Friday, January 15, 2010

::Team Carlisle:: Trailer for Peter Facinelli's new project The Delivery.

The Delivery 3D Trailer [R-rated]

The Delivery 3D | MySpace Video

A couple of months ago, Peter Facinelli announced that he had filmed a pitch trailer for The Delivery (the first in a planned trilogy) with Dave Stewart, and he went on to discuss his plans for the project.
Said Facinelli, “We just had a finished script, and I brought the project to Dave Stewart. He’s a friend of mine, and he loved it.”
Today, Facinelli launched the film’s first official website and included the pitch trailer for the project.
“We shot a 3-D pitch trailer, so we’re hoping to do [the film] in 3-D. We shot some footage … we basically put together a little scene from the movie … and now we’re just gearing up to go out to studios with it and try to get studio backing and make the picture. So, we don’t have a director set, or a studio attached,” he revealed in September.