Edward:: NEW It's an Edward Thing Tshirt in The Shack Shop


::Team New Moon:: Top viral video of 2009 - New Moon Trailer

No big surprise here cause you know you've seen it half a million times!

Nine of the 10 biggest viral videos of the year were music-related, according to Visible Measures.

While the trailer for the Twilight Saga: New Moon movie was the biggest viral hit of 2009, the rest of the top ten was made up of solo singers.

The video for Beyoncé’s Single Ladies was the most watched music video with more than 333m views while Lady GaGa had two videos in the top 10.

The video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller was at number 6 and the video for Beat It was at 8. Meanwhile, Susan Boyle’s audition on Britain’s Got Talent was at number 5 with more than 313m views.

Visible Measures tabulates views based on YouTube plays as well as factoring in how often videos are shared on social networks.

The top 10 is as follows with cumulative views in brackets.

1. Twilight Saga: New Moon – movie trailers (592,049,402)

2. Beyoncé – Single Ladies (333,233,982)

3. Lady GaGa – Poker Face (317,708,763)

4. Soulja Boy – Crank Dat (313,861,193)

5. Susan Boyle – Britain’s Got Talent audition (313,177,779)

6. Michael Jackson – Thriller (257,016,016)

7. Miley Cyrus – The Climb (211,165,578)

8. Michael Jackson – Beat It (190,583,064)

9. Mariah Carey – Touch My Body (173,736,822)

10. Lady GaGa – Just Dance (170,636,272)

Source: Visible Measures (December 2009)

VIA Music Week

::Team Edward:: NEW Rob radio interview.


::Team Twilight:: Piracy charges dropped against fan.

Early this week we brought to your attention the case of Samantha Tumpach who was caught taping approximately 3 minutes of New Moon footage in a Chicago area movie theater. What came to light was that she wasn’t actually intending to tape the movie, but rather people in her group who were there to celebrate a birthday party, and the movie was basically background footage.

She spent two days in jail, for the crime when the movie theater alerted local police. Apparently, the crime, though inadvertent, was a felony. Personally we thought jail time was a little harsh. We could understand a fine, community service, something like that. It wasn’t as if the woman was taping in order to distribute. Now granted, pulling out a video camera in the middle of a movie is ( as many of our blog commenters pointed out) distracting, bad manners, and really an amazing display of questionable judgment, but it didn’t seem jail time was warranted. Chris Weitz also agreed given the specific allegations.

Now the Sun Times is reporting that, “A Chicago woman arrested for illegally videotaping the movie “Twilight: New Moon” got a happy ending to her story Friday when Cook County prosecutors abruptly dropped the felony charge filed against her.

Samantha Tumpach would have faced up to three years in prison if she had been convicted.

Summit Entertainment has now issued a statement regarding the incident: “In regards to the situation with Samantha Tumpach, we applaud Muvico for upholding the zero tolerance policy on piracy when the incident occurred at their theater in Rosemont, IL. The pirating of films is a very serious issue and we all need to remain vigilant to protect the art of film and the myriad of businesses that the film industry supports. We believe that the attention that this incident has drawn, has served as a reminder to us all that any form of film piracy, or perceived piracy, will be treated with the utmost seriousness. Summit is pleased that all charges against Ms. Tumpach have been dropped and appreciate the efforts of the police and the prosecutors in this outcome.”

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Friday, December 11, 2009

::Team Twilight:: New Feature! FAN FICTION FRIDAY!

Hey Sparkly ones! New feature here on the Love Shack every Friday! Fan Fiction recommendations. If you are like me you read entirely too much Fan Fic and are always on the look out for more...So let's share! All stories have been ready by me or members of the blog and are rated from 1 Sparkle for Don't Waste Your Time to 5 Sparkles for WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Hope you enjoy and do feel free to comment on the stories and selections each week. Now without further delay here are this weeks stories!

Completion of Midnight Sun by Kiva Johns Adkins

Rated: T
Type: All Canon Romance
POV: Edward
Status: Complete
Shack Rating: * * * * * (5 Sparkles!!)


This is a wonderful Edward POV story that completes Stephenie Meyer's unfinished manuscript of Midnight Sun. It's a real jewel. You won't even know you aren't reading Stephenie's words. It's fabulous. The author knows our Edward inside and out and it really shines in this wonderful completed story. What are you waiting for? Go read it now!!!


My Yes, My No by Lolashoes

Rated: M
Type: AU + Canon Romance/Angst Lemons
POV: Alternating Bella/Edward
Status: Complete
Shack Rating: * * * * * (5 Sparkles!!)


Lolashoes is a favorite of The Shack Staff. There are no better lemony stories in the fandom than Lola's stories. The premise of this story is what would have happened if Bella didn't take Edward back right away after the events of New Moon. The author beautifully explores the pain of betrayal in a way that only Lolashoes can! The pain is palpable. It's highly unique in both content and style. You will not be disappointed.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

::Team Twilight:: Baby Name for 2009 is... brace yourselves.

We here at The Love Shack might not agree with this but we do find it entertaining. Note to parents: Don't give your kid a name that is gonna get the shit kicked out of them in 3rd grade.

The Name of the Year, 2009 and the Winner is.....
Dec 10th 2009
By Laura Wattenberg

We've counted down the first and second runners up, and now it's time for the official 2009 Name of the Year. Brace yourselves, name enthusiasts, because it may not be what you're expecting....


Yes, it's another Twilight name, which makes for a potent and timely launching pad. But the impact of Renesmee goes far beyond vampires. This name is the spark that lit a long-building cultural bonfire to usher in the Age of the Mashup Baby Name.

For those who have skipped the whole Twilight phenomenon, Renesmee is the child of the series' two young heroes, and thus half human and half vampire. Most importantly for our purposes she is named after her two grandmothers, Renée and Esme. (Her middle name, Carlie, comes from grandpas Carlisle and Charlie.)

Twilight author Stephenie Meyer has said that she chose the name because no normal human name would do for an otherworldly creature like Renesmee. It also strikes me as a realistic choice for a couple of teenage parents. Undead or not, they live in a time when creativity in baby name is prized, particularly by younger parents. What's more, they live in a celebrity-saturated world, in the long shadow of Bennifer.

When actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez started dating in 2002, the press christened the pair Bennifer. Since then, a portmanteau or "mashup" name has been de rigueur for every celebrity couple, real or fictional. (See yesterday's discussion of Tay Tay.) A young adult today has come of age surrounded by names like TomKat and Brangelina.

Renesmee, introduced at the end of 2008, brought a new name to our language. Real-life Renesmee sightings are increasing all the time. More importantly, though, it broke down the barriers between celebrity mashups and baby names. As a BabyNameWizard.com reader wrote, "I do know of several people that copied the idea and gave their children first or middle names that are mash-ups of the grandparents' names."

In Namipedia, I've seen a rising number of name submissions created from two parents' or grandparents' names. (I usually reject them, assuming that a name like Brendeth will only appeal to the narrow group of readers who also have parents named Brenda and Kenneth.) Our sister blog "Ask The Name Lady," too, is receiving more and more questions about how to combine family names like George and Edward.

Like all celebrity name trends, Renesmee's fashion power depends on the fact that the world was ready for it. To quote The Name Lady's column, "For centuries, the way to honor Grandpa George and Grandpa Edward was obvious. George Edward. Or Edward George, if you prefer. That's what a namesake is, right?" Renesmee became the name of the moment, and the Name of the Year, because parents today still love their relatives...but aren't willing to sacrifice their sense of style to show it.


::Team Twilight:: Chris Weitz comes to the defense of fan arrested for piracy.

He’s dismayed about Samantha Tumpach’s arrest Nov. 28 at a Rosemont movie theater on a felony charge of illegally copying his new hit film, and he’s contacted the film’s studio about his concerns.

“Needless to say, the case seems to me terribly unfair and I would like to do what I can to address this,” Weitz wrote in an e-mail.

Tumpach told the Sun-Times last week that she was taping parts of her sister’s surprise 29th birthday party celebrated at the Muvico Theater — including her and other family members singing “Happy Birthday.”

The three minutes of footage she shot inside the theater, Tumpach said, also included film previews and ads, along with short segments of the film — and her talking about the camera and the movie.

“It was never my intention to record the movie,” Tumpach said. “You can hear me talking the whole time.”

Weitz questioned whether her arrest was justified.

“There is, needless to say, a difference between trying to protect the copyright of a film and making an unfair example of someone who clearly seems not to have any intentions towards video piracy,” Weitz wrote.

He said he had contacted the studio that released the film, Summit Entertainment, to express his concern about her arrest, but he acknowledged there’s probably little he can do to influence the outcome of her case.

“I am not sure what effect I would have on the case,” he wrote, noting “the film is, after all, not my property.”


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::Team Emmett:: Kellan Talks Breaking Dawn and Beyond

If you're psyched about the prospect of a two-part "Breaking Dawn," you're not alone.

"Twilight" hottie Kellan Lutz is also into it.

"They haven't told the rest of us actors yet," he confided exclusively to The Dish Rag at the Hollywood Foreign Press Young Hollywood party last night at Nobu.

"I have read that they are talking to Rob, Taylor and Kristen to negotiate to make 'Dawn' into two movies. I'd love for it to be two films," he added.

How about that "Twilight" TV series rumor? "I just heard that too. I don't know how. You already have the books and the story's been told so beautifully. And there's already 'True Blood' and 'Vampire Diaries,' and they're both great. I don't know how it would work. Twenty two episodes?

And are you listening, Matt Damon? Because Kellan Lutz seriously wants to bro up with you in your "Bourne" action film franchise.

"I'm making this checklist as an actor," he confided. "Right now I just really want to be part of the Bourne franchise and the more I say that, maybe Matt Damon will read it and it and maybe I can play his brother."

We could totally see that. They even look a bit alike.

And on the heels of his co-star Taylor Lautner's move into the teen superhero flick, "Max Steel," Kellan wouldn't mind some super powers himself very soon. "I'd love to be 'Captain America' someday."

He's not sure exactly what his next project will be yet. And its too early to talk specifics. But it's definitely going to in the action or romantic comedy genre. And what else did we learn during our chat with Kellan:

Broad strokes about his upcoming projects
"They're are going to studios to get the funding, and there's one I will produce. Most are action films and a couple of romantic comedies and I'm just thrilled with all the scripts."

On "Twilight" being his Golden Ticket
"People work 20 years to get what we have," Kellan admits. "We really are so lucky. Its like you get a headstart and its all because of the fans. And it's not just about money or getting offers, it's that we can mold our careers."

On attributing "Twilight" franchise success to Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
"The rest of us, we could suck probably," Kellan says. "It's Rob and Kristen who have the amazing chemistry. Without those two keystones, "Twilight" could have flopped. It really could have."

Source article

::Team Carlisle:: Peter on Alexa Chung MTV

Click here for Video

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

::Team Twilight:: Twilight Saga: Eclipse to be released in IMAX.

The Twilight saga is getting super-sized.

The third big screen chapter in the series, "Eclipse," is the first of the films being shot for IMAX theaters, reports OK! magazine. And unlike other IMAX films, "Eclipse" will be released on the same day in both regular screen size and IMAX.

" 'Twilight' moviegoers will have a whole new way to experience this next installment, with the enhanced image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience putting them in the movie," Richie Fay, Summit Entertainment's President of Domestic Theatrical Distribution, told OK!.

Meanwhile, all three stars of saga have united to negotiate their contracts for the fourth and final film, "Breaking Dawn." Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson will likely be able to demand eight-figure paychecks, thanks to the success of the first two movies. "Twilight" grossed $69 million in its opening weekend and "New Moon," the second film, has grossed $500 million worldwide to date.

Insiders are also whispering that "Breaking Dawn" may not be the last film in the series after all. Though it's last of author Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" books, Summit Entertainment is considering splitting the last installment into a two-part film finale, reports Variety.com.

Both versions of "Eclipse," on IMAX and in regular movie theaters, are currently scheduled for a June 30, 2010 release nationwide. "Breaking Dawn" will open sometime in 2011.

Read more:


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