Friday, October 1, 2010

::Team Twilight:: Fan Fiction Friday

Do you often find yourself with your head in the clouds, dreaming of bronze sex hair and inviting insistent lips? Do you long to be the girl with the long mahogany waves that tumble down her back and beg to be touched? Do you tend to bite your lip more often than you used to? Well, Lab Tech Andi's been stargazing lately and has a few constellations to offer that might help to calm your hidden desires. Head to the blue door behind Dr Cullen’s Love Shack deep in the woods, knock the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and the password is “Hollywood”. Be Safe!


Last week was so hazy with all the excitement surrounding my emails and once I finally came back to reality, I nearly lost it upon the discovery of missing chapters from “The University of Edward Mason” by SebastienRobichaud. However, Alice was swift to assure me that she had nothing to do with the removal of said chapters and since that story wasn’t what I was reading at the time anyway, I decided to believe her. To help me deal with the loss of such a wonderful story, Alice and Jasper were planning to keep me company for the afternoon.

One task that was long over due was the need to clean the fish tank. So, while Alice was scanning my email for potential viruses, at least until they could ramp up my security software to scan out the bad stuff, Jasper was helping me make my fish happy again.

“You missed a spot,” Jasper told me as he pointed his finger at a spot near the bottom of the tank.

“You couldn’t have told me that while I was cleaning that area?” I asked narrowing my eyes at him. He laughed at my expression.

“Hey, Andi!” Alice called from the other side of the room. “Did you see that all those actors who play us in the movies are supposed to start filming in October?”

“Yeah, the whole crew sounds pretty excited to be working together again.” I replied as I struggled to get to the spot Jasper pointed out. “Why don’t you look into the future and tell me if the last two movies are going to be any good.”

“There are still too many decisions being made and they all keep changing their minds. It’s just too hazy; I can’t see a thing. I can tell you that they made a good choice with the little girl they picked to play Renesmee though.” She told me as she continued flipping through screens.

“Really? I think she’s cute and she really does look like she could be Rob and Kristen’s child, but a lot of fans think she’s too old.” I told her.

“Special effects can work wonders,” she assured me. “She’ll do great, you’ll see.”

I giggled to myself then wondered aloud, “What does Renesmee think of this little actress who’s going to play her?”

Alice was shutting down my machine now and decided to join us as we finished up. “Oh, she keeps asking when she’ll get to meet her. She’s so excited about the whole thing and Edward has to keep explaining to her that meeting that little girl is simply out of the question.”

Then Jasper laughed while passing me a few fish to put back in the tank and said, “But it doesn’t keep her from showing everyone pictures of her and Mackenzie playing together.”

I dropped the last of the fish in the tank and climbed down the ladder, “Do you think you guys could make it in Hollywood as actors?”

“Of course, we would; we put on a performance every day. Although, Bella might be a little iffy.” Alice responded pondering my question.

“She just needs practice, Darlin’.” Jasper said as he wrapped he’s arm around her waist. “Bella hangs out with Edward so much she doesn’t usually try that often.”

“Maybe this is something that the authors should take on. The Cullen’s go Hollywood!” I told them putting my hands in the air like I could see their names in lights.

Alice started clapping her hands, “That would be so exciting! I wonder if they’ll make me a star.”
“You’re already a star in my book Alice, but we’ll see what turns up.” I go to hug her, “Thanks for scanning my computer.” Then I give Jasper a quick hug, “Thanks for helping me with the fish. Now I really must get ready for Friday or I’ll have nothing to offer the masses.”

“Good Luck and remember, don’t open any new emails.” Alice warned me. Then her eyes unfocused for only a second and I heard her mumble something that sounded like, “Good, you’ll be fine.”

“I’ll see you both later,” I told them as I headed over to my desk and they waved on their way out the door.


This week I’ll give you the stars, even if they’re not of the celestial type; they’re still all out of this world:

First, I found an insanely humorous in-progress tale called “Hello Again” while gazing in the constellation of completerandomness12. In this story, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen first met in high school, but were too timid to act on their feelings. For the past 12 years each of them has been harboring secret crushes and while Bella’s been trying to avoid running into Edward for fear of embarrassment, Edward’s been hoping their paths would eventually cross. Fate finally steps in, forcing this unlikely pair together on Leno. Bella is now a television and movie actress, who’s gorgeous, kind, smart, funny, witty, thoughtful, and she even bakes. Edward has become one of the hottest, most sought after actors in the industry. Dating becomes extremely complicated when both parties are celebrities and promotional interests get in the way. Will they take control of their own destinies and finally be together or let the nature of their careers pull them apart? Even through all the drama this story has comedy that you will not want to miss.

Next, I discovered “The Late Late Show With Edward Cullen” hiding in the constellation of chartwilightmom. This in-progress tale has so much sexual tension it; you feel it through the screen. Bella is a famous actress and secret uber-fan of Edward Cullen, host of a late night talk show. So when she’s making her rounds to promote her new movie, her one demand is that her agent schedule an interview for her on Edward’s show. Usually, Bella sticks to the simple handshake for these types of interviews, but something in her just can’t resist whispering in his ear. What do they whisper to each other on stage?

The third constellation that came into view was MissAlex, who just happen to contain a wonderfully painted story called “Rebel Without A Cause”. This completed tale tells about the adventures of rising 1950s starlet, and small town girl, Isabella Swan, formally Marie Byrd, who at eighteen years old is taking Hollywood by storm and embarking on a career that is far removed from her childhood dream of becoming a school teacher. Edward Cullen is a twenty-three year old, gorgeous, brooding, method actor, who is brought out to Los Angeles from New York to star in his first film, and likes to follow his own rules. At the age of seven, Edward witnessed his mother's brutal murder, which left him estranged from his father and regretting that he didn't do more to stop the attack. Acting is Edward's only method of trying to cope with his traumatic past and recurring nightmares, until he meets Isabella on the Mertz Studios lot and their instant attraction provides solace that he didn't believe existed. As their relationship develops, Bella unravels the mystery behind Edward's inner torment and decides to help him conquer the tremendous guilt and sorrow that haunts him, despite his reluctance and fear that if he failed his mother, he will, one day, fail Bella too.

Finally, I found “Stay” residing in the constellation of crimsonmarie, whose completed fic tells a beautiful tale of two people looking for more, without realizing they were searching. As an actor, Edward Cullen is surrounded by people that he couldn't really care less about and just wants to get away from it all. In a house located in the middle of nowhere he finds peace and people who treat him like an actor, but a regular person. Bella thought her life was complete until Edward moved in and instantly she finds comfort in the most unlikely of places. Can they turn their friendship into something more?

With such steamy fics up for grabs, I know what you’ll want to do after reading these tales; get “Between the Sheets”:

1oz Brandy
1/2oz Light Rum
1/2oz Triple Sec
Fill with Sweet and Sour Mix

Mixing directions
Pour above listed ingredients into a Rocks glass filled with ice.

Until next week, I'll keep my fingers crossed that nothing else will disappear and hope that Edward Masen finds his way back to us. Tweet (FanFicDealer), Message, or email ( if you want to talk shop.

The deal has been made. ;)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

::Team Breaking Dawn:: Renesmee Actor Finalized

Entertainment Weekly has just revealed that Mackenzie Foy, a 9-year old actress, who has played parts in television shows such as FlashForward and 'Til Death is just moments from signing on to join the rest of the Twilight cast to play Renesmee in the filming of 'Breaking Dawn'. It's highly suspected that director Bill Condon will use a computer generated infant for Renesmee in part one of the saga and Foy will be added to the cast in part two.

Summit has confirmed that Foy will be cast.


Monday, September 27, 2010

::Team Breaking Dawn:: Maggie Grace Cast as Irina.

Maggie Grace Cast in “Breaking Dawn”

Maggie Grace has been cast as vampire Irina in Breaking Dawn, Gossip Cop has confirmed.
Grace is perhaps best known for her stint on “Lost” and role as Liam Neeson’s imperiled daughter in Taken.
Her “Twilight Saga” character is a member of the Denali coven who blames the Cullen clan for the death of her lover.
The first of the two Breaking Dawn installments will be released in November 2011.