Friday, November 5, 2010

::Team Twilight:: Fan Fiction Friday

Tired of getting bullied by all the political ads? What if those ads had Carlisle’s handsome face on them? Would you even know what his platform was? Would you care? Well, thank goodness Lab Tech Andi cares because she’s hunted high and low looking for the candidates that care about what you care about. So, here’s you’re new polling place: calming form a single file line at the blue door at the back of the shack, knock the tune of “Hail to the Chief” and give the password “Esme for President!” to receive your ballot. Be Safe!!


They moved around me in a blur, whipping the air around me, rustling the papers on my desk. They were bored and I knew it, but this was their punishment. Alice and Rosalie decided that as payback for their Halloween tricks, Emmett and Jasper were supposed to clean-up all the Halloween decorations in the lab as well as clean the lab itself. I was trying my best to ignore them.

Being as fast as they were, it honestly didn’t take them long to put away all the remaining decorations, that task alone would have taken me all day, so for that I was grateful. But then they got out the brooms with the intention of sweeping the floor, which quickly turned into a kind of floor hockey using a wadded up piece of paper as the puck. The ball of paper passed between the two of them so fast, you could hardly see it. As a human, I was impressed with their speed, trying hard to concentrate on my work rather than the insanely hot vampires in my workspace. All was fine until Emmett suddenly smacked the ball at such an angle that sent it flying right at me, knocking me in the side of my head.

“Hey!” I shouted at them.

“Dang, Andi, I’m sorry! I didn’t think I hit it that hard.” Emmett said as he rushed toward me. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll be okay, but no more hockey if you’re going to be hitting me in the head.”

“Okay,” they said in unison, and Emmett grabbed both their brooms to put them away.

Jasper walked around my desk to glance at my screen, “You’re mood is so confusing right now. What are you looking at?”

“It’s the descriptions of the initiatives being included on the ballot for Election Day. I’m trying to figure them out, but they’re so hard to read.” I replied as I stretched out my stiff muscles. Jasper put a hand on my shoulder and my tension melted away. “Thanks, Jasper.” He just smiled in response. I scrolled further down the screen.

Jasper lightly squeezed my shoulder to get my attention and I stopped scrolling, “Damn, That’s crazy!”

“What?” I asked trying to find what he was looking at.

“Look there,” he touched the screen. “They’re trying to legalize marijuana again.”

“That’s nothing new,” I said as I picked up scrolling again.

“Look at that one,” I stopped scrolling and he point again. “Hey, Emmett! Did you know that there’s actually a 2 cent tax for every twelve ounces of a carbonated beverage?”

“I guess it’s a good thing we don’t touch the stuff then, huh?” Emmett replied lightly punching Jasper on the arm.

“So, do you guys get out and vote?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Damn straight!” Emmett said as he plopped down in a chair across from my desk. “We might be immortal, but we still have to live here too.”

“Besides,” Jasper added, “you gotta know the laws before you can bend them and it helps when you know the people creating them.” Jasper and Emmett shared a knowing smile and I wondered if the Cullen’s had a few political contacts, but decided not to ask.

“So, which polling location do you go to?”

“Darlin’, with the availability of absentee ballots these days, we don’t need to actually go to the polls anymore.” Jasper answered.

“That makes sense. So if you were running for an office what sort of things would you like to get passed?” I asked them.

“I would make it bear hunting season all year long.” Emmett said with a laugh.

“But then there might not be as many bears for you,” Jasper argued.

“Yeah, maybe not. Hmm… I’m not sure then.” Emmett sat in the chair drumming his fingers on his knee.

“I know,” I said excitedly, “let’s give this to the authors and see how they would picture you on the political stage.”

“That’s a great idea!” Emmett said as he stood from his chair. “I bet they’d make me president.”

And at that statement, Jasper and I looked at each other and laughed until our sides hurt (or at least mine did).


What do you imagine it would be like for the Cullen’s to be running the country? You know, I’m not sure I would even care just so long as they wanted to do one of those backyard meetings at my house. :) Of course, what’s politics without a little scandalous behavior? So, Hail to the Cullen’s who we chose to run the nation…

My first scandalous tale has been reported by belladonna1472 in “The Cullen Campaign”. Edward Cullen may not have any political aspirations of his own, but with a mother holding the position of Speaker of the House, a father holding the position of Presidential Chief of Staff, and best friend/brother-in-law acting as his mother’s press secretary, Edward is bound to the Democratic National Committee regardless of his own desires. Most of his family is campaigning for him to relinquish this desire to be a freelance writer and just accept his fate; move into the political arena and carry on the family dynasty. However, one family member knows more than she’s telling and starts pushing him towards a fate more powerful than all the laws passed by man. When she suggests he take the train instead of a plane, he’ll be set on a collision course that will begin to blur both party lines. Will the laws of the heart be powerful enough to override family loyalty and tradition or will it destroy them both like Romeo and Juliet?

I’m not really a political person, but this story is so compelling you won’t be able to stop reading. As it’s written in chapter 2, “If Edward Cullen were Speaker of the House, C-SPAN's ratings would increase exponentially. Forget NCIS or whatever the top rating show is on prime-time – you'd want to see Edward Cullen keeping order in the House, presiding over the makings of legislation, and looking damn good in a suit.” I know I so completely would and just dare someone to change the channel!

My next scandal, exposed by kem722, airs quite a bit of dirty politics in “All I Need”. Running from his own guilt, Jasper Hale has closed himself off from the rest of the world by working for a man he despises, Senator James Brandon. Currently, Senator Brandon has made himself into one of the most prominent politicians in DC and, as his best bodyguard, Jasper has personally witnessed more than his fair share of this man’s brand of deception. So, when the Senator sends Jasper to spend the summer with the senator's wife, Alice and their two daughters, he knows that safety is not his true motive. What dirty little secrets are hidden away and what is the senator so afraid of? All will soon be revealed, but you’ll have to read this hot little fic to really find out who is saved and who is destroyed.

Personally, I adored this Alice; her toned-down persona was wonderfully refreshing and passionate. And the Jasper written into this tale was sexy and fun with a mystery you just can’t wait to uncover. I may not have Alice’s gift, but I know you’ll love this fic too.

My final political exposé was bought to me by Betty Smith in “The Gentleman from Washington State”. It was always expected that Edward Cullen would find his way into a seat in the Senate. He was groomed, educated, and handled to do this job. However, when Senator Carlisle Cullen suddenly dies, Edward finds his career fast tracked to fill his father’s place in DC. Despite, his player reputation, his constituents like him, but it’s an election year and nothing is ever guaranteed. Jacob Black is his opponent and he wants that seat. To make matters worse, Bella Swan aka Jacob’s ex-girlfriend, just started working as an intern for Senator Cullen. Upon meeting her, Edward’s caught off guard by how much they have in common, but he’ll have to mind his p’s and q’s if he wants to retain his seat.

This tale is a little Clinton-esque, but I adore the way it stays a bit on the unpredictable side of things. It’s amazingly written; you’ll not want to miss this one.

Now, I know that some of these fics are pretty smokin’, but we need something befitting a politician, so I suggest you make yourself an “El Presidente Edwardo”

1/2 oz. Curacao, white
1 1/2 oz. Rum, gold
1 oz. Vermouth, dry
1 dash Grenadine

Mixing Instructions
Shake everything with ice; strain into cocktail glass.

Here's to hoping your candidate won and until next week, Tweet (FanFicDealer), Message, or email ( if you want to talk shop.

The deal has been made. ;)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

::Team Breaking Dawn:: Check out this Original Song written about Breaking Dawn

I received this over Twitter and thought I'd share with everyone. It's an original song written and performed by Crystal Newman ~ A mother of 2 from Ohio who is currently living in Australia.

This is from the YouTube page explaining the song:
My song, "Breaking Dawn (In Our Reach) is sang from Bella's perspective, at the point in the Breaking Dawn book where the Cullens and their witnesses have gathered in the clearing awaiting the Volturi's advance, then Bella realizes what her shield can do, up until the point where the Volturi leave.

I wrote and recorded the vocals at my home in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia, and my great friend Jesse James Russell III added the music from his home in North Carolina, USA. We sent tracks back and forth via the internet!!! :-)