Saturday, August 21, 2010

::Team Woofpack:: Booboo Stewart (Seth) at New Jersey Twi Con

From Guest Blogger Mariza B. at New Jersey Twi Con: BooBoo relates to his character because he also had to get tutored in math.

His favorite food is Chinese.

In 10 years he sees himself still acting and hopefully directing.

His #1 wish is to be able to snap his fingers and get anything he wants. He's glad he's not an only child.

His favorite animal would be a "Ninja Bird" would be quick & silent.

When he was a kid & got hurt he would just start crying...can't remember if he ever said "I got a BooBoo".

BooBoo's favorite singer is Sebastian Bach from SkidRow.

Some of his upcoming projects include an animated film with Kellan Lutz and a film. He will NOT be in the Jersey Shore! He has a TV show coming next year with his sister.

Being the youngest werewolf he was welcomed by everyone when he 1st came on set.

BooBoo's mom is a personal trainer & whooped his butt in the gym in order to get the abs he has.

His favorite song is "More Than a Feeling" by Boston. He'd love some feedback for his song that's on iTunes!

His favorite clothes is Hot Topic...and you can get all the Twilight merchandise from there.

In college he'd like to study law. Attorney BooBoo Stewart...JOKE! Or he would be a doctor and change his last name to "Pepper". He would be Dr. Pepper.

BooBoo: "Think about your names guys?"

The scene he's looking forward to most in Breaking Dawn is when Seth, Jacob & Leah form their own pack.

He was 5 years old when he got his 1st ear piercing.