Sunday, April 18, 2010

::Team Human:: Billy Burke's New Song Titled, Removed Is Sent To His Subscribers

If you have already subscribed to Billy Burke's new website. You have received a fun email, giving you instruction on how to enjoy his new song, Removed. If you haven't subscribed, what are you waiting for?

This is a copy of my email:
Hi ForksPixie,

So here's your free song. It's called "Removed" and it's one of the
leading candidates to be the first single from the album. This mix
is fresh of the press and it's an exclusive unmastered version of
the track. If you decide to get the album, the final MASTERED
version of the song will come along with that.

Once you've successfully downloaded the song, here are some
suggestions for optimum listening pleasure:

1) Make yourself comfortable with a relaxing beverage of your
2) If your computer is hooked up to some killer speakers, you're in
good shape. If not, you're gonna want to grab yourself some
3) Create an environment for yourself where you won't be bothered
for at least 5 minutes, set the volume according to your mood, sit
back and groove.
4) Repeat steps 1 through 3 if so inclined.

Upon completion of the experience, please feel free to tell your
friends and loved ones to sign up and download the single as well.
Then, if you have a second to spare, head on back to and post a comment on the home page. I'll
appreciate ANYTHING you might have to say.

To download the free single: Just click on the following link, save
to your computer, unzip the file and then just add it to your
itunes library. For most Mac users (depending on your settings),
simply clicking on the link should download it and add it to your
iTunes library automatically.

We're working toward releasing the album in late June, but that
could change so keep checking in at

Lastly, as I mentioned on the site, this album has been a long time
coming for me so I want to thank you all again for taking the time
to come along for the ride.

And without any further B.S. - - here you go...

much love,