Friday, July 30, 2010

::TEAM EDWARD: WFE Georgia Farm is Ready For Closeup

Carol Cross’ Georgia farm will be filled with movie lights, camera and action this weekend, but she may not be there during the shooting, even though film stars Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon may be.

“I’m not gonna be a nuisance,” said Cross, whose husband, Gary, co-owns the farm with his brother, Tommy. “I have no idea where we are going to be or anything like that. We are just along for the ride.”

A crew will be on the Kensington, Ga., farm to shoot part of the movie “Water for Elephants,” which stars Pattinson, made famous by his role as the vampire Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” film series, and Witherspoon, the Nashville native who won a Best Actress Oscar for “Walk the Line.”

Though 20th Century Fox, which is producing the movie, has said only that the film is in production, a casting call for extras said shooting will take place in the Chattanooga area today through Monday.

It is not clear if Pattinson and Witherspoon will actually be at the farm during the shooting or exactly what other locations might be used. Cross said she had not been told specifics about how long the crew will be at the Kensington farm.

Local fans, as well as others around the country, have been communicating online, trying to find the locations in hopes they can catch a glimpse of the stars, especially Pattinson, whose diehard fans are said to be part of “Team Edward.”

Molly Suttle, 18, of Soddy-Daisy, said she heard of the possible visit last week and created a page on so her friends could share information about the filming here.

“He is famous and he is one of our favorite actors and one of our favorite musicians, so it’s one of those things where we are not plotting or planning to stalk him,” she said. “He’s a movie star and we are so excited that he is gonna be here in Chattanooga of all places.

“I am a fan of ‘Twilight,’ but I also like his other things, and I love his music,” she said.

Walker County sheriff’s deputies will be on the set in Kensington, monitoring traffic flow and the number of people in the area, said Sheriff Steve Wilson. But he doesn’t think there will be any traffic snarls or massive crowds.

“I don’t anticipate closing the road,” he said. “If the traffic does become a problem, we may.”

Cross said the film crew has been doing “cosmetic work” on the interior and exterior of the house located on her farm. She said neither she nor her husband were familiar with Pattinson or Witherspoon’s work prior to being contacted by a film scout about using their house in the film.

“We are simple people and we live very simply,” she said. “This is an exciting thing for us. It’s gonna be a whirlwind and it’s gonna be over.”