Wednesday, December 1, 2010

:: Team Eclipse :: Countdown to Eclipse DVD Release: Rosalie's Advice

3 MORE DAYS!!! I think I'm getting happier as each day goes by!! I mean, earlier today as I was driving in to get my tires checked, I noticed the Eclipse poster hanging in our local Blockbuster window... I was grinning like a fool, until I almost ran into the back of someone... ONLY ME!

"Why yes officer, I was totally distracted by the Eclipse poster hanging in Blockbuster." LOL

Today's clip is Rosalie's back story. This is the only back story I enjoyed however, like my sister, I was little disappointed in one thing... According to the book, Rosalie goes to Bella, who is asleep in a bed Edward brought in for her, and THEN the infamous "LEG HITCH" happens... This sets up that "phone call" at the end of Bella's book in Breaking Dawn.  I wonder how Rosenberg will fix this....

Anyhoo... enjoy and mark off your calendar as we countdown till Eclipse releases to DVD!!!

Source: ClevverTv you tube page