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::Team STOPTHEPAPZ:: Kristen chased by papz at her parents home. OH HELL NO.

Dear Sparkly Ones,

When the shack said NO PAPARAZZI PICS we mean it for the entire CAST. It has come to our attention that a double standard would seem to exist in the fandom. Rob is off limits but it's ok to stalk Kristen Stewart at a family Christmas gathering at her parents home? We say OH HELL NO. No it's not ok!! So I'll join The Fierce One in once again flipping off the paparazzi. Leave the kids ALONE!

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::Team New Moon:: Top viral video of 2009 - New Moon Trailer

No big surprise here cause you know you've seen it half a million times!

Nine of the 10 biggest viral videos of the year were music-related, according to Visible Measures.

While the trailer for the Twilight Saga: New Moon movie was the biggest viral hit of 2009, the rest of the top ten was made up of solo singers.

The video for Beyoncé’s Single Ladies was the most watched music video with more than 333m views while Lady GaGa had two videos in the top 10.

The video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller was at number 6 and the video for Beat It was at 8. Meanwhile, Susan Boyle’s audition on Britain’s Got Talent was at number 5 with more than 313m views.

Visible Measures tabulates views based on YouTube plays as well as factoring in how often videos are shared on social networks.

The top 10 is as follows with cumulative views in brackets.

1. Twilight Saga: New Moon – movie trailers (592,049,402)

2. Beyoncé – Single Ladies (333,233,982)

3. Lady GaGa – Poker Face (317,708,763)

4. Soulja Boy – Crank Dat (313,861,193)

5. Susan Boyle – Britain’s Got Talent audition (313,177,779)

6. Michael Jackson – Thriller (257,016,016)

7. Miley Cyrus – The Climb (211,165,578)

8. Michael Jackson – Beat It (190,583,064)

9. Mariah Carey – Touch My Body (173,736,822)

10. Lady GaGa – Just Dance (170,636,272)

Source: Visible Measures (December 2009)

VIA Music Week

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::Team Twilight:: Piracy charges dropped against fan.

Early this week we brought to your attention the case of Samantha Tumpach who was caught taping approximately 3 minutes of New Moon footage in a Chicago area movie theater. What came to light was that she wasn’t actually intending to tape the movie, but rather people in her group who were there to celebrate a birthday party, and the movie was basically background footage.

She spent two days in jail, for the crime when the movie theater alerted local police. Apparently, the crime, though inadvertent, was a felony. Personally we thought jail time was a little harsh. We could understand a fine, community service, something like that. It wasn’t as if the woman was taping in order to distribute. Now granted, pulling out a video camera in the middle of a movie is ( as many of our blog commenters pointed out) distracting, bad manners, and really an amazing display of questionable judgment, but it didn’t seem jail time was warranted. Chris Weitz also agreed given the specific allegations.

Now the Sun Times is reporting that, “A Chicago woman arrested for illegally videotaping the movie “Twilight: New Moon” got a happy ending to her story Friday when Cook County prosecutors abruptly dropped the felony charge filed against her.

Samantha Tumpach would have faced up to three years in prison if she had been convicted.

Summit Entertainment has now issued a statement regarding the incident: “In regards to the situation with Samantha Tumpach, we applaud Muvico for upholding the zero tolerance policy on piracy when the incident occurred at their theater in Rosemont, IL. The pirating of films is a very serious issue and we all need to remain vigilant to protect the art of film and the myriad of businesses that the film industry supports. We believe that the attention that this incident has drawn, has served as a reminder to us all that any form of film piracy, or perceived piracy, will be treated with the utmost seriousness. Summit is pleased that all charges against Ms. Tumpach have been dropped and appreciate the efforts of the police and the prosecutors in this outcome.”

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::Team Twilight:: New Feature! FAN FICTION FRIDAY!

Hey Sparkly ones! New feature here on the Love Shack every Friday! Fan Fiction recommendations. If you are like me you read entirely too much Fan Fic and are always on the look out for more...So let's share! All stories have been ready by me or members of the blog and are rated from 1 Sparkle for Don't Waste Your Time to 5 Sparkles for WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Hope you enjoy and do feel free to comment on the stories and selections each week. Now without further delay here are this weeks stories!

Completion of Midnight Sun by Kiva Johns Adkins

Rated: T
Type: All Canon Romance
POV: Edward
Status: Complete
Shack Rating: * * * * * (5 Sparkles!!)

This is a wonderful Edward POV story that completes Stephenie Meyer's unfinished manuscript of Midnight Sun. It's a real jewel. You won't even know you aren't reading Stephenie's words. It's fabulous. The author knows our Edward inside and out and it really shines in this wonderful completed story. What are you waiting for? Go read it now!!!


My Yes, My No by Lolashoes

Rated: M
Type: AU + Canon Romance/Angst Lemons
POV: Alternating Bella/Edward
Status: Complete
Shack Rating: * * * * * (5 Sparkles!!)

Lolashoes is a favorite of The Shack Staff. There are no better lemony stories in the fandom than Lola's stories. The premise of this story is what would have happened if Bella didn't take Edward back right away after the events of New Moon. The author beautifully explores the pain of betrayal in a way that only Lolashoes can! The pain is palpable. It's highly unique in both content and style. You will not be disappointed.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

::Team Twilight:: Baby Name for 2009 is... brace yourselves.

We here at The Love Shack might not agree with this but we do find it entertaining. Note to parents: Don't give your kid a name that is gonna get the shit kicked out of them in 3rd grade.

The Name of the Year, 2009 and the Winner is.....
Dec 10th 2009
By Laura Wattenberg

We've counted down the first and second runners up, and now it's time for the official 2009 Name of the Year. Brace yourselves, name enthusiasts, because it may not be what you're expecting....


Yes, it's another Twilight name, which makes for a potent and timely launching pad. But the impact of Renesmee goes far beyond vampires. This name is the spark that lit a long-building cultural bonfire to usher in the Age of the Mashup Baby Name.

For those who have skipped the whole Twilight phenomenon, Renesmee is the child of the series' two young heroes, and thus half human and half vampire. Most importantly for our purposes she is named after her two grandmothers, Renée and Esme. (Her middle name, Carlie, comes from grandpas Carlisle and Charlie.)

Twilight author Stephenie Meyer has said that she chose the name because no normal human name would do for an otherworldly creature like Renesmee. It also strikes me as a realistic choice for a couple of teenage parents. Undead or not, they live in a time when creativity in baby name is prized, particularly by younger parents. What's more, they live in a celebrity-saturated world, in the long shadow of Bennifer.

When actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez started dating in 2002, the press christened the pair Bennifer. Since then, a portmanteau or "mashup" name has been de rigueur for every celebrity couple, real or fictional. (See yesterday's discussion of Tay Tay.) A young adult today has come of age surrounded by names like TomKat and Brangelina.

Renesmee, introduced at the end of 2008, brought a new name to our language. Real-life Renesmee sightings are increasing all the time. More importantly, though, it broke down the barriers between celebrity mashups and baby names. As a reader wrote, "I do know of several people that copied the idea and gave their children first or middle names that are mash-ups of the grandparents' names."

In Namipedia, I've seen a rising number of name submissions created from two parents' or grandparents' names. (I usually reject them, assuming that a name like Brendeth will only appeal to the narrow group of readers who also have parents named Brenda and Kenneth.) Our sister blog "Ask The Name Lady," too, is receiving more and more questions about how to combine family names like George and Edward.

Like all celebrity name trends, Renesmee's fashion power depends on the fact that the world was ready for it. To quote The Name Lady's column, "For centuries, the way to honor Grandpa George and Grandpa Edward was obvious. George Edward. Or Edward George, if you prefer. That's what a namesake is, right?" Renesmee became the name of the moment, and the Name of the Year, because parents today still love their relatives...but aren't willing to sacrifice their sense of style to show it.

::Team Twilight:: Chris Weitz comes to the defense of fan arrested for piracy.

He’s dismayed about Samantha Tumpach’s arrest Nov. 28 at a Rosemont movie theater on a felony charge of illegally copying his new hit film, and he’s contacted the film’s studio about his concerns.

“Needless to say, the case seems to me terribly unfair and I would like to do what I can to address this,” Weitz wrote in an e-mail.

Tumpach told the Sun-Times last week that she was taping parts of her sister’s surprise 29th birthday party celebrated at the Muvico Theater — including her and other family members singing “Happy Birthday.”

The three minutes of footage she shot inside the theater, Tumpach said, also included film previews and ads, along with short segments of the film — and her talking about the camera and the movie.

“It was never my intention to record the movie,” Tumpach said. “You can hear me talking the whole time.”

Weitz questioned whether her arrest was justified.

“There is, needless to say, a difference between trying to protect the copyright of a film and making an unfair example of someone who clearly seems not to have any intentions towards video piracy,” Weitz wrote.

He said he had contacted the studio that released the film, Summit Entertainment, to express his concern about her arrest, but he acknowledged there’s probably little he can do to influence the outcome of her case.

“I am not sure what effect I would have on the case,” he wrote, noting “the film is, after all, not my property.”


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::Team Emmett:: Kellan Talks Breaking Dawn and Beyond

If you're psyched about the prospect of a two-part "Breaking Dawn," you're not alone.

"Twilight" hottie Kellan Lutz is also into it.

"They haven't told the rest of us actors yet," he confided exclusively to The Dish Rag at the Hollywood Foreign Press Young Hollywood party last night at Nobu.

"I have read that they are talking to Rob, Taylor and Kristen to negotiate to make 'Dawn' into two movies. I'd love for it to be two films," he added.

How about that "Twilight" TV series rumor? "I just heard that too. I don't know how. You already have the books and the story's been told so beautifully. And there's already 'True Blood' and 'Vampire Diaries,' and they're both great. I don't know how it would work. Twenty two episodes?

And are you listening, Matt Damon? Because Kellan Lutz seriously wants to bro up with you in your "Bourne" action film franchise.

"I'm making this checklist as an actor," he confided. "Right now I just really want to be part of the Bourne franchise and the more I say that, maybe Matt Damon will read it and it and maybe I can play his brother."

We could totally see that. They even look a bit alike.

And on the heels of his co-star Taylor Lautner's move into the teen superhero flick, "Max Steel," Kellan wouldn't mind some super powers himself very soon. "I'd love to be 'Captain America' someday."

He's not sure exactly what his next project will be yet. And its too early to talk specifics. But it's definitely going to in the action or romantic comedy genre. And what else did we learn during our chat with Kellan:

Broad strokes about his upcoming projects
"They're are going to studios to get the funding, and there's one I will produce. Most are action films and a couple of romantic comedies and I'm just thrilled with all the scripts."

On "Twilight" being his Golden Ticket
"People work 20 years to get what we have," Kellan admits. "We really are so lucky. Its like you get a headstart and its all because of the fans. And it's not just about money or getting offers, it's that we can mold our careers."

On attributing "Twilight" franchise success to Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
"The rest of us, we could suck probably," Kellan says. "It's Rob and Kristen who have the amazing chemistry. Without those two keystones, "Twilight" could have flopped. It really could have."

Source article

::Team Carlisle:: Peter on Alexa Chung MTV

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

::Team Twilight:: Twilight Saga: Eclipse to be released in IMAX.

The Twilight saga is getting super-sized.

The third big screen chapter in the series, "Eclipse," is the first of the films being shot for IMAX theaters, reports OK! magazine. And unlike other IMAX films, "Eclipse" will be released on the same day in both regular screen size and IMAX.

" 'Twilight' moviegoers will have a whole new way to experience this next installment, with the enhanced image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience putting them in the movie," Richie Fay, Summit Entertainment's President of Domestic Theatrical Distribution, told OK!.

Meanwhile, all three stars of saga have united to negotiate their contracts for the fourth and final film, "Breaking Dawn." Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson will likely be able to demand eight-figure paychecks, thanks to the success of the first two movies. "Twilight" grossed $69 million in its opening weekend and "New Moon," the second film, has grossed $500 million worldwide to date.

Insiders are also whispering that "Breaking Dawn" may not be the last film in the series after all. Though it's last of author Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" books, Summit Entertainment is considering splitting the last installment into a two-part film finale, reports

Both versions of "Eclipse," on IMAX and in regular movie theaters, are currently scheduled for a June 30, 2010 release nationwide. "Breaking Dawn" will open sometime in 2011.

Read more:

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::Team Twilight:: New Moon pass the half BILLION mark.

“The Twilight Saga: New Moon finished second in its third weekend, taking in an estimated $15.704M from 4124 locations with a per theater average of $3,808. This increases the film’s domestic cumulative total to $255.64M through its first 17 days of release. New Moon also took in an estimated $40.7M in foreign markets for an international total of $314.5M and a worldwide cumulative total of $570.1M.”

Courtesy of His Golden Eyes

:: Team Edward:: You Are Broken, Original piano music inspiried by Edward

Beautiful stuff!!!!!

::Team Carlisle:: Peter at the "Everybody's Fine" Premiere

Thanks to His Golden Eyes for the head up!