Wednesday, January 13, 2010

::Team Alice:: Ashley Greene interviewed by Michael Sheen

Ashley Greene was interviewed by co-star Michael Sheen (who plays Aro in New Moon) for Interview Magazine.

Sheen shows his fantastic sense of humor in the questions and Ashley is quick with the one-liners. Soon the interview goes from silliness to wonderful in-depth questions about her life growing up in Jacksonville, FL to her up an coming career. Ashley tells of the decision & her parent's support in moving to L.A. at age 17 to follow her dream to be a performer. Ashley describes going for the audition for Twilight without a script and choosing to read the books to prepare. She says that she fell in love with the series and became more determined to land a role in the movie. She goes on to share her thoughts on the phenomenon that is Twilight and the amazing fans that have supported her & her career, even those that cry and get nervous at the sight of her.

Ashley spoke about how she believes that her fans had a part in her being cast in the lead for a new film, The Apparition. She was quoted saying, "But, you know, most of my fans are really respectful and great. It’s too early for me to be jaded. Ask me in 10 years or something. . . . I just booked a lead in a Warner Brothers film, and probably part of it was because they know that there are all these fans. I mean, hopefully it’s because of my talent, too."

Yes, I believe as a fan myself, that it is her talent & I will watch in the years to come as Ashley will make it big in Hollywood and her fans will be there to support her every step of the way.

The photo shoot for the magazine are in black & white and have Ashley in barely-there-leather. She looks absolutely beautiful.