Saturday, August 21, 2010

::Team Woofpack:: Kiowa Gordon (Embry) at New Jersey Twi Con

From Guest Blogger Mariza B. at New Jersey Twi Con:

Kiowa's favorite sport is football and the Arizona Cardinals is his favorite team. He doesn't really watch chick flicks.

Eminem or Lil' Wayne? Eminem all the way!

Kiowa means "the courageous one".

His strangest fan encounter was when 2 girls came up to him who just purchased new underwear & asked him to sign it.

Kiowa left Touche to focus on his acting. The other band members may start a new band.

Kiowa is all about the steak and his favorite dessert is mint chocolate chip ice cream and apple pie (not together).

His favorite scene is when Paul was about to choke Bella. *fist pump*

Kiowa is also working on a movie that's like "Rebel Without a Cause".

He's happy to be the object of everyone's pranks. Someone has to take it.

Fabio is still on his homepage thanks to Tinsel! He can get back at her by sneezing at her muffins...that sounds soooo wrong!

His favorite comic book characters are the X-Men especially wolverine. (Makes tribal monkey sound)

M&M or Skittles? Skittles...but Twix are his favorite.

Kiowa does NOT watch the Jersey Shore! He wonders why they even exist!!! LMFAO!

***What does he enjoy that other people will think is weird? Wanting to be someone else in a be a psycho killer.***

If he could be a vampire he would be Felix so he can beat up Edward Cullen. LMFAO!

If Kiowa wasn't an actor he could see himself in the Navy or in the CIA.

It was really Kiowa who jumped off a cliff even though he's slightly afraid of heights.

His favorite TV shows are "Entourage" and "Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

The best concert he's ever been to is the Bamboozle Festival.

An Aston Martin is his dream car.

He was looking at Jasper during filming thinking, "One on one, one day. The south will not rise again!"

He loves chicken...Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles is his fave!