Saturday, August 21, 2010

::Team Woofpack:: Alex Meraz, Tinsel Korey and Chaske Spencer at New Jersey Twi Con.

From Guest Blogger Mariza B. at New Jersey Twi Con:

Tinsel talking like Alex: "I'm hot...don't I look hot?"

Alex can't play football since he can't catch the ball. He wants to train to be in the MMA.

Alex's favorite infomercial product is the Shake Weight. He even did the movement!!! LMFAO!

Alex, Tinsel & Chaske all watch True Blood. Alex's friend is a writer on the show and had him in mind to be Jesus! *snorts* But he's too young & would be like statutory rape.

Filming "New Moon" & "Eclipse" were different experiences for Chaske, Tinsel & Alex.

Alex would take Chaske's hair & voice.

Tinsel just called Alex out on needing to work on his abs more.

Chaske said he has a 7th grade stoner laugh.

Tinsel would love to be invisible.

Alex wants to be able to skip rooftop to rooftop frolicking.

Worst prank Alex was the "impossible sit-up" when he was 12. His friends blindfolded him, spun him around & had him do situps. Except he kept hitting something and realized it was his friends nuts.

Alex definitely loves himself!

Alex & Chaske admitted they sucked in Vampire Baseball.

Alex to his "New Moon" picture: "Hey! Hey stop it! Stop looking so good!"

Alex told Charlie Bewley that he'll get testicular cancer from holding an iPad...he was jealous he didn't get one.

Chaske said Kiowa would make a pretty girl.

Mary J. Blige inspired Alex to cross dress.

Alex said the Jersey Shore girls are just NOT that at all! He did start liking Snooki when her ass got punched.

If Alex Meraz was a vampire he would love the ability to suck. LMFAO! #SuckMeSaturday

"Be the Shift" is Chaske's charity to be able to shift a power. Use his celebrity status from Twilight to help people.


LaughingGirl said...

Haa Haa, Alex and Chaske did not suck at Vampire Baseball!!! Although, Alex was doing Yoga out in center field which was pretty funny. And man o man, is Alex not amazing in person!!!! They were having a good time and for a good cause!!