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::Team Eclipse:: 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' OST bonus track Video.

You've already heard of the full track list for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse's official soundtrack, but today the album's bonus tracks (available on Barnes and Noble, amongst others) have been revealed.
The two tracks are a part of the "Special Edition" soundtrack, and they are "The Line" by Battles and "How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep" by Bombay Bicycle Club.
Bombay Bicycle Club's song for the special edition has been performed live before, and a video of that performance was made available on YouTube.
Check it out below.
These two tracks are listed as numbers sixteen and seventeen respectively, and they add to the fifteen tracks already revealed for the album.

SOURCE - Twi Examiner

::Team Emmett:: NEW Kellan Lutz Photo Shoot.

::Team Carlisle:: Peter Facinelli Presents Young Hollywood Award to Nikki -Video

Friday, May 14, 2010

::Team Twilight:: Fan Fiction Friday

What a week it has been here in the U.S. for the Twi-Nation. The Oprah Show, the soundtrack listing released, rumors of salary disputes and re-castings, Eclipse tickets going on sale, all the ticketing sites crashing (who us? we did that? hehehe) and Rob's birthday.

While Lisa and Lili have been working their fingers to the bone getting you all the latest scoop and photos, I've been doing what I do best: Gathering fiction. The first thing I'd like to bring to your attention is another author compilation for the Tennessee/Nashville flooding. For a $5 donation to the American Red Cross you can receive more one-shots and outtakes than you can imagine. From this page you will find links to the Red Cross, the email to forward a copy of your donation and the listing of all the authors who are contributing. So far they have only collected $877. I know we can do better than that. FicWriters for Tennessee/Nashville Flood Relief

Fan Fic acronyms to know: AU=Alternate Universe, AH=All Human, OOC=Out of Character, Canon=As Stephenie Meyer wrote it, M=Rated Mature. Stories are ranked from 1-5 Sparkles for writing skill, story and plot and overall story quality as it relates to the Twilight Universe.

The following reviews are from Cullen Sister:

The Sweater by LolaShoes

Rated: M
Type: Romance/Supernatural AU Canon Couples
POV: Edward and Bella
Status: Complete (7 chapters)
Shack Rating: * * * * *(5 sparkles!)

The Sweater

Nine months ago Edward fled after an overwhelming first encounter with Bella. He returned from his soul-searching in Denali resigned to keep himself from her to keep her safe. Love from a distance looks a lot like dislike, it seems.


Library Rendezvous
by antiaol

Rated: M
Type: Romance/Drama AH/AU Canon Couples
POV: Edward and Bella
Status: Complete (33 chapters)
Shack Rating: * * * * *(5 sparkles!)

Library Rendezvous

Two strangers, three months of flirting, one night of passion leading to a forever.


The following reviews are from ForksPixie:

When Darkness Turns to Light by Janna Banana

Rated: M
Type: Romance/Supernatural AU/OOC Non-Canon Couples
POV: Bella and Jasper
Status: Complete (52 chapters)
Shack Rating: * * * * *(5 sparkles!)

When Darkness Turns to Light

4 years after Edward left Bella in the forest; Bella is finally moving forward, but it is someone from her past that helps her truly heal and obtain the future she was always meant to have.


The Flights of Fate
by mizbiscuit

Rated: M
Type: Romance/Friendship /Supernatural AU/OOC Non-Canon Couples
POV: Bella and Jasper
Status: Work In Progress (11 chapters)
Shack Rating: * * * * *(5 sparkles!)

The Flights of Fate

Jasper returned to Forks only a week after Bella's fateful birthday party only to find her well into the change and all alone. Eventual J/B story.


Don't forget to stop by the Discussion tab on our Facebook page and let us know what you're reading now or what your favorites are. If you're an author, feel free to plug your own work!

Until next week my sparkly ones,

Your Princess of Perv.

::Team Eclipse:: Oprah Eclipse Episode FULL Videos!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

::Team Eclipse:: US Tickets go on sale at Midnight TONIGHT!

BIG REMINDER For our American fans. Eclipse tickets go on sale TONIGHT at 12:01am!!! There are several choices of packages depending on your area. I have word AMC Theaters will be hosting a Triple Feature ending with the Midnight Showing of Eclipse. You can buy IMAX and regular Midnight Tickets or you can purchase tickets for Wed. June 30th as well.

::Team Breaking Dawn:: NEW INFO Salary Disputes and Our Cullen Kids.

We've got new details in that "Twilight" salary standoff.

As we first reported Monday, the actors who play the vampire Cullen kids (Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene) have rejected Summit Entertainment's offer to return for a fourth and fifth movie, thus holding up the studio's plan to send teenage girls into fits of euphoria by announcing that "Breaking Dawn" will be split into two installments.

Nicole Sperling at EW says they are demanding $4 million for each of the two "Breaking Dawns," but our sources close to the dealmaking say that number is high, and that reps for Lutz and Greene are asking for less than $2 million for each movie (for a total of about $4 million for both). The negotiation is just kicking into high gear, so these numbers could change; Sperling says co-star Nikki Reed has settled for a payday in the $750,000-$1 million range for each movie.

What are the secondary characters in a blockbuster franchise worth? That's always a tricky question, and especially here, where fans have such a close connection to the material and have come to associate the actors with their parts. On the other hand, "Eclipse" probably won't suffer at the boxoffice in June despite Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre) being recast after playing hardball.

A couple of interesting wrinkles in the negotiation: While lead actors Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner all re-did their deals for huge raises after the first "Twilight" hit big (and are said to be close to deals for No. 4 and 5), Summit did not offer to renegotiate with the Cullens. So their pay for the first three movies has been very low, which would explain them wanting to cash in on "Breaking Dawn."

Also, while the Cullen kids don't play a huge role in the second or third books, they're both in "Breaking Dawn" a lot more. That fact is said to be fueling the demands, though Summit won't lock the script for the final movies until it's a 100% done deal there will be two, so parts could still be minimized or beefed up.

Neither side expects a speedy resolution. Summit wants to move quickly but isn't afraid to recast. Reps for the actors want to make a deal but don't understand why the studio won't take care of the cast in a franchise that has generated more than $1 billion.

While fans might miss the secondary characters, we doubt Summit's boxoffice take would suffer if the Cullens are recast. Would it?

UPDATED: Earlier version of this post said Rachelle Lefevre was recast for "New Moon." Nope, she's in that one but was replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard for "Eclipse."


::Team Twilight:: New Nylon Magazine Outtakes

::Team Eclipse:: 30 Second Clip of Muse "Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)"

When it was announced last week that Muse had been tapped to release the first single off the hotly anticipated "Eclipse" soundtrack, fans of Stephenie Meyers' vamp-o-riffic series rejoiced. Not only did Muse's music play an integral part in the creation of the "Twilight" books, but they've now managed to land a song on each of the three film soundtracks — there's something to be said for continuity, after all.
And now that they can actually hear a snippet of that first single — a track called "Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)" — and catch a glimpse of the rather dramatic video, well, we expect them to rejoice even harder. Perhaps even spontaneously combust.
The song itself doesn't stray very far from Muse's wheelhouse, which is to say that it sounds epic, spacey and positively majestic, full of crashing drums, doomy piano stabs and fleet-fingered guitars that spiral heavenward. Frontman Matthew Bellamy sings for the rafters, belting out couplets like "Love is forever/ And we'll die, we'll die together" — which seem to capture the forbidden love between Bella and Edward quite nicely, don't they?
The video itself is a fairly low-key affair, just the band rocking out on a wide-open stage, while a series of screens flash between colors dramatically, bathing them in various hues. Oh, and as is somewhat fitting for an epic track like this, there's gratuitous use of slow-motion, too, which only helps capture the sheer bombast of the performance.
"Neutron Star Collision" will hit radio on May 17, and the "Eclipse" soundtrack is due on June 8. But you probably already knew that by now — and, really, why are you still reading this? Check out an exclusive sneak peek of both the song and the video right here, right now!

::Team Eclipse:: Jimmy Kimmel Primetime Eclipse Special in June!

ABC is giving Jimmy Kimmel a full primetime special dedicated to the June 30 release of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse."

Titled "Jimmy Kimmel Live: Twilight Saga: Total Eclipse of the Heart," the special will air from 10:01-11:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 23.

ABC boasts that this will be the only joint primetime appearance by "Twilight" stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. And if that's not enough, co-stars Dakota Fanning, Bryce Howard and Xavier Samuel will be on-hand, plus "special guests."

Kimmel will sell his soul to the devil -- or, we guess, to the werewolves and vampires -- in exchange for exclusive "Twilight" content and more.

Eagle-eyed ABC scheduling freaks will note that June 23 was supposed to be the airdate for the penultimate episode of the summer burnoff for the mystery dud "Happy Town." Instead, the episode titled "Dallas Alice Doesn't Live here Anymore" will be pushed to June 30 and the season [series] finale of "Happy Town" will air on July 7.

Kimmel's next dedicated special will be a May 23 episode dedicated to the conclusion of ABC's "Lost."

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

::Team Eclipse:: Official Twilight Eclipse Convention will have Rob, Kristen & Taylor.

Creation Entertainment The Twilight Saga: ECLIPSE Convention Invitation:
This is "the one", the weekend that will make fan history as we proudly present the incredible cast of the most eagerly awaited film of the year, The Twilight Saga: ECLIPSE, coming to theaters June 30, 2010.

You are invited to attend a most delightful weekend with fellow Twilight Saga fans from around the globe on June 11-13, 2010 at the gorgeous Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel, conveniently located near Los Angeles' most popular attractions. Every ticketed attendee is guaranteed a seat in our main theater where the stars appear and you'll see it all, including celebrity panels, exclusive footage, contests, auctions, presentations from the major Twilight fan sites, and some super-surprises we can't reveal at this time! Our vendors area, open to all attendees, will feature the world's widest array of Twilight collectibles, including items produced solely for this incredible weekend!

Make your plans now to be with us, it just isn't the same without YOU!

Twilight Special Guests:
robert pattinson
Appearing on a very special panel event Saturday early evening! If you are attending the convention you are IN to see this amazing event!
Due to scheduling, Robert will not be available for autographing or photo ops.

kristen stewart
Appearing on a very special panel event Saturday early evening! If you are attending the convention you are IN to see this amazing event!
Due to scheduling, Kristen will not be available for autographing or photo ops.

taylor lautner
Appearing on a very special panel event Saturday early evening! If you are attending the convention you are IN to see this amazing event!
Due to scheduling, Taylor will not be available for autographing or photo ops.

gil birmingham
TWILIGHT’s Billy Black
Appearing Saturday

justin chon
TWILIGHT’s Eric Yorkie
Appearing Friday

tinsel korey
NEW MOON’s Emily
Appearing Saturday

michael welch
Mike Newton
Appearing Friday

justine wachberger
NEW MOON’s Gianna
Appearing Sunday

tyson houseman
NEW MOON’s Quil Ateara
Appearing Saturday

booboo stewart
ECLIPSE’s Seth Clearwater
Appearing all three days

The Volturi's Alec
Appearing Sunday

christopher heyerdahl
Volturi Leader Marcus
Appearing Sunday

kiowa gordon
Appearing Friday

daniel cudmore
Appearing Saturday

Additional guests to be announced...


::Team Eclipse:: THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE Official Soundtrack

Full track list:
1. Metric- Eclipse (All Yours)
2. MUSE- Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)
3. The Bravery- Ours
4. Florence + The Machine- Heavy In Your Arms
5. Sia- My Love
6. Fanfarlo- Atlas
7. The Black Keys- Chop And Change
8. The Dead Weather- Rolling In On A Burning Tire
9. Beck and Bat For Lashes- Let’s Get Lost
10. Vampire Weekend- Jonathan Low
11. UNKLE- With You In My Head (Feat. The Black Angels)
12. Eastern Conference Champions- A Million Miles An Hour
13. Band of Horses- Life On Earth
14. Cee Lo Green- What Part of Forever
15. Howard Shore- Jacob’s Theme
16. Battles- The Line
17. Bombay Bicycle Club- How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep

::Team Eclipse:: Metric Blog Post About Composing 'All Yours' with Howard Shore

Yes ... It’s official. Our song “All Yours”, co-written with the legendary film composer Howard Shore and performed by Metric, is going to be featured in the movie Eclipse, the next installment in the worldwide phenomenon known as the Twilight saga.

I've always wanted to write music for film, but I never expected to start with something on this scale, so you can imagine how surprised I was when out of nowhere I got a phone call from Howard Shore, who I’d never met or even spoken with before. Most people know him as the man who wrote the acclaimed score for The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but I grew up on Shore's earlier works-- his score for David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch in collaboration with jazz great Ornette Coleman still stands as one of the most ambitious & unusual scores out there.

To my amazement, Howard was calling to ask me to work with him on his latest project: scoring the next Twilight movie, Eclipse. He wanted Jimmy & I to write the theme song for the pivotal last scene in the movie, integrating the music from his existing score into a composition that would express the emotional ending of the film. Seriously?!?! The lyrics would have to be in the voice of the main character Bella, and we had to stay within the confines of harmonic and melodic themes Howard had in mind for the last scene.

We've had songs from our albums licensed for use in movies & tv shows before, but composing for a score was completely different. Every day as the song progressed--from sitting at the piano with Jimmy in NYC recording acoustic versions and reading the script (see photo below), to working at Howard's studio upstate, to tracking vocals at our own studio Giant in Toronto, to mixing at Electric Lady with Howard on the line from Abbey Road in London-- every step of the way we did our best to fulfill Howard’s vision of the film's last moments.

Still, everybody knows the movie business is insanely competitive, and for things like this, it’s never a sure thing until the movie is done and the picture is locked...

But as of today, it's happening. Our song, “All Yours”, is in the movie and will be the lead off track from the soundtrack, to be released on June 8th.

I don't have to tell you what an honor it was to be hand picked by Howard to do this work. We are massively grateful for the opportunity & hope you all enjoy Metric's first ever film composition.

Now, back to reality...

xo emily


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

::Team Breaking Dawn:: EW Report More on Ashley/Kellan, Jackson's Status "Unclear" for Final Film.

Following up on a story we told you about this morning, Entertainment Weekly has learned more about Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene’s attempts to receive higher salaries for a two-part Breaking Dawn:

Yet sources tell that the duo are asking for $4 million a piece for each of the final two films. Greene and Lutz had initially banded together with fellow co-stars Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone to form a united front, but sources say Reed backed down and is now close to finalizing her deal, which is said to be in the $750,000- $1 million range per film–the amount Summit initially offered the four cast members. (Rathbone’s status remains unclear, and his reps had not returned a call for comment at press time. Reed’s manager declined to comment.)

The studio declined to comment on the negotiations. But sources tell that Greene and Lutz believe that because the supporting actors do as much publicity as the lead actors, and have to log almost as many hours on set, they should be paid accordingly. One source involved in the negotiations says that Greene and Lutz just want to get $1 million or more.

Source - Entertainment Weekly.

::Team Eclipse:: Sountrack Artist Announcment Wednesday May 12 on Myspace.

Last week, we learned that British rock lords Muse will return for a Twilight three-peat on the upcoming third soundtrack installment in as many movies for that obscure little book series (is it about werewolves? vampires? hobbits? We really can’t recall).

Anyhow, MySpace tells EW exclusively that they will unveil the full soundtrack roster for Twilight:Eclipse, beginning Wednesday, May 12, at 11am EST/8am PST … and continuing on for many hours, at the rate of one band reveal every half hour. (We will do our best to update you in real time here; you can also get the updates on Twitter via @MySpaceMusic).

Source -

::Team Breaking Dawn:: Salary Disputes, Possible Recasts, Moving Filming to Louisana. ALL TRUE!

EXCLUSIVE: Summit Entertainment is working furiously to close the talent deals required to split Stephenie Meyer's fourth "Twilight" novel into two films. But an unlikely roadblock is holding up an announcement -- and could even lead to cast changes for the series' final installment.

The studio is close to finalizing agreements with leads Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, all of whom will get big raises to return for a fifth installment of the vampire romance saga. And director Bill Condon is already signed to film two "Breaking Dawn" movies, which would be shot back-to-back starting in the fall and released in November 2011 and summer 2012, respectively.

But Summit is having a harder time locking in some of the franchise's secondary characters. Deals for Peter Facinelli (who plays Carlisle Cullen) and Billy Burke (Bella's father, Charlie Swan) are done, but we're told the actors who play the Cullen kids (especially Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene) are trying to sink their teeth into bigger paydays that, at least at this point, the studio behind the billion-dollar franchise is unwilling to provide. "We may have a situation where one of them is thrown out on the street to make a point," says a source close to the dealmaking.

So are we headed for a recasting on the final "Twilight"?

There is precedent for such a tactic. After the success of the first film, Summit axed Rachelle Lefevre, who played Victoria, in part because her reps played hardball on money. (Bryce Dallas Howard got the job instead.) Now, two films into the series, even the minor Twilighters (Lutz in particular) have become sought-after stars, so it makes sense they'd want to be paid more for the final film. But we're told that the offers from Summit -- which are said to be at least 10 times what the actors made on the first movie -- were deemed "offensive" given the mega-money the franchise has generated.

Summit declined to comment on the situation. But the studio wants to move quickly to pull the trigger on two movies -- and it isn't afraid to recast if deals can't be reached. Plus, it has even more reason to be concerned about costs this time around. As is typical with blockbuster franchises, the "Twilight" movies are becoming more expensive with each installment. And the leads are going to do especially well if "Breaking Dawn" is split into two parts. The trio were initially signed for three films (remember, this was back when "Twilight" was a low-budget adaptation of a niche YA novel), but in the spring of 2009 -- after the first movie became an international hit -- they renegotiated all their deals so Summit could lock them for a fourth movie.

Lutz,kellan The studio then realized that "Breaking Dawn," with its 900-plus pages and narratives told from two perspectives, was dense enough to be split into two installments (as Warner Bros. announced it would do for the final "Harry Potter" book). Just one problem: The cast wasn't signed for a fifth movie. They're all huge stars now, with Lautner in particular running up his quote to the $7.5 million range, so another renegotiation commenced.

That meant ponying up big-time for the leads, which will make the final movie far more expensive than the others ("Eclipse," which hits theaters June 30, is costing around $65 million, a figure sure to be dwarfed by the fourth and fifth, even if costs can be amortized by shooting them at the same time). For that reason, Summit is still holding out the option of simply doing one "Breaking Dawn," although multiple sources say they'd be shocked if the fifth film doesn't happen. "This thing is gonna be two movies," one source says. "With or without the cast intact." Meyer has already signed off on the plan to make two, a key hurdle, given the approval rights she has in her deal.

Summit also is eyeing other cost-cutting measures for the final installments. A deal is currently being negotiated to move the production to Louisiana after making the first in Portland and the second two in Vancouver and Italy. Luring "Twilight" would be a huge "get" for the state -- and, given the tax credits, a money-saver for the studio.

"Twilight" has thus far been the rare tentpole franchise made on a non-tentpole budget. It'll be interesting to see the lengths that will Summit go to keep it there. Booting an actor from the final installment of a successful series could be a risky move, though we're betting that as long as their precious Bella, Edward and Jacob return, fans would get over any disappointment.


Monday, May 10, 2010

::Team Eclipse:: MTV brings you 'Eclipse' Fashion Week: An EXCLUSIVE Peek At New Nordstrom Goodies!

“Necklace” racer tank in moonmist ($28)

The “Newborns” burnout v-neck tee ($30)

The Luna Twilight Duwop "Blush" Lip Venom ($16)

Nordstrom's line, which will be found in the BP. department in stores, will be available for preorder beginning next Saturday, and in-store and online purchasing will start June 5!