Friday, February 24, 2012

::Team Twilight:: Fan Fiction Friday

"No man knows till he experiences it, what it is like to feel his own life-blood drawn away into the woman he loves."  What is it about the words that draw us in? Makes us want? I know you want too and Lab Tech Andi’s found tales you’ll crave.  So walk with much caution to the blue door at the back of the shack, pound the heavy beat of “Bring me to Life” by Evanescence and the password is “Undead”.  Be Safe!


I was curled up in a mountain of pillows, not blinking.  I heard a masculine voice behind me whisper, “Is she okay?”

There was a tap tap tapping filling the space that was absent of all other sounds.  A female voice answered, “Oh she’s fine.”

“But she’s not blinking or moving.  Hell, she’s barely breathing and I hear her whimper every once in a while.  Have you checked her?”

“Listen to her pulse, she’s perfectly fine.”  Then I heard a chair scrape across the floor followed by an exasperated sigh, “it’s that story she’s reading.  She’s been like that since yesterday. ”

There was now a different tapping, one of light footsteps crossing the room and then a door opened and closed.  A slight breeze rustled through my hair breaking my concentration.  I looked up to find a bottle of water dangling in front of my face.  “Oh! Thanks Alice!” I said taking the bottle from her and tipping it back.

“You’re welcome” she replied then I heard her walk back over to the desk.

“That’s so weird!” I heard the voice again and turned my head to see Emmett staring at me like a lab rat.  I raised my hand and waved to him then turned back to my story.

“It’s usually the smutty vamp tales that make her like that,” Alice told Emmett.  “She’ll be back to normal tomorrow.”

“Hmmm,” Emmett thought aloud, “maybe this is a story I should get Rose to read.”

Another breeze whooshed passed me and the room was once again filled with the tap tap tapping from a keyboard.


I’m usually so wrapped up in human tales that I have a hard time finding vampire tales I like, so I thought I’d bring you a few really fun and wonderful alternate universe vampire fics.  Enjoy!

The first tale is one that will really take a bite out of you called “The Singer and The Sorrow” by MG2112.  There are some tortures so evil that one lifetime of suffering is just not enough.  If there is one person who knows this, it’s Edward Cullen.  As if simply being a monster was not enough, he’s been cursed, making it impossible for him to be reunited with his soul.  But this time it’s different, this time she’s different.  This time he can talk to her, this time she knows him and this time instead of him trying to find her, she’s spent her whole life trying to find him.  Maybe this will change everything.

My next vampire was found in a light hearted tale titled “The Red Eye” by badjujube.  Edward had declared that there’s no way he’s go through high school again, so since vampires never have to sleep and are very observant, he’s going into business as a private eye.  In this line of work it's important to maintain a good relationship with local law enforcement and its representatives. Therefore, the Cullen’s have always been cooperative and polite with Chief Swan.  But now that the chief’s daughter has returned he’ll have to work extra hard to be on his best behavior and try not to drink her blood not matter how enticing she smells.

Finally, I found an excellent vampire alternate universe tale titled “The Meteor” by BixieR.  Aro has grown bored and wants the Denali clan to come for a visit, but there’s a small problem, they’ve added a gifted member that they don’t want the Volturi to know about just yet and they don’t want to leave her alone.  So what the Cullen’s once thought was going to be an ordinary day turns into some entirely different.  What they find is a young girl with the control of a much older vampire who has closed herself off to everything that this new world holds.  What’s keeping her from embracing this new life?  Will Edward be able to help her recover from her own mind?  Will the Denali’s be able to keep their secret from Aro?

To go along with all these biting stories, I’ll think we need something with a little bite of its own an “Irritable Grizzly”

½ oz Cinnamon Schnapps
1 oz Raspberry Vodka
6-8 oz Ginger Ale
Splash of Rose’s Grenadine for color

Pour everything into a collins glass. Stir gently. Fill with ice and garnish with a cherry.

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