Saturday, August 21, 2010

::Team Woofpack:: Bronson Pelletier (Jared) at New Jersey Twi Con

From Guest Blogger Mariza B. at New Jersey Twi Con:

Bronson's favorite comic character is Batman. He loves Kings of Leon. His favorite brand of clothing is Bullets for Peace.

If "Kim" was in the movies he'd love Kyra Knightly or Natalie Portman to play her.

Bronson's favorite quote is "Keep moving forward".

His upcoming projects include filming a new movie in May 2011 but can't talk about the details yet.

Does he have "Beaver Fever"? Bronson: Ummm...sure.

During the filming of "New Moon", Bronson is just thankful that the muffins weren't bran muffins. LMFAO! After "Eclipse" he couldn't eat chicken again for a while.

Bronson: "Wendy's all the way!!!" He loves the spicy chicken filet and the chili (which he adds hot sauce, salt & pepper).

He's so glad he's not a vampire! Real guys don't sparkle!!! *fist pumps*

He thinks he Jasper is really cool since his attitude is "Screw you Edward, I'm gonna eat your girlfriend!"

He was so cold during filming he could have poked people with his nipples. OMG...TMI!

He was so nervous when he first met Samuel Jackson. He asked him to say something from "Pulp Fiction". Samuel said, "Sick it to 'em mother fucker". (Minus the swearing)

Bronson: "A 2nd 'Hang Over'? Sure you can be hung over twice."

When he's bored he likes movies and play video games. Hmmm...

Someone in Detroit asked him to sign a game that said "make someone who ooks like they're from the Jersey Shore sign this". He wasn't happy about that AT ALL!

Bronson: "WTF is fan fiction?"

He's definitely more conscious now about how his abs look like.

Bwahaha! Bronson said his dog was more ADD than him. He doesn't have any pets right now except for Kiowa.

Bronson is going sky diving in a couple of weeks. He wants to record it for everyone to see.

His favorite part during filming was when he accidentally kicked Tyson in the head when they were playing football.

Boxers or briefs??? Bronson goes COMMANDO!!!