Friday, April 23, 2010

::Team Eclipse:: What's the real deal with the trailer? Details here!

Hey Sparkly Ones,

Ok so here's the deal. We all know the new trailer is airing exclusively on The Oprah Show today. But when? But where?

Oprah tapes her shows at 9am in Chicago. Chicago TV station WLS ABC7 airs the taping live at 9am Central Time. I have not found a live stream for this station.

For everyone else the show airs either at 3pm or 4pm. Check your local listings if you want to record it for your TV.

Summit Entertainment will "officially" release the trailer online through their Youtube channel at 8pm Eastern Time.

Obviously we aren't going to wait for 4pm or, egads, the unthinkable 8pm! We know there are Twitarded Lovelies in Chicago who will nab this for us at 9am.

The MOMENT I get it you will get it!

Crossing fingers for our sisters in Chi Town to come through for us!