Thursday, January 14, 2010

::Team Edward:: Enough with the Rumors of Rob as Spiderman!

I have to share my thoughts and displace the rumor flying all over the internet that Robert Pattinson will play Peter Parker/Spider-Man since the former star Toby Maguire has stepped away from the franchise. has clarrified the rumor and found for us where this all began. Reelz Channel announced this rumor as fact about nine months ago, when they quoted then director Sam Raimi of the Spider-Man Movies as saying, "Robert is the future of the franchise." It was soon revealed that the April 1 post was nothing but a joke — a cruel joke. It can only be assumed that Reelz and the other sites are kicking themselves for having reported this as news and seeing how ridiculously far this has gone.

I hope that with this, everyone will stop reporting the rumor, talking about it or imagining Rob in red tights...well I can imagine that, but that's for my own fantasies.

Cullen Love, Lili/ForksPixie