Thursday, April 22, 2010

::Team Love Shack::: Welcome to Forks!!

Hey Sparkly Ones!

Well just imagine my surprise when I woke up on this Earth Day and discovered Alice and Esme got a hold of the blog!!! There must have been some serious construction noises in the Love Shack last night! Looks like they gave us a power makeover and redecorating!! Way to go Alice and Esme!

I hope everyone likes the new design! It's a lot easier on my old eyes. The photo in the background is an actual photo from the forest in Forks!!

Make it a dazzling day gentle Twihards!!



Twilightchick said...

Really like the background. Good job!

Jennifer said...

You did awesome! I absolutely love it!!! Kudos

LazyKate said...

Oooh, it's loading a lot faster for me now too, and so pretty! Love it!!!