Friday, February 3, 2012

::Team Twilight:: Fan Fiction Friday

Been experiencing any déjà vu lately?  Feeling like you’re in a runt?  Never fear, Lab Tech Andi’s been researching fresh deals to brush off the blah blah of the everyday routine.  So, skip down the path to the blue door at the back of the shack, knock the upbeat tune of the “Pennsylvania Polka” and the password is “New Day”.  Be Safe!!


“Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cooooold out there today.”
“It's coooold out there every day. What is this, Miami Beach?”
“Not hardly. And you know, you can expect hazardous travel later today with that, you know, that, uh, that blizzard thing.”
“That blizzard - thing. That blizzard - thing. Oh, well, here's the report! The National Weather Service is calling for a "big blizzard thing!"
“Yessss, they are. But you know, there's another reason why today is especially exciting.”
“Especially cold!”
“Especially cold, okay, but the big question on everybody's lips... “
“On their chapped lips...”
“On their chapped lips, right: Do ya think Phil is gonna come out and see his shadow?”
“Punxsutawney Phil!”
“That's right, woodchuck-chuckers - it's...”

Ok, it was funny the first time.  It was even funny the second and third time, but when Emmett restarted that moronic movie for the 18th time I’d had it.

“Emmett! It’s not even Groundhog’s Day anymore!!! Can’t you watch something else?” I begged.

“But Rose won’t let me watch it over there!”

“I’m beginning to agree with her.”

This whole thing started yesterday morning when Emmett burst into the lab yelling “GROUNDHOG DAY” waving a disc in the air.  I recognized the movie right away and since I’d always thought it was funny, I agreed to let him play it.  Of course that was before I realized he was going to torture with it.

The first time through, I couldn’t even concentrate are Emmett and I laughed ourselves sick.

The second time, he recited all the lines along with the movie.

The sixth time, Jasper came over and they actually played out the scene where Phil runs into Ned on the sidewalk every time it played on the screen.  Alright, I must admit that was actually sort of funny.

After the eighth time, I was getting tired and Emmett started throwing snowballs at me when the characters started to do that in the movie.  And I started to yell at him, at which point Alice actually saved me for a few hours to get some sleep.  Then he woke me up this morning by playing it again and the first few times through I was able to tune it out, but now I was starting to lose my mind.

“Please Emmett! I just can’t take it! I’m losing my mind!” I began to bang my head on the table.

“Fine,” he sighed as he started to dig around in a cabinet. “Hey, here’s a copy of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, wanna watch that?” He came over and waved the movie in front of my face.

“Just so I don’t have to hear about a weather predicting rodent.”
So he headed over to the player and slipped the disc in.  Ah, finally something new.


How a vampire with perfect recall can find enjoyment out of watching a movie that many times is beyond me, but since I had my own repeating event, all my deals this week have a repeating theme, but I’ll spare you the same torture.

Funny how the past tends to repeat itself, like it does in this little tale called “The New Kids” by A.Ash.  It’s been 7 years since Renesmee’s birth and the Cullen family has decided it’s time to relocate and start high school again.  For Nessie, this will be the first time she’ll be surrounded by a normal human existence, which is making the rest of the family nervous, but she couldn’t be more excited.  However, she’s been keeping Jacob at a distance only acknowledging his friendship and overlooking his desire for more.  Will she learn to love Jacob the way he wants her to? Or will she meet someone at school and repeat the history that brought her Mom and Dad together?  This is a very innocent story and the humor in it will have you rolling.  It’s so very cute to see Nessie grow up.

Sometimes, doing the same thing over and over again only gives you the same thing, unless you’re willing to make a few changes like the characters in this story called “The Appointment” by BadJuJuBoo.  Bella and Edward have the perfect life, a beautiful home, a successful career, every need fulfilled.  Or is it?  Things are not always what they appear to be because they hide what’s really wrong.  Bella hides behind her personal indiscretions, while Edward hides behind his work, but when the pieces start to fall away, Edward decides therapy is the way to go.  As I said before, things are not always what they appear to be… Be warned, this story is hot and the lemons are graphic, but they have purpose, which is rare for a tale requiring so many cold showers.

It’s the little things in life like in this tale titled “The Butterfly Effect” by LyricalKris.  Edward's fall from grace destroyed not only his life, but the lives of those he loved the most. When he passes out teetering on the edge of total destruction and wakes up 17 again, how many times will he have to repeat the same day to set things right?  My favorite thing about this story was Edward’s realization of his geekiness.  Aren’t all teenage boys kinda geeky and clueless?  Maybe going back with the memory of his future will help out this time, of course maybe not.

To go along with all these repeating fics, I think we should have a drink that repeats too, so I’m recommending a 7 & 7.
2 oz. Whiskey, straight grain
5 oz. 7-up
1 wedge Lemon

Mixing Instructions
A classic whiskey recipe. Use a highball glass, and fill it with cubed ice. Add the whiskey and 7-up, stir slightly, and garnish with a lemon wedge.

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The deal has been made. ;)


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