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::Team Twilight:: Stephenie talks to the fan sites!!!

Stephenie Meyer Discussion Points From Imprint Podcast

Posted by Twilight_News - 19/06/10 at 08:06 pm Here is what came up with the lunch that the fansites had with Stephenie Meyer. They will have full transcripts later of the 4-hour interview. Much of it will be released after Eclipse comes out as to not spoil movie for anyone, but this is a listing of some main talking points:
  • Midnight Sun: Is not off the table. It won’t be her next project, but she has not cancelled it. She needs it to be the thing she is the most excited about to  write it effectively or it won’t be good.
  • It was a 4.5 hour interview very laid back atmosphere, they discussed everything.
  • Bree Tanner:
    • Freaky Fred: In his human life was that he was very introverted nerdy human science type very intelligent who observed everyone who kept his distance from people by always avoiding eye contact. That translated into his vampire repulsion technique no one wants to watch or see him. He still retains his intelligence and inquisitiveness.
    • Don’t watch: the line was to bother Bree and to Bella in equal measure.
    • Riley: Stephenie’s attitude/view of Riley had changed.  People lost sympathy for Riley and she did too when writing it.
    • Diego made Riley assist in the actual killing of Riley.
    • Victoria enjoyed making Riley do it.
    • Riley did try to save Diego but Victoria wouldn’t show mercy.
    • The fact that Riley cared for Diego made Victoria want to hurt Diego more and after Riley helps in his death he totally lost every good part of himself. embraced the dark side in a sense.
    • Stephenie hated killing Bree.
    • Bree and Diego as humans were strong minded as humans that prevents them from being totally animalistic as vampires
    • She always knew the Volturi had visited Victoria. The fact that Victoria is now forced into a decision is why Alice can suddenly see what is happening.
    • Jane acts without Aro’s direct knowledge. Aro sends her and the team to North America with Aro’s blessing to act as Jane sees fit. Jane would actually have liked to kill Alice too because she knows that Alice would be Aro’s bigger prize than her if Aro ever got her in Italy permanently. She would be higher ranked than Jane and Jane actually hates Alice more than Bella. However Jane realized that Aro would kill Jane if Alice died at her hands or inaction, so Jane has no choice in the end.
    • Edward didn’t tell anyone that he read Bree’s thoughts because any info Edward got was not going to change anything. It wouldn’t make anything better at that point. Bella was also still human and he didn’t want to risk a human Bella by saying anything.
  • Breaking Down: The parody version of Breaking Down that Stephenie wrote in her head as a release.
    • Stephenie just decided to write in her head a story where Charlie ends up as a meth addict, Bella accidentally kills Alice, Edward runs off in depression can’t stand Bella anymore, Bella settles down in the arms of Mike Newton who then leaves her and runs off with Edward Yorkie. Bella can’t take it anymore walks to the infamous cliff goes to commit suicide then decides she can’t do it turns back from the cliff trips over her own two feet, trips, hits her head on a rock and dies.
  • Other novellas:
    • Nothing immediately in the works, but didn’t discount idea totally
    • If she were to continue she would write series from Rensemee’s and Leah’s points of view
  • Downside of fame:
    • No chance in interviews anymore to really in depth character questions because bigger media glosses over the little stuff all the fans want to know. In other words the interview that all focus on the dream, etc.
  • Themes:
    • Stephenie doesn’t feel that Twilight is out there to have a message or theme and that everyone should choose as the characters do. It’s the choice that they made in their circumstances. She didn’t write it to have a specific theme or message, but if she had to pick something there is an over arching theme of choice and what the pros and cons of any given choice are. But that’s not to say the books are an allegory on choice.

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::Team Love Shack:: Eclipse Read Along Chapter 19 SELFISH

Chapter Number: 19
Chapter Name: Selfish
 Page Numbers:  410 – 433
 Date of Chapter: June 12
After staying out all night to watch the Cullens’ battle exercises, Bella sleeps late into the following afternoon.  When she wakes, Edward reminds her that she could — and should — have stayed behind, but she insists that she is now part of the family and should be included.  While she’s getting breakfast, Edward notices Jake’s wolf charm dangling from Bella’s wrist.  He asks to see it and for a fleeting instant Bella worries he might break it.  But he only points out the inequity: Jake is allowed to give her presents and he is not. Bella shrugs and says that Edward has already given her more than she could ever deserve: himself.  Each reflects for a moment on the other’s ridiculous inability to see themselves clearly.  Edward asks if she would accept a charm from him too.  Nothing expensive: a hand-me-down.  Bella agrees, relieved that his reaction was no worse.
 When Alice calls Edward, Bella nervously guesses that she’s going to warn him about her intention of sneaking off to join the Cullens in battle.  But Edward has all ready guessed it from things she said in her sleep and insists it’s out of the question.  When she suggests that Seth will help her defy him, he retorts that Jake will forbid it — and Seth will have to obey, because Jake is Sam’s second-in-command.  This is news to Bella.
To distract her, Edward talks about the discoveries he’s made while listening to the pack mind last night.  For one thing, one of the wolves isn’t a Quileute boy at all — it’s Leah Clearwater.  Bella reflects how painful it must be for her and Sam to be in such intimate mental contact.  Edward unsympathetically replies that Leah is making life as difficult as she can for the rest of them. 
But Bella persists: if Edward is going into danger, she refuses to be left behind.  She considers asking him to stay safely with her instead.  Her better part is appalled by her own selfishness, but her instincts for self-protection are stronger. Ignoring her guilt, she tells Edward the one thing she knows will keep him at her side: if he leaves her alone worrying about his safety, it will overset her mental balance again, as it did when he left her last autumn. 
Edward tries to convince her that her fears are totally groundless and that it will be an easy victory.  Playing off his confidence, Bella suggests that since it’s going to be so easy that he could sit out.  One way or the other, she insists, she needs to be with him. After a long, guilt filled moment of consideration, Edward agrees saying that Bella is his first priority.  Bella feels even worse, that she is asking him to choose between her and his family.   But he replies that she has offered him two alternatives — to stay together at the site of the battle or to sit it out together — and he has chosen the one that he can live with. 
Alice arrives to keep an eye on Bella while Edward goes to talk with Jasper about the strategic implications of his decision to sit out.  She reiterates Edward’s reassurances that the battle will be a piece of cake.  Charlie returns home, and Alice takes this opportunity to maneuver him into suggesting that Bella keep Alice company Friday night and Saturday, while the rest of the Cullens are away on a supposed camping trip.  Bella can now take part in the battle plans without Charlie being any the wiser.
 When Bella retires to bed, Edward is waiting for her.  He reveals to her one small change in Alice’s plans — he will be the one staying with her at the Cullens’ Friday night, while the others are hunting.  The thought of a night alone with Edward in an empty house is appealing.  Edward brings her back to the clearing to watch the night’s exercises; now that she knows Edward will be safe, she is no longer paralyzed with terror about the upcoming battle. 
This time, only Jake, Quil and Embry have come to watch.  Bella is stricken with guilt afresh when Edward explains that tonight they’re practicing handling two enemies at once — a reminder that the Cullens are still outnumbered, and Edward’s absence will reduce their numbers further.  Gazing at the werewolves, she feels a further wave of anxiety.  Jake catches her agonized glance and trots over to her side. It’s stupid to worry, he tells her impatiently — Edward translating — but Bella isn’t wholly reassured. Edward goes to join his family in practicing, and Jake settles down beside Bella.  After some hesitation she settles against his warm, furry flank to watch the Cullens exercise. 
Characters Involved: Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, Alice Cullen, Charlie Swan, Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Jasper Hale, Emmet Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Jacob Black, Embry Call, Quil Ateara
Characters Mentioned:  Seth Clearwater, Leah Clearwater, Emily Young, Sam Uley, Quil Ateara Sr., Joshua Uley, Billy Black
Places Visited: the Swan home, the baseball clearing
Memorable Quotes:
 “You know, you need to start accepting the fact that I’m part of the family now.”  ~ Bella to Edward
“Jacob Black can give you presents.”  ~ Edward to Bella.
 “The way you regard me is ludicrous.”  ~ Edward to Bella
 “You worry too much Bella.  You’re going to go prematurely grey.”  ~ Alice to Bella
 “I’m the only one with permission to hold you hostage, remember?”  ~ Edward to Bella
Important Information learned:
Edward is aware of Bella’s plans to run off and intends to stop her if she even tries.
Leah Clearwater is a werewolf.
Bella asks Edward to sit out the battle and he agrees.
Bella and Edward will spend a night together alone at his home.
Alice, Edward, and even Jacob believe that the battle will be an easy one.
Bella finds it very comfortable to be around Jake in his wolf form.
Jake is Sam’s "second in command" of the wolf pack.

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::Team Love Shack:: Eclipse Read Along Chapter 18 INSTRUCTION

Good Evening Sparkly Ones!!!

Welcome to our Eclipse Countdown Read Along DAY 18!! We ask everyone to join us on this journey toward The Twilight Saga Eclipse by reading the book together with us this month.We will post one chapter summary a day for the month of June and as we close the book we can pick up those tickets and hit the theater!!!!! We encourage everyone to join the discussion on our Facebook page daily!

We have been having GREAT discussions thus far, so don't miss out on it today!

Chapter Name:  Instruction
Page Numbers:  383 – 409 (hardcover)
Date of Chapter:   Monday, June 11th, 2006
As Alice’s graduation party ends, Bella is anxious that Jacob’s pack has aligned themselves with the Cullens against the newborns. Everyone reassures Bella there is no danger but she remains worried, agonizing over why her bad luck continually puts other people in harm’s way.
The wolves and the vampires intend to meet for a training session at 3:00 AM.  Bella tells Edward she wants to accompany him.  Edward notes that she is tired and says he doesn’t want her present for any tensions between the two groups if the training experiment does not go well, but she insists.  Ensured that Charlie is asleep for the night, Bella and Edward wait in her bedroom for the time to pass.  Bella thinks seriously about forming a plan to keep her bad luck from affecting others.
Edward makes one last effort to coax Bella into staying, but she refuses.  He runs, carrying her on his back, to a large field, which Bella recognizes as the baseball clearing she visited with the Cullens over a year previously.  The familiar place brings back memories of James and his coven. Thinking about Victoria, Bella suddenly makes a connection between all the recent events.  She tells Edward about her realization, rejecting his former theory that the Volturi are at the heart of the trouble.  Edward considers her new impressions, and agrees that it’s a possibility.
Bella notices that Alice looks frustrated and Edward explains that she is uncomfortable being “blinded” by the wolves’ involvement.  The pack finally enters the clearing, arriving in wolf form.  There are more wolves now than Bella last knew about, and the vampires are both fascinated and careful.  Carlisle welcomes them and Edward acts as translator, using his mind reading abilities to speak for the pack.   The wolves agree to watch and listen, but are not comfortable doing more.  Jasper takes center stage to begin the instruction.
Jasper calls Emmett forward first, noting that his reliance on brutal strength is what makes Emmett the closest example of a newborn attack.  Jasper easily catches Emmett from behind and ends the mock skirmish.  He engages Alice next, wishing specifically for Bella to see why Alice can take care of herself.  Sure enough, Alice effortlessly outmatches Jasper, finally swooping up from behind and planting a quick kiss on his neck.  Edward claims the next turn, and Alice takes his spot next to Bella.  Alice surprises Bella, stating she knows of Bella’s semi-formed plans to spare her loved ones from danger.  Alice declares she will warn Edward if Bella continues to scheme.  Bella ignores her and tries to focus on Jasper and Edward.    
Jasper’s expertise is equally matched by Edward’s agility and mind-reading, and they finally agree to call it a draw.  Each of the Cullens take a turn with Jasper, and as the night goes on Bella is finally overcome by exhaustion.  The meeting is called to a close, all agreeing to meet again the following night.  Before the wolves leave, they request to familiarize themselves with the particular scents of the Cullens, so that during battle there are no mistakes.  Each wolf, in turn, approaches the individual members of the Cullen family, smelling and sniffing them all.
Bella recognizes Jacob as the reddish-brown wolf.  She realizes he seems the most relaxed of the pack.  Jacob meets her gaze and comes closer. Bella notices that Edward is measuring her reactions, clearly hoping to find her afraid or disgusted by what she sees.  But instead of being afraid, Bella reaches out and runs her fingers through Jacob’s fur.  She is surprised by how it is both rough and soft.  Suddenly Jacob licks her across her entire face, laughing and jumping out of the way when she yells and smacks at him playfully in response.  Both vampires and werewolves, and especially Edward, are all shocked and bewildered by the encounter.
The wolves leave, but Jacob stays behind.  Jacob speaks to Edward through his mind, eventually turning back into his human form to openly discuss Bella’s safety during the newborn battle.  Edward is reluctant to involve Jacob initially, but is pleasantly surprised by the ideas Jacob presents.  They agree to work together, making a plan to mask the scent of Bella’s trail with Jacob’s.  They decide to place Seth Clearwater with Bella in hiding, using Seth’s and the pack’s mind reading as a way to communicate with the others.  Edward and Jacob end the conversation on pleasant terms, remarking their disbelief at the turn of events that has caused them to work together.
Characters Involved:   Bella Swan, Charlie Swan, Edward Cullen, Jasper Hale, Emmett Cullen, Esme Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Alice Cullen, Jacob Black, Sam Uley, Embry Call, Quil Ateara, Seth and Leah Clearwater, Jared, Paul, Collin, Brady
Characters Mentioned:  James, Laurent, Victoria, Aro and the Volturi, Tanya, Irina, Billy Black, Angela Weber, Ben Cheney
Places Visited:  The Swan home, the baseball clearing

Memorable Quotes:

“I wished my bad luck would focus a little more carefully.  I felt like yelling up at the empty sky:  It’s me you want – over here!  Just me!”    ~ Bella’s thoughts
“You’re very perceptive today.  It’s impressive.”  ~ Edward to Bella
“Gotcha.”  ~ Alice to Jasper
“I’ve got my eye on you, Bella.”  ~ Alice to Bella
“Ew!  Gross, Jake!”  ~ Bella to Jacob
“Well, crap!  There goes your graduation present.”  ~ Bella to Edward
“How do you stand that?”  ~ Jacob to Bella
“Best two out of three?”  ~ Jasper to Alice

Important Information learned:

Bella has starting to think of ways to  keep herself the focus of her bad luck, so as to not endanger others.
Bella’s plans have caught Alice’s notice and Bella is being watched carefully.
The pack has grown, and they’ve been keeping it quite secret.
When in wolf form, the pack can still communicate to the vampires (and to humans) through Edward’s mind reading.
The Cullens and the wolves plan to divide the newborn army, leaving half to the werewolves and half to the vampires.
Edward and Jacob will work together to protect Bella.. 

::Team Eclipse:: New Clip - Legend

::Team Twilight:: Summit Will Host 12 City Lunar "Eclipse" Twilight Night 6/26

Summit Entertainment has announced a 12-city “Twilight Night” event to coincide with the lunar eclipse occurring on the evening of June 26.
The “Night” includes outdoor screenings of Twilight and New Moon just four days before Eclipse hits theaters on June 30.
Moviefone will be live streaming events on its website for those people who can’t attend any of the celebrations in person. The content will include interviews with cast, fan reactions, special guests and speak peeks at Eclipse.
*****     *****     *****     *****
Events are currently scheduled to take place in the following cities and venues.  Doors open at 6:00 PM local time in each city.  Attendance will be accommodated on a first come, first served basis.
Atlantic Station
171 17th St NW
Atlanta, GA
AT&T Plaza at the American Airlines Center
2500 Victory Ave
Dallas, TX
Sloan’s Lake Park
17th Ave and Sheridan
Denver, CO
Gusman Center Performing Arts
174 East Flagler Street
Miami, FL
The Piazza
North Second Street and Germantown Avenue, Below Girard
Philadelphia, PA
Desert Ridge Shopping Center
21001 North Tatum Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ
Colonel Summers City Park
Portland, OR
Salt Lake City
Movie in the Park
Fairmont Park located
2361 South 900 East
Salt Lake City, UT
St. Louis
St. Louis Union Station
1820 Market Street
St. Louis, MO
San Diego
Park at the Park (Downtown)
10th & K
San Diego, CA
Fremont Outdoor Movies
3501 Phinney Ave N.
Seattle, WA
Washington DC
National Harbor Plaza
163 Waterfront Street
National Harbor, MD

::Team Eclipse:: Preview of All Songs on The Eclipse Score by Howard Shore

Tracklist: 1. Riley 2. Compromise/Bella's Theme 3. Bella's Truck/Florida 4. Victoria 5. Imprinting 6. The Cullens Plan 7. First Kiss 8. Rosalie 9. Decisions, Decisions... 10. They're Coming Here 11. Jacob Black 12. Jasper 13. Wolf Scent 14. Mountain Peak 15. The Kiss 16. The Battle/Victoria vs. Edward 17. Jane 18. As Easy as Breathing 19. Wedding Plans

Team Eclipse:: Moviefone Exclusive Eclipse HD Trailer.

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::Team Eclipse:: New Eclipse Clip from E!

::Team Love Shack:: Eclipse Read Along Chapter 17 ALLIANCE

  Good Evening Sparkly Ones!!!

Welcome to our Eclipse Countdown Read Along DAY 17!! We ask everyone to join us on this journey toward The Twilight Saga Eclipse by reading the book together with us this month.We will post one chapter summary a day for the month of June and as we close the book we can pick up those tickets and hit the theater!!!!! We encourage everyone to join the discussion on our Facebook page daily!

We have been having GREAT discussions thus far, so don't miss out on it today!

Have a Dazzling Read, 
Chapter Number: 17
Chapter Name: Alliance
Page Numbers: 365 – 382
Date of Chapter:
As Bella arrives at his house, Edward rushes out to kiss her in a tense, uneasy way that makes her nervous.  He promises that nothing will happen to her and leads her into the house for the party.  Alice has transformed the house into an amazing nightclub, which Bella finds a bit over whelming.  In the moments before the party, the Cullens discuss their plan for attacking the newborns in Seattle while Bella listens on.
Everyone invited to the party arrives.  The normalcy of the event keeps Bella somewhat distracted as she goes from guest to guest to guest with Edward glued to her side.  When he did leave her side, it left Bella suspicious.  Bella follows him to find that Alice has seen something and no one is telling Bella about it. 
At the same time, Jacob and a few others from La Push have arrived, much to Alice and Edward displeasure.  Surprised that Jacob would come after she hit him, Bella asks him why he came.  He says that he has a gift for her – one that he didn’t get at the store.  They argue a moment, but Bella takes the gift.  It’s a silver bracelet with a tiny wooden wolf charm made by Jacob.  Bella thanks him for the gift and lets Jacob put it on her wrist.
Jacob asks why she is distracted and tries to get her to explain what’s going on.  He pulls Embry and Quill over to hear the details just as Alice steps in.  A fight nearly breaks out when Jacob blocks Alice from moving and Jasper immediately comes to her side, but Bella stops them.  Alice explains that she has seen something and that the Cullens are heading to Seattle. 
In the discussion, Jacob steps in and demands an explanation.  Upon hearing all the details, Jacob insists that the wolves be involved.  Alice sees what he means and thinks it’s excellent.  After a big of arguing, Jasper tells them that if they really want to be involved, there is a “strategic meeting” later on that night they can come to.  Jake agrees even though Bella protests.
Characters Involved: Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, Alice Cullen, Jacob Black, Jasper Hale, Quill Ateara, Embry Call
Characters Mentioned: Emmet Cullen, Lauren Mallory, Ben Cheney, Angela Webber, Jessica Stanley, Mike Newton, Eric Yorkie, Conner, Austin, Lee, Samantha, Katie, Sam Uley
Places Visited: The Cullen home
Memorable Quotes:
“Alice will be Alice.”  ~ Edward about Alice.
“Who invited the werewolf?”  ~ Alice about Jacob
“Unless my right hook was too subtle for you, let me translate: that was me uninviting you.”  ~ Bella to Jacob
“Keep your hands to yourself, Jacob!”  ~ Bella to Jacob
“You’re giving me a much better gift than the one I gave you.”  ~Jacob to Bella
Information Learned:
Everyone came to the Cullen’s party – most out of curiosity since no one had ever been invited over before.
Alice has seen the next move from the Seattle newborns.
Jacob has a talent for woodcrafts.
An alliance is formed between the wolves and the Cullens for the sake of protecting Bella.

Chapter Summaries courtesy of TwilightLexicon.Com

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::Team Love Shack:: Eclipse Read Along Chapter 16 EPOCH

Chapter Number: 16
Chapter Name: Epoch
Page Numbers: 346 – 364
Date of Chapter:
Unable to find something to wear to graduation thanks to the fact that her red blouse was stolen, Bella mopes around her room until Alice shows up with a new outfit.  Alice makes a comment about the thief followed by a comment about the activity in Seattle.  Hearing the two placed together like that makes something click in Bella’s brain.  She realizes that the two situations – the thief in her room and the newborn vampires in Seattle are related.  She also figures out that the thief only broke into her house as a test to see how easy it was to get in and that he only stole things with her scent on them so that others could find her.  Determined to keep the information from Edward, Alice darts off just as Edward arrives to go with Bella to the graduation ceremony. 
At the ceremony, Edward and Bella are separated.  Bella listens to Jessica ramble on and on about their time in school.  The ceremony goes rather quickly and Bella receives her diploma while Charlie and Jacob cheer for her from the audience.  Even through the rest of the graduates are celebrating, Bella is left feeling awkward.  Edward questions her about it and she passes it off as being nervous about the party.  He knows Alice is hiding something from him due to the way her thoughts were filled with foreign languages, and now Edward is suspicious that Bella knows exactly what is bother Alice.  With the hope that the news would make Edward cancel the party, Bella tells him what she figured out about the thief and the newborns.  Edward does not take the information well and he does not go with Charlie and Bella out for dinner. 
After a long, dragging dinner, Edward appears to follow Charlie and Bella back to his house. In the car Charlie expresses his feelings about not being able to do for Bella everything that he should do for her.  Bella assures him that he is a great dad and tells him how happy she is that she chose to move to Forks to live with him.  They arrive at the Cullen home to find the trees lining the drive covered in white lights.  Charlie drops Bella off and drives home.
Characters Involved: Alice Cullen, Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, Charlie Swan, Ms. Cope, Mr. Varner, Jessica Stanley, Eric Yorkie, Principal Greene, Jacob Black, Billy Black
Characters Mentioned: Esme Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Lauren Mallory, Ben Cheney, Angela Webber
Places Visited: The Swan House, Forks High School, The Lodge Restaurant. 
Memorable Quotes:
“Stupid, thieving, annoying vampire!”  ~ Bella about the unnamed thief.
“She was translating the Battle Hymn of the Republic into Arabic, actually.  When she finished that, she moved on to Korean sign language.”  ~ Edward about Alice
“She doesn’t do things half way, does she?” ~ Charlie about Alice
Information Learned:
The vampire that stole the items from Bella’s bedroom is connected to the newborn vampires in Seattle.
Bella graduates High School.

::Team Edward:: Full Videos Rob on The Tonight Show (Mr. Precious!)

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::Team Alice:: Ashley Greene on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

::Team Love Shack:: Eclipse Read Along Chapter 15 WAGER

 Good Evening Sparkly Ones!!!

Welcome to our Eclipse Countdown Read Along DAY 15!! We ask everyone to join us on this journey toward The Twilight Saga Eclipse by reading the book together with us this month.We will post one chapter summary a day for the month of June and as we close the book we can pick up those tickets and hit the theater!!!!! We encourage everyone to join the discussion on our Facebook page daily!

We have been having GREAT discussions thus far, so don't miss out on it today!

Have a Dazzling Read, 
Chapter Number:  Fifteen
Chapter Name: Wager

Page Numbers:
328 – 345

Date of Chapter:
Friday, June 8th 2006
Jacob waits for Bella to respond to his declaration of love, but she can’t think of anything to say.  She stutters and tries to leave, but Jacob pulls her back attempting to explain that he knows how she’s feeling.  He asks her point blank if she wants him to go away and never see her again.  Bella admits that she wouldn’t want that.  She says she misses Jacob when he’s not around, but only when he’s happy.  She goes on to say it’s because he’s like family, and that she only loves him… and is not in love with him.
Jacob is pleased enough by this, and says he’ll “stick around.”  Bella feels uncomfortable, especially when Jacob affectionately touches and caresses her.  She asks him to behave himself, but Jacob replies that she’ll have to take him or leave him the way he is, since he will not change his behavior claiming Edward is no longer her whole life.  He wants Bella to understand that Edward isn’t her only choice.  Jacob suddenly turns serious, taking Bella’s chin in his hand.  He tells her he’s not going to stop fighting until her heart stops beating.  Bella remarks that her time as a human is limited, which causes Jacob to become yet even more serious. He declares this is only more motivation for him to fight, “fight harder now, while I can.” 
Jacob kisses her angrily and aggressively, and Bella fights back without success.  After realizing that her efforts are useless, she shuts herself down and stands still as a statue, hoping this will finally stop him.  And it works.  He pulls away, smiles and shuts his eyes, and after answering Bella that he is indeed finished, she punches him in the mouth as hard as possible, injuring her hand in the process.  Once he realizes what’s happened, Jacob tries to soothe her but she yells at him to get away saying she’s leaving at once. 
Jacob stays calm, offering her a ride home.  She refuses and thinks to herself that if she can just get to the treaty line Alice will be able to “see” her and send Edward to pick her up.  Jacob insists on driving her, and she finally accepts. 
During the entire drive back to Forks Jacob repeatedly frustrates Bella with references to the kiss, saying even that it was incredible and professing that she doesn’t have to change anything to be with him.  No matter how many times Bella asserts that she can’t – and doesn’t want to be – happy without Edward, Jacob relentlessly urges her to “just think about it.” 
Bella is surprised, and annoyed, when she realizes Jacob is taking her to Charlie’s house instead of to Edward’s, where she’d hoped to have Carlisle look at her hand.  Jacob offers to drive her to the hospital, but she refuses.  Once at the Swan home, Bella tells Jacob to go home.  He of course follows her inside anyway, where Charlie asks what the fuss is about.  Jacob explains without reservation.  Charlie responds only with pleasure over Jacob’s actions.  This irritates Bella.  She silently gets herself some ice for her hand, and dials Edward on the phone. 
Bella tells Edward what happened.  Edward speeds over to the Swan home at once, while Charlie worries that perhaps Jacob should leave beforehand.  Jacob chooses to stay, completely at ease.  When Edward arrives, his first concern is only for Bella’s hand.  He examines it and affirms that it is most likely broken.  He attempts to confront Jacob, but Charlie steps in quickly, afraid of a fight. Edward takes Bella and leaves, heading to the car and planning to take her straight to Carlisle, but Jacob follows them outside.  After helping Bella into the Volvo, Edward turns to finally address Jacob, and they engage in a brief and seemingly calm yet intense altercation concerning Bella and both their intentions to fight for her.  Bella never says another word to Jacob, refusing to even return his smiles or acknowledge his well-wishes for her injured hand.
As they arrive at the Cullen home, Edward pulls around to the garage where Bella sees Rosalie and Emmett working on the Jeep.  Emmett notices Bella’s hand and asks her about it, bursting into laughter when she admits to punching a werewolf in the face.  Rosalie, however, brings his laughter to an abrupt halt when she mentions merely that “Jasper’s going to win the bet.”  When Bella asks about the comment, Edward grudgingly explains that Jasper and Emmett are betting on how well Bella will be able to handle her first year as a vampire, and on how many people she will lose control over and kill.  Edward also affirms that Jasper is betting high, since it would make Jasper feel better about his own struggles with sticking to the Cullen’s diet. 
Carlisle treats Bella’s broken hand.  She is able to escape with only a brace, and she promises Carlisle she will keep it on.  But all the while she is really only thinking about this disturbing new development concerning the bet. 
Bella thinks to herself about what she will be like as a newborn vampire.  She hopes to be beautiful, but worries she will also be wild and possibly weak.  She comforts herself with thoughts of Edward, however, saying that she trusts him enough to keep her a good person.  Still, she begins to be seriously troubled about her sense of self, and if it will be the same once she is changed.  She wonders if she’ll want the same things that she does now, as a human. Bella realizes that Edward’s desire for her to have all her human experiences doesn’t seem so silly after all.  She considers the possibility that there may be a human experience she isn’t willing to forfeit.
Characters Involved: Bella Swan, Jacob Black, Charlie Swan, Edward Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Carlisle Cullen
Character Mentioned: Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale

Places Visited:
Jacob Black’s home, The Swan home, The Cullen home
Memorable Quotes:
“You decide, Bella.  You can have me the way I am – bad behavior included – or not at all.”  ~ Jacob to Bella   Pg. 329
“Are you done now?”  ~ Bella to Jacob after he stops kissing her.  Pg. 331
“I hate you Jacob Black.”
“That’s good.  Hate is a passionate emotion.” ~ Bella and Jacob  Pg. 332
“Maybe you should pick on people your own size.” ~ Charlie to Bella   Pg. 338
“I’m not going to kill you now, because it would upset Bella.” ~ Edward to Jacob  Pg. 340
“And if you ever kiss her again, I will break your jaw for her.” ~ Edward to Jacob  Pg. 340
 “Yes, may the best man win.”
 “Sounds about right… pup.” ~ Edward and Jacob   Pg. 341
“I punched a werewolf in the face.” ~ Bella to Emmett   Pg. 342
Important Information learned:
Jacob has decided to put all the cards on the table and fight openly against Edward for Bella. 
Jacob believes that Bella has more options than she realizes, and wants her to think things through before she gives up everything for Edward.  
Jacob and Edward confront one another plainly about their intentions.

Jasper and Emmett have a bet on how many times Bella will slip up during her first year as a vampire, and that Jasper is betting high. 

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::Team Twilight:: is PAYING for Pics of Twilight Tattoos!!

I have a Tattoo inspired by the 'Twilight' Saga


Reporting Needed: Photos


In the 'Twilight' saga, all members of the Quileute wolf-pack, including Taylor Lautner's Jacob Black, have tattoos.

What about you? Do you have a 'Twilight' tattoo inspired by either the books or the movies? If so, we want you to share it with us.

We're looking for photos of 'Twilight'-themed tattoos, so take a picture of yours, or that of one of your friends -- a close-up shot, as we need to be able to see detail, please -- and submit it to us for possible publication. If there's anything special that needs to be explained about the tattoo, please include that explanation with your submission.

- A high-resolution, close-up photo of the tattoo
- Raw/Original file (as large as possible)

Expected publication date: Publication date is TBD.

- All work must be your own and previously unpublished.
- You must disclose all financial interest or personal relationships to people and entities discussed.
- Every source you consult—person or otherwise—must be clearly identified.

To submit your picture you  must go to this website:

::Team Twilight:: Twilight Vampire Ladies in Vanity Fair.

For the July issue of Vanity Fair, Norman Jean Roy photographed the spooky beauties of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse—five vampires (Dakota Fanning, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser, Bryce Dallas Howard) and one lone lady werewolf (Julia Jones). Nancy Jo Sales was on set, where, between takes, the girls mused on the gothic romance that has everyone palpitating.

Nikki Reed plays the disapproving Rosalie Cullen. Here’s her take on the story’s appeal: “Bella and Edward’s love is very taboo and forbidden,” says Reed, “and I think that kind of represents all youthful relationships, because that’s what all first loves feel like. … It’s sort of borderline, like, insane.”

Elizabeth Reaser, who plays vampire mom Esme, exclaims on the attractive young men of Twilight: “Oh, it gets so old, you have no idea,” says Reaser. “It has no effect on me. They’re all gorgeous and lovely boys. … You just want someone interesting and weird at a certain point. I have a massive crush on Larry David.”

Bryce Dallas Howard, a replacement actress playing vampire-with-a-vengeance Victoria, is a Twihard: “I had seen Twilight innumerable times. After I saw it for the fourth time, one of my best guy friends, for my birthday, made me Post-it notes with Robert Pattinson’s face that said, ‘Live Dangerously,’ because I was so obsessed. My husband actually said to me, ‘Do I need to be worried about this?’”

Ashley Greene, who plays psychic vampire Alice, anticipates success: “You don’t have to be psychic to know how this movie’s going to do,” she says. “Obviously, it’s going to be a hit.”

SOURCE: Vanity Fair

::Team Eclipse:: Robert Pattinson On The Today Show

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

::Team Eclipse:: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner ET Interview

::Team Eclipse:: Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene Interview With Access Hollywood

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::Team Love Shack:: Eclipse Read Along Chapter 13 Newborn

Chapter Number: 13
Chapter Name:  Newborn
Page Numbers:  287-309
Date of Chapter: June 5, 2006
Once Bella realizes that Jasper’s arms are covered in scars from vampire bites, he tells her his history. He explains that vampires live differently in the south, only coming out at night and fighting each other for control of territories with larger human populations so that they won’t have any competition in feeding.
He tells the story of a young vampire named Benito that began using armies of wild, uncontrolled newborns to dispatch rival covens. These newborns destroyed each other as often as their targets, and had to be replaced. The other covens had to form their own newborn armies to counter Benito. The human population was also drastically reduced during the fighting, and eventually, the Volturi stepped in. The entire Volturi guard came from Italy and annihilated all the vampires found with newborns, virtually emptying the region of vampires for a time. The ones that survived began to stake claims again and the fighting resumed, though on a smaller scale. Newborn armies were again utilized, but with more care and control this time to avoid additional Volturi involvement.
Jasper then tells Bella about becoming a confederate solider in Houston when he was 16 years old by claiming to be 20. Having the ability to sway others around him, and was promoted quickly through the ranks. By the time of the first battle of Galveston, he was made the youngest major in Texas at the age of 20. His orders were to convey the women and children from Galveston to Houston to avoid Union mortar boats. After transporting the first group, he set out on his return journey to Galveston.
It was then he met up with three vampire women: Maria, Nettie, and Lucy, all survivors of recently lost battles. Incapacitated by their beauty and his own sense of propriety, he was unable to run from them. Maria, a petite brunette and their leader, sensed that Jasper was special and turned him rather than kill him. Maria wanted to reclaim her territory, and built a newborn army, putting Jasper in charge of the others. His ability to control the emotions of those around him enabled him to build a large, lethal group of newborns that could work together. They were very successful. Jasper lived this life for decades, training, fighting with, and then disposing of the newborns. As the years wore on, the violence and hate took their toll on him, but Maria had told him that there was no other way.
A newborn named Peter proved so useful that he was put in charge of watching over the others. Peter fell in love with a newborn named Charlotte, and they ran away together when it was time for Charlotte to be culled from the group. Five years later, Peter came back to tell Jasper of a better life with no warring; a life outside of the south. Jasper left Maria for this new life without a second thought, but as he continued to kill for food, his depression grew. Unlike Peter and Charlotte, he could feel the horror and fear of each kill, thanks to his gift, and was reminded of his last night as a human. He left his companions after a while to live on his own. He tried not to feed, but had to eventually, fueling his depression.
Then, in Philadelphia, he entered a diner to get out of the rain and met Alice for the first time. She was waiting on him; she had “seen” him. She told him of the Cullens, whom she had also “seen”, and the possibility of a life without all the killing. Together, they went to find Carlisle.
After Jasper’s tale, the other’s understood that the killings in Seattle must be from a newborn army. They try to discern a motive behind the building of the army, concluding that they must be the target as they are the closest and largest coven. Building upon what Edward saw in Aro’s mind while in Volterra, he surmises that the Volturi may ultimately be behind the army. Jasper dismisses this idea as being too sloppy for the Volturi, that it must be a first timer. The Cullens decide that Jasper needs to train them to fight the newborns and they begin preparations to go to Seattle and take care of the threat themselves. Bella realizes they are missing something important, but she can’t figure out what it might be. Carlisle calls the Denali clan to request help in dealing with the army, but he is told that Irina and Laurent had a relationship, and the clan refuse to help unless Carlisle gives them leave to destroy the werewolves in retaliation for Laurent’s death. Carlisle refuses. They all realize that if the Cullens fight alone they will win the battle, but not all will survive.
Characters Involved: Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Jasper Hale, Alice Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Rosalie Hale
Character Mentioned: Aro, Benito, Maria, Nettie, Lucy, Tanya, Kate, Eleazer, Irina, Victoria, Laurent, James, Peter, Charlotte
Places Visited: The Cullen home
Memorable Quotes:
“…you must understand that there are places in our world, Bella, where the life span of the never-aging is measured in weeks, and not centuries.” ~ Jasper to Bella
 “For the first century of my life, I lived in a world of bloodthirsty vengeance. Hate was my constant companion.” ~ Jasper
“You held out your hand, and I took it without stopping to make sense of what I was doing. For the first time in almost a century, I felt hope.” ~ Jasper to Alice
“Jasper shows up, covered in battle scars, towing this little freak…who greets them all by name, knows everything about them, and wants to know which room she can move into.” ~ Edward about Alice

Important Information learned:
In the south, vampires have waged wars utilizing newborn armies in order to gain control of areas with large human population.
Newborns are extremely strong, though wild and undisciplined, in their first year of life.
Jasper can not only influence others’ emotions, but those emotions also affect him.
Edward discloses that he felt Aro‘s jealousy and fear toward Carlisle.
Irina and Laurent had a strong relationship and the Denali clan seeks vengeance for his death.
The story of Jasper meeting Alice.

::Team Eclipse:: Rob on MTV Rough Cut *SEX HAIR*

::Team Eclipse:: Twi Tour with Rob, Kristen and Taylor Videos.

::Team Eclipse:: Kristen Stewart Video Interview THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE; Also Talks ON THE ROAD and BREAKING DAWN

::Team Eclipse:: Robert Pattinson Video Interview THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE; Also Talks BREAKING DAWN, BEL AMI, WATER FOR ELEPHANTS