Thursday, December 2, 2010

Team Twilight: Orlando Covention Dec 10-12 ~Summer

For those of you lucky enough to be going or thinking of going here is the info for the weekend!!! ~Summer

The Stars that will be there are:

Peter Facinelli (Carlisle) Saturday

Alex Merez (Paul) Saturday and Sunday

Chaske Spencer (Sam) Friday and Saturday

Daniel Cudmore (Felix) Saturday

Charlie Bewley (Demetri) Saturday

Booboo Stewart (Seth) Friday, Saturday and Sunday


We are happy to welcome Internet sensations, the incredibly talented Hannah & Hilly Hindi, creators of "THE HILLYWOOD SHOW," along with their cast members, Drew Lorentz, Jacob Jost and Kyle Dayton as your convention hosts at Creation Entertainment's Official TWILIGHT Convention North American Tour 2010. Their amazing Twilght and New Moon Parodies have been viewed millions of times. You'll love meeting THE HILLYWOOD SHOW in person and grabbing a photo with them them in various character costumes and make-up. Please make sure also to visit their popular website at

TOUR EXCLUSIVE! See the extended version of the NEW MOON Parody, exclusive to the tour and all dates in 2010! And, pick up your copy of the parody DVD at the convention, the only place to purchase it!

Tentatively hosted by CHASKE SPENCER and PETER FACINELLI

COME TO SING, come to laugh, come to have fun!

Candace Charee's haunting and clear vocal inflections send chills down the spine of the listener as if they were in a room experiencing the paranormal. Her unique vocal delivery triggers the senses, vividly painting a picture inspired by love, heartache, and the eagerness to connect. Charee' has connected with her musical muse, successfully capturing thousands of loyal fans while generating over one million hits on her music. The master crafted musical production, combined with her vivid interpretation brings the listener securely into the world of Candace Charee

THIS EVENT IS COMPLIMENTARY FOR GOLD WEEKEND PATRONS (keep your same great seats). For others general admission tickets are $15 each available at the convention only.

Fans from around the globe congregate in their finest vampire wear to raise the roof! Prizes for best costume and best dancers!

Here's the perfect way to meet and mingle with fellow fans from around the globe and we'll also welcome in special appearances: VOLTURI members CHARLIE BEWLEY and DANIEL CUDMORE; and BOOBOO STEWART. A super-hot DJ is set, the dance floor is ready, and this party is fine for all ages. A cash bar will be open for those that wish to order beverages. Your hosts for the night are the always entertaining HILLYWOOD SHOW CAST and they have some surprises in store for the crowd too! This event is included on a complimentary basis for GOLD WEEKEND PATRONS. We have a FEW extra tickets that are available for those who are not Gold Patrons.

These tickets are $99 each.

Three lucky ladies will be selected on Saturday morning (the last three standing winners of our trivia contest which is open to our general audience) to be members of the Vampire Court to be presented at The Vampire Ball on Saturday Night. These court members will receive a luxury make-up and hair make-over by a professional team on Saturday afternoon. And a special treat awaits them at the ball!

Dress Code? We want everyone to be comfortable and we certainly don't want to impose a dress code that would require someone to purchase apparel that they don't currently own. If possible we do want attendees to come dressed in party attire, upscale casual, or in themed costume. With celebrity guest stars, music, a cash bar, and surprises we're sure that this is going to be a party to remember!

The celebratiion is super-hot at The Volturi Ball and YOU can win great gifts by being the best dressed and/or the best dancer in the house! Judged by THE HILLYWOOD SHOW we're waiting for YOU!

Show your creativity by designing and bringing a Twilight themed Centerpiece to the Vampire Ball! A $250 gift certificate will be awarded to the very best centerpiece as decided by our judges.

Here's some past entries...very cool!

This is a special event and it is not included in any ticket packages. Guests include ALEX MERAZ and BOOBOO STEWART! Enjoy a delicious continental breakfast with fellow fans and then personally meet stars from Twilight who will be escorted around to your table! Note: photos are allowed only upon entrance of the stars, then we ask that cameras be put away so the guests can casually meet everyone.

Tickets are EXTREMELY limited and are $99

Come dressed in your finest costume as any Twilight themed character or make up your own! A $250 gift certificate is awarded to the very best! Let your creative juices flow and come ready to "thrill!"

Here's where YOU get to show off your knowledge of all things Twilight: novels and film! There's the YES/NO game where contestants are brought up from the audience to vie for hundreds of dollars in prizes, and we'll also be doing our famous "Stump The Experts" game where audience members can try to stump the Twilight geniuses and win! So let's get studying and ready to win.... please bring along trivia questions to ask too: all questions must be answered by something that appeared in the novels or in the film.

The Twilight Lexicon, quoted by Stephenie Meyer as "the brightest star in the Twilight online universe," is one of the original and most visited Twilight fansites. They will be hosting panels throughout the weekend to share with the fans some of the great experiences and behind-the-scenes insights they’ve gained from their work in the fandom. Representing the website this weekend will be Laura (Pel). Panel topics and days are subject to change.

Friday - Forks High School
Ever wonder what the real Forks HS is like? What would the gym have looked like on prom day? What does the staff think about all the Twilight attention? Take a tour of the school and hear about the Lexicon's weekend at Forks High School.

Saturday - Italy
What is Montepulciano like? Can you really feel the Volturi lurking in the corners? Hear about the adventure The Twilight Lexicon and His Golden Eyes had getting to and exploring the filming location of the Volterra scenes.

Sunday - Tales from the Black carpet
Yes, you read that right, the premiere carpet was black and not red. Ever wonder what goes on between all the screaming at a Hollywood premiere? Find out as the Twilight Lexicon describes what it's like to be in the eye of the storm, now including exclusive new footage from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse black carpet.

Andrea O'Donnell is an award winning makeup artist who has been making the world a more beautiful place for over 20 years. In 2004, Andrea turned her focus toward the more colorful side of makeup artistry in the form of face and body painting, and founded her Michigan based company Fantasy Faces & BA BodyArt. Andrea is an internationally recognized artist, instructor, and competitor, winning 1st place at the 2009 Face and Body Art International Convention. She has been traveling with various Twilight fan conventions through the United States since 2008, but is now working exclusively with the Official Twilight Conventions, providing Twi-hard fans (and an occasional vampire or wolf) with all of their cosmetic needs; from fantasy makeup, to temporary tattoos, to hair accessories, jewelry, colored contacts and more!

The TwiGirl image series is Andrea's unique creation, her own artistic rendering of the stories and elements from this amazing book and film phenomenon. The original TwiGirl 2009 gained worldwide publicity and was published in several international magazines, including some from the UK and Australia. The second installment, TwiGirl 2010, has just been released exclusively for The Official Twilight Conventions, and both images can be found at the Fantasy Faces booth in the vendor hall.

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