Friday, December 3, 2010

::Team Twilight:: Fan Fiction Friday

You’ve got your new DVD, right? I know I have mine. Now here’s the big question, what are you going to do after the movie is over? Well, you could start it over, or you could take a break from your TV and get a little fic fix. Lab Tech Andi’s promised to keep things light with tales that won’t weigh you down. And the authors this week are some of the Love Shack’s very own. So before you press play again, head on over to the blue door behind the Love Shack, knock the electric beats of “Let’s Get Lost” by Beck and Bat for Lashes and the password is “Switzerland”. Be Safe!


The door flew open, without a sound, as if blown open by a strong wind. Suddenly, a blonde blur whooshed passed my desk turning my Snickers bar into a banana and leaving a sandwich on my desk in its wake.

“Hey! I was gonna eat that!” I shouted at the blur as it disappeared into the closet. I put the banana down on my desk and stood. Arms loaded with pillows, Rosalie emerged from the closet and headed toward the TV.

“I don’t doubt you had planned to eat that, but the food I brought you is so much better for you. Now be a good little lab tech and eat your lunch.” She said with a smirk. Putting the pillows down in front of the TV, she glanced around the lab, “The lab is really quiet today, where is everybody?”

“Russia.” I told her as I sat down and took a bite of my sandwich. “This is an awesome sandwich. Did you make this?”

“Yeah,” she said walking toward me. “Why did everybody go to Russia?”

“It’s a long story, but the short version is that some персона kidnapped Fifty and doesn’t seem to realize, ‘no’ means ‘no’. The authors got together with a few other fans to see if they could rescue him and return him to where he belongs. On top of that, the Eclipse DVD is being released on Saturday and most of them will just want to watch the movie instead of writing anyway. So, they don’t really need to be in the lab for that.” I took another bite of my sandwich. “So, what brings you to the lab? Usually, you’re hanging out with Renesmee.”

She sat down in the chair across from my desk and crossed her arms, “Oh, Edward and Bella wanted to take her to see Tangled at the Cineplex and Emmett wanted to tag along. I just don’t understand why he likes those kiddie movies so much; they’re an insult to intelligence. Anyway, I figured I’d hang out here and watch a movie with you and the authors, but I guess it’s just you.” Then she pulled a disk out of her pocket, “I brought ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. Do you want to watch it with me while you finish your lunch?”

“Sure!” I said excitedly as I grabbed my food, I headed over to the pillows. “I love that movie!” Rosalie popped the movie in while I got settled and continued to eat.

While the previews played, Rosalie leaned back into the pillows and asked, “So Andi, if the authors won’t be back in the lab for a while, what are you planning to deal out to the masses when they show up here on Friday?”

“Well, a few of my Love Shack Sisters are quite talented authors too. So, I thought it might be a good time for people to get to know a couple of them.”

“Awesome! So, lunch and a movie and then back to work?” She said smiling at me.

“Works for me!” I smiled back and we both turned our attention to the movie.


Now, I know you’ve had a few months to get to know the staff of the Love Shack, but perhaps some of you didn’t realize a few of them have incredible little fics all their own. So, this week I’m focusing on a couple of light fics from LaughingTwiGirl (Denise) and SydneyTwiMum. Since, I know you’ll want to watch your new DVD, I don’t want to tie you down with anything heavy and these fics are the perfect length to get that quick fix when you have to be away from your TV.

LaughingTwiGirl aka Denise is blessed with living in our new favorite location, New Orleans, LA and is an avid Twitterbug as well as being an active blogger on multiple blog sites.

The first of her fics that I want to introduce you is a little one-shot called, “Blueberries, Pineapples, Strawberries Oh My!” At a little dinner party, hosted by Edward and Bella, Alice discovers that Bella knows a few things about fruit salad that has nothing to do with its nutritional value. After you get done reading this little tale, I know exactly where most of you’ll be going, Google!

Next, I have her little multi-chapter tale titled “Dreams”. Dreams are whatever we imagine our lives to be and in Bella Swan’s ordinary day to day routine, she lives for the night. As a small bookstore owner, she really never expected anything in her life to change, but that was before he bumped into her on his way out of her store. Is this real or just another dream? From reading what she’s got out there right now, I think Denise has a few surprises up her sleeve, and I’ll tell you that her version of Marcus has got to be one of my new favorites! Stay tuned to this fic for exciting things to come.

Well, I’ll bet you can’t guess where SydneyTwiMum is from! If you guessed Sydney, FL, you are on the wrong side of the globe, my beloved Shacksters! She’s in awesome Australia! She is also a Twitterbug in her own right and multi-blogger too. (Hmmm… Am I the only one with only one blog? Anyhoo.)

My first little one-shot from her was the result of a fic gift exchange and was titled “By Chance or Destiny”. It’s Bella’s senior year in college, but now that her mom and step-dad are turning in their frequent flyer miles to plant roots, she’s decided to live on campus and be on her own. It had to happen eventually right? Walking down the hall to her new campus apartment, she can only begin to wonder what her roommates will be like. The little piece of paper the university sent her only had a first initial and a last name, so it wasn’t much to go on. Will they get along? You’ll have to read this amazing little fic to find out.

This next fic is her first crack at writing a multi-chapter tale and even at only one chapter up, I know this story has potential; it’s called “Crazy Beautiful”. Bella and her friends are on the downhill slide of high school senior year and she can hardly wait to be rid of this tiny town so that she can spread her wings. Of course, that was before she saw someone so indescribably beautiful, her brain could barely form a coherent thought. The fact that he already seems to know things about her only makes her even more curious about him. And after reading that chapter, I know I’m very damn curious!!

Okay, so since a good portion of you will have been up all night just waiting to have your DVD in hand, I’m recommending you curl up with my very own recipe for “Andi’s Freakishly Awesome Hot Chocolate”.

2 tbsp nonfat dry milk
1 tsp cocoa
2 tsp sugar
Pinch of salt
8 oz hot water

Stir in a mug and enjoy.

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