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::Team Eclipse:: Eclipse OFFICIALLY Passes New Moon Box Office

Box office numbers are in for Thursday, August 19 and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has now officially surpassed the domestic total of New Moon. The film took in another $190,143 from 1,212 locations for a per theater average of $157 representing a decrease of 0.7% from Wednesday. This adds up to a cumulative domestic total of $296,649,934 after 51 days in release. Adding in overseas returns of $380.6M gives Eclipse a current worldwide total of $677,249,934.
For those comparing the films in The Twilight Saga, at this point in its release history (after 51 days) New Moon had taken in $290,277,863. Eclipse is now at $296,649,934. Both films hit the $250M mark on the 16th day. The total domestic gross for New Moon was $296,623,634 (after 132 days). Eclipse has now broken that total by $26,600 (after 51 days). The film is now within striking distance of the elusive $300M mark. It needs about $3.35M to get to that number. It took New Moon 21 more days to earn an additional $3.35M after its 51st day, and Eclipse is clearly doing better. On the other hand, New Moon was still in 1,167 theaters after 51 days while Eclipse drops to 557 tomorrow. Still, even after New Moon’s theater count had dropped to 444 (after 63 days) it still went on to take in another $3.8M. Therefore, it should take no more than one more month for Eclipse to earn another $3.35M and pass $300M.
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::Team Woofpack:: Alex Meraz, Tinsel Korey and Chaske Spencer at New Jersey Twi Con.

From Guest Blogger Mariza B. at New Jersey Twi Con:

Tinsel talking like Alex: "I'm hot...don't I look hot?"

Alex can't play football since he can't catch the ball. He wants to train to be in the MMA.

Alex's favorite infomercial product is the Shake Weight. He even did the movement!!! LMFAO!

Alex, Tinsel & Chaske all watch True Blood. Alex's friend is a writer on the show and had him in mind to be Jesus! *snorts* But he's too young & would be like statutory rape.

Filming "New Moon" & "Eclipse" were different experiences for Chaske, Tinsel & Alex.

Alex would take Chaske's hair & voice.

Tinsel just called Alex out on needing to work on his abs more.

Chaske said he has a 7th grade stoner laugh.

Tinsel would love to be invisible.

Alex wants to be able to skip rooftop to rooftop frolicking.

Worst prank Alex was the "impossible sit-up" when he was 12. His friends blindfolded him, spun him around & had him do situps. Except he kept hitting something and realized it was his friends nuts.

Alex definitely loves himself!

Alex & Chaske admitted they sucked in Vampire Baseball.

Alex to his "New Moon" picture: "Hey! Hey stop it! Stop looking so good!"

Alex told Charlie Bewley that he'll get testicular cancer from holding an iPad...he was jealous he didn't get one.

Chaske said Kiowa would make a pretty girl.

Mary J. Blige inspired Alex to cross dress.

Alex said the Jersey Shore girls are just NOT that at all! He did start liking Snooki when her ass got punched.

If Alex Meraz was a vampire he would love the ability to suck. LMFAO! #SuckMeSaturday

"Be the Shift" is Chaske's charity to be able to shift a power. Use his celebrity status from Twilight to help people.

::Team Woofpack:: Kiowa Gordon (Embry) at New Jersey Twi Con

From Guest Blogger Mariza B. at New Jersey Twi Con:

Kiowa's favorite sport is football and the Arizona Cardinals is his favorite team. He doesn't really watch chick flicks.

Eminem or Lil' Wayne? Eminem all the way!

Kiowa means "the courageous one".

His strangest fan encounter was when 2 girls came up to him who just purchased new underwear & asked him to sign it.

Kiowa left Touche to focus on his acting. The other band members may start a new band.

Kiowa is all about the steak and his favorite dessert is mint chocolate chip ice cream and apple pie (not together).

His favorite scene is when Paul was about to choke Bella. *fist pump*

Kiowa is also working on a movie that's like "Rebel Without a Cause".

He's happy to be the object of everyone's pranks. Someone has to take it.

Fabio is still on his homepage thanks to Tinsel! He can get back at her by sneezing at her muffins...that sounds soooo wrong!

His favorite comic book characters are the X-Men especially wolverine. (Makes tribal monkey sound)

M&M or Skittles? Skittles...but Twix are his favorite.

Kiowa does NOT watch the Jersey Shore! He wonders why they even exist!!! LMFAO!

***What does he enjoy that other people will think is weird? Wanting to be someone else in a be a psycho killer.***

If he could be a vampire he would be Felix so he can beat up Edward Cullen. LMFAO!

If Kiowa wasn't an actor he could see himself in the Navy or in the CIA.

It was really Kiowa who jumped off a cliff even though he's slightly afraid of heights.

His favorite TV shows are "Entourage" and "Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

The best concert he's ever been to is the Bamboozle Festival.

An Aston Martin is his dream car.

He was looking at Jasper during filming thinking, "One on one, one day. The south will not rise again!"

He loves chicken...Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles is his fave!

::Team Woofpack:: Booboo Stewart (Seth) at New Jersey Twi Con

From Guest Blogger Mariza B. at New Jersey Twi Con: BooBoo relates to his character because he also had to get tutored in math.

His favorite food is Chinese.

In 10 years he sees himself still acting and hopefully directing.

His #1 wish is to be able to snap his fingers and get anything he wants. He's glad he's not an only child.

His favorite animal would be a "Ninja Bird" would be quick & silent.

When he was a kid & got hurt he would just start crying...can't remember if he ever said "I got a BooBoo".

BooBoo's favorite singer is Sebastian Bach from SkidRow.

Some of his upcoming projects include an animated film with Kellan Lutz and a film. He will NOT be in the Jersey Shore! He has a TV show coming next year with his sister.

Being the youngest werewolf he was welcomed by everyone when he 1st came on set.

BooBoo's mom is a personal trainer & whooped his butt in the gym in order to get the abs he has.

His favorite song is "More Than a Feeling" by Boston. He'd love some feedback for his song that's on iTunes!

His favorite clothes is Hot Topic...and you can get all the Twilight merchandise from there.

In college he'd like to study law. Attorney BooBoo Stewart...JOKE! Or he would be a doctor and change his last name to "Pepper". He would be Dr. Pepper.

BooBoo: "Think about your names guys?"

The scene he's looking forward to most in Breaking Dawn is when Seth, Jacob & Leah form their own pack.

He was 5 years old when he got his 1st ear piercing.

::Team Woofpack:: Bronson Pelletier (Jared) at New Jersey Twi Con

From Guest Blogger Mariza B. at New Jersey Twi Con:

Bronson's favorite comic character is Batman. He loves Kings of Leon. His favorite brand of clothing is Bullets for Peace.

If "Kim" was in the movies he'd love Kyra Knightly or Natalie Portman to play her.

Bronson's favorite quote is "Keep moving forward".

His upcoming projects include filming a new movie in May 2011 but can't talk about the details yet.

Does he have "Beaver Fever"? Bronson: Ummm...sure.

During the filming of "New Moon", Bronson is just thankful that the muffins weren't bran muffins. LMFAO! After "Eclipse" he couldn't eat chicken again for a while.

Bronson: "Wendy's all the way!!!" He loves the spicy chicken filet and the chili (which he adds hot sauce, salt & pepper).

He's so glad he's not a vampire! Real guys don't sparkle!!! *fist pumps*

He thinks he Jasper is really cool since his attitude is "Screw you Edward, I'm gonna eat your girlfriend!"

He was so cold during filming he could have poked people with his nipples. OMG...TMI!

He was so nervous when he first met Samuel Jackson. He asked him to say something from "Pulp Fiction". Samuel said, "Sick it to 'em mother fucker". (Minus the swearing)

Bronson: "A 2nd 'Hang Over'? Sure you can be hung over twice."

When he's bored he likes movies and play video games. Hmmm...

Someone in Detroit asked him to sign a game that said "make someone who ooks like they're from the Jersey Shore sign this". He wasn't happy about that AT ALL!

Bronson: "WTF is fan fiction?"

He's definitely more conscious now about how his abs look like.

Bwahaha! Bronson said his dog was more ADD than him. He doesn't have any pets right now except for Kiowa.

Bronson is going sky diving in a couple of weeks. He wants to record it for everyone to see.

His favorite part during filming was when he accidentally kicked Tyson in the head when they were playing football.

Boxers or briefs??? Bronson goes COMMANDO!!!

::Team Volturi:: Marcus ( Christopher Heyerdahl) at New Jersey Twi Con

From Guest Blogger Mariza in New Jersey:

He would want Marcus's power of love or teleportation but he would miss actually travelling. Seeing the ocean & mountain. What would be perfect is if he teleport, fly and not be cold, that would be perfect. Being part of the Twilight phenomenon has been "cool".

Chris said that Rob has dibs on the slippers. Daniel Culdmore asked Marcus to have the have the slippers during filming. You'd have to beat Rob up for them.

Chris found out about Twilight from his niece. Marcus would love the opportunity to slap Caius in Breaking Dawn. He'd love a Volturi fight.

Chris is tri-lingual. He learned French in France, not Canada. Damn he sounds sexy speaking French. He also speaks Norwegian.

"How do you stay so monotone & dead through all of your scenes?" Chris: Michael demands all the limelight so he figures he'll just stay at the side and sleep.

Chris filmed 2 movies with Dolph Lundgren. He just imitated his Swedish accent.

There isn't a "Stargate" Movie in the works. Chris isn't sure why imDb keeps posting it. Though he would love for it to happen.

Chris doesn't know any of the Jersey Shore casts!!! *fist pumps* I know he didn't just compare the "Jersey Shore" to the Wolf Pack...he did say they're definitely not as HOT. LMFAO!

What Chris loves most about his character is that he just touches Aro to let him know what he's thinking. He wishes Marcus would snap out of being so caught up in the "love" that he can't get over.

Chris's fave character in Twilight is Emily!

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twilight conventions from creation entertainment e-mail ~Summer

DR. CARLISLE CULLEN MAKING HOUSE CALLS IN CHICAGO, ANAHEIM, DALLAS, and ORLANDO: OFFICIAL TWILIGHT CONVENTION TOUR STOPS! DALLAS OFFICIAL TWILIGHT CONVENTION LAUNCHED TODAY! NEW JERSEY THIS WEEKEND! Look out! The sensationally popular PETER FACINELLI, also known as Dr. Carlisle Cullen of The Twilight Saga feature films, will be headlining The Official TWILIGHT Convention Tour 2010 stops coming to Chicago (September 10-12), Anaheim (October 8-10), Dallas (November 19-21) and Orlando (December 10-12)! Peter always is a huge hit at our e! vents and you will love seeing him in person, grabbing his autograph and getting a professional shot photograph with him. Check out all the Tour stops by visiting as we have lots of new guest bookings and events on tap! Plus for fans in the Dallas area, the Dallas convention is open for sales NOW so come on by: Fans in New Jersey: don't miss this weekend's stop at The Hilton Parsippany Hotel (August 21-22, 2010) with ALEX MERAZ, CHASKE SPENCER, BRONSON PELLETIER, KIOWA GORDON, CHRISTOPHER HEYERDAHL, TINSEL KOREY, and BOOBOO STEWART: It is going to be awesome! Click on through to details: great tickets on sale at the convention door for as little as $20 a day to see all the stars! You can see the complete schedule of events at the site now! Thanks,Your friends at Creation Entertainment forThe Official TWILIGHT Convention Tour 2010/2011
Creation Entertainment217 S. Kenwood St.Glendale, CA 91205
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::Team Twilight:: Fan Fiction Friday

Hey you!! Yeah, you!! Unless you’re buying tickets to see Eclipse, back slowly away from the ticket booth, put your money away, and no one will get hurt. Lab Tech Andi’s been workin’ long and hard to find some tales that are a zillion times better than that other vampire crap they’re currently trying to push at the box office. So run as quickly as your feet can take you and don’t stop until you get to the blue door behind Dr. Cullen’s Love Shack, knock the beats of Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You” and the password is “Suck this!” Be Safe!


It was dark in the lab, with the exception of the one light, dangling over the round table. I glanced around cautiously, as I tried to decide what my next move was going to be. Six pairs of topaz eyes glared at me with impatience, making me extremely nervous. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I knew they weren’t going to wait much longer. Without warning, a hand slammed down on the table, making me jump nearly a foot out of my chair. “Damn it, Andi! Are you in or out?” I heard the voice shout and I looked down at the table for a second longer. This shouldn’t have been a difficult decision, but in all honesty, it was killing me.

Last week, when Edward was in the lab, we spent a lot of time talking about random things while he composed. He would ask me about the odd goings on in the lab and I would ask him about stuff going on at the main house.

One of the things he’d talked about at great length was the lack of opportunities for Bella to practice using her shield. She was improving at pushing it out of the way, but he hadn’t been able to come up with many ways for her use it to protect anyone. That’s when the idea came to me and as soon as Edward saw it in my thoughts, he could hardly wait to share it with everyone. So this is how I found myself, getting my ass handed to me, by six impatient vampires, playing poker.

“I’m out.” I told Emmett as I threw my cards at him with mild disgust. He just laughed at me as he caught each and every one.

“I knew you didn’t have anything,” he retorted and gathered his chips, “You suck at bluffing.” The smile he wore looked like it was permanently chiseled into his face.

I should have known better than to gamble with vampires, but I wasn’t prepared for how easy it would be for them to rob me blind. I knew how Bella’s shield worked and if she covered everyone except Edward, I figured we could play an innocent game of poker without Edward being able to cheat by reading everyone else’s thoughts (or cards).

Oh, how wrong I was. Jasper and Alice were the only ones we agreed were not allowed to play since Bella’s shield doesn’t work on their abilities, but I should have only agreed to participate as dealer. Edward may not have been able to read anyone’s mind, but my silly human reactions gave away every single one of my hands.

“I would need to have torture survival training to effectively bluff anything in this game” I said as I grabbed the new hand dealt to me. I was a moron to keep this up, but I was determined to finish this, even if it broke me.

“Ante up!” Esme chimed in and everyone threw in their chips.

“So, Bella,” Emmett said in a very casual tone as he examined his cards, “are you and Eddie here going to go see that new vampire movie that came out this week?”

“You mean ‘Vampires Suck’?” Bella tilted her head a little and threw a few more chips into the center of the table. “Why on earth would I want to waste my time watching something that’s just going to make fun of me? I have better things to do.”

Emmett snickered and looked over at Edward, “Oh right, I forgot.”

“Emmett!” Esme scolded, but everyone at the table laughed anyway as Edward growled under his breath.

“You shouldn’t take things so seriously.” Carlisle added as he also threw in a few chips to the growing pile.

“Well,” I offered as I looked at my hand, requested two cards and decided to stay in this round, “if you don’t think that movie is worth wasting time on; I could experiment with the authors and see if they could do better.”

“That sounds like an excellent idea,” Rosalie said as she looked her cards over, “I’m nearly positive they could do so much better. I fold.”

“Me, too” Emmett said turning his cards over on the table.

“I’ll match and raise,” Carlisle said as he threw in his bet.

“I’m out!” Esme, Edward, and Bella all said together throwing their cards in.

So now it was just me and Carlisle. I looked at my cards again, I had a nine-high flush, which was better then most of the hands I’d been dealt tonight. “I’ll call,” I threw in the rest of my chips, “Whacha got Carlisle?”

“Full house,” he exclaimed as he laid down his cards and smiled widely at me.

“Damn, I really thought I had it that time!” I said putting my cards face up and pushing away from the table. “Since you guys just killed me, I guess I’ll go check on my authors, to see what I can get from them.”

Esme flashed to my side before I could finish standing and hugged me, “This was a lot of fun; we’ll have to do this again.”

“Oh, I’m not playing with you guys for a while,” I told her returning her embrace, “but I’ll be glad to be dealer anytime.”

“Then next time, I call Black Jack,” Emmett shouted excitedly, bouncing in his chair and looking around at everyone.

I rolled my eyes and put a hand on Bella’s shoulder, “You did well tonight.”

She put her hand over mine, “Thanks, Andi.” Turning toward Edward, “Maybe we should call it a night, too,” she said to him and he nodded and smiled back at her.

“Alright, love.” He stood and extended his hand to her. “Good Night, everybody,” he said and they headed out the door. At their departure, everyone else decided to follow and two by two, left me to the silence of my lab once more.


With the release of such a ridiculous movie, I’ve suspected some people believe us, Twi-hards, can’t take a joke, but little do they realize; we’re a very tongue-in-cheek group and are quite capable of laughing at ourselves; when the joke is funny. This is the place I knew my authors wouldn’t let me down and my findings were just too numerous to publish them all. It was extremely difficult to decide what to include, with way too many to choose from and eventually I had to just spin a wheel. So, if you don’t want to waste your time or money at the box office this weekend; here are a few, much better, literary alternatives.

The first is “Becoming Bella Swan” by BellaFlan. Here you’ll meet Bella Flanagan, or at least that’s who she thinks she is, who is currently being treated for mental illness in an institution. After she’s read a book series called the Twilight Saga, she begins to see the Cullens in the hospital. Which version is reality and which is imaginary? You’ll have to read this completed story to find out.

The next tale is a lust-filled, completely human retelling of Twilight, or maybe more like Midnight Sun, called, “Midnight Desire” by Twilightzoner. It’s told entirely from Edward's point of view as he battles with his monster, which is his insane uncontrollable teenage lust for Bella. This story is so full of smutty fun; it’s hard to put it down. And once you finish that, if you just haven’t had enough of role playing games with Edward and Bella, check out “RPGs” by Twilightzoner, the sequel to “Midnight Desire”, for a few extra random fantasies.

The next one I have is a very dark and twisty tale called “Prey” by summer35. In this world, a powerful group of humans know of the existence of vampires and werewolves and strict rules are in place for the uneasy coexistence between the three kinds. Transforming humans without tacit permission is banned and all violators and victims are ordered destroyed. Bella was attacked when she was eight years old but miraculously survived. She returns to Forks during her junior year in high school and encounters the Olympic Coven. Against her will, she is drawn to Edward Cullen and into the dangerous world of shifting loyalties and deadly intrigue. The vampires in this world seem to be a bit of a cross between True Blood vampires, who can bleed and drink from humans without turning them and the canon versions, which sparkle and can survive in daylight. Just don’t expect Bill and Sookie to show up and you won’t be disappointed.

Lastly, I offer a very fun completed tale with an extremely sexually frustrated vampire and a bad-ass new girl with an agenda called “Game On Baby” by Drizle. Edward is a player and he’s bored. He thinks he knows everything, can have anyone at anytime, but Bella is more than ready to prove him wrong. It’s a strange thing to watch these two volley back and forth, but you’ll have to read the whole story to find out who wins.

With all the lemons these fics contain, there’s not much else I can offer you to help you quench that thirst. However, here’s something that might go along with them nicely.

"Pucker Up"

2 parts Sour Apple Pucker
1 part Schnapps, apple
3 parts 7-up
1 splash Lemon Juice

Mix all ingredients together and enjoy!

I hope my offerings will satiate your desire for more of the Cullens, at least to spare you from becoming another victim of the epic battle against stupid stories that should never be made into movies. Heed my warning and arm yourself with fiction that is worthy. Tweet (FanFicDealer), Message, or email ( if you want to talk shop.

The deal has been made. ;)

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::TEAM ROSALIE:: Rosalie's 'Breaking Dawn' Motives Are 'Personal' Not 'Pro-Life,' Nikki Reed Says

As "Twilight" fans well know, there are several slightly controversial and uncomfortable scenes in "Breaking Dawn," the final book of Stephenie Meyer's best-selling series. Going into the last two films, the big questions on fans' minds seem to revolve around the infamous birthing and imprinting scenes.

One key participant in the birthing scene is Rosalie Hale, who becomes so obsessed with Bella having Edward's baby that she will stop at nothing to see her born — even if it means compromising Bella's life.

When Rosalie herself, Nikki Reed, stopped by to talk with MTV News about her upcoming indie film "Last Day of Summer," we asked what she thinks about her character's firm beliefs on that subject matter and how she'll tackle those difficult scenes in the films.

"Here's how I look at it: I try not to be super opinionated and vocal, because in Hollywood, that seems to only lead you in the wrong direction," Reed said. "I try to relate this particular case to Rosalie and not make it metaphorical or symbolic of anything else."

Reed said Rosalie's strong feelings toward the baby are tied to her prior life as a human and never having had the chance to be a mother herself.

"I think that Rosalie just always wanted to be a mom, and that's how I look at it," she said. "It has nothing to do with being pro-life or anything. I think it's about her want, her need to be a mother, and this is the only opportunity she's ever going to have, so she's willing to let Bella die so she can have that and fulfill that, and that's how I look at it. It's her own personal desires."

"Dawn" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg also weighed in on the infamous scene recently, telling us she plans to write it so everyone feels the pain of the experience. "I want to see the terror of the experience," Rosenberg said. "I want to have the experience of the fear and feel her pain. I want to feel every one's pain in this."

What do you think motivates Rosalie to fight for Bella's baby? Is it her want to have her own baby? Or is she genuinely scared or fearful for Bella? Voice you opinion in the comments!!


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Team Cullen:: Glamour Magazines top 50 sexiest men!

Our guys have DOMINATED Glamour Magazines top 50 sexiest men!

Rob- 1st

Xavier (not techincaly a cullen but he is a sexy vampire ;)- 4th

Kellan- 5th

Jackson- 43rd

Hopefully it will be the same next year with Vampires dominating!

See the full list at the source!

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:: Team Edward :: EW's Sexy Beast Contest

Well Shackers... it's down to the final two competitors... Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries and our very own Edward Cullen from Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse

But Damon is in the lead right now... So click on the link below and vote!! The voting is only opened for 72 hours!

Here's the link: