Friday, January 27, 2012

::Team Twilight:: Fan Fiction Friday

“Out on your own, Cold and alone again. Can this be what you really wanted, baby?” If you just don’t want to be alone tonight, Lab Tech Andi will always be here for you! Just grab something comfy and head to the blue door at the back of the shack, knock the rhythm of “Lacrymosa” by Evanescence and the password is “Amadeus”. Be Safe!


I hit play on my iPod and the room immediately filled with the sound of violins. I curled up on one end of couch, letting the music drowned out all the other sounds in the lab and continued reading my story. The combination of the music and the story I was reading made me completely oblivious to anything going on around me. So you can imagine my shock when my music was suddenly cut off.

“HEY! I was listening to that!” I turned in the direction of my stereo and saw Edward holding my iPod and scrolling through my music files.

“No you weren’t, no one really listens to that crap! Mozart was an imbecile, and I refuse to let anyone be fooled his odd fame!” he explained and then mumbled. “There must be some Bach or Chopin on here! Don’t these humans know anything about GOOD classical music?”

Knowing that I didn’t have to actually speak, I got up and glared as I walked toward him. For your information, I happen to like Mozart. Put it back! As I raised my hand to take it from him he flashed to the other side of the room, still scrolling through my files.

“EDWARD! This is my lab! It happens to be Mozart’s Birthday today and I’m listening to my music! NOW PUT IT BACK!!!” I yelled knowing there was no way I’d be able to catch him if he decided to run all over the lab. He glared at me from across the room and that’s when Alice’s tinkling laugh floated through the opening door.

“I’m so glad I didn’t get here earlier,” she skipped over to Edward plucking the device from his fingers and danced over handing it back to me. “That was way too funny! Come on, Edward. Let’s leave the humans to their music.”

“But it’s horrid and I can hear it for miles!” he exclaimed following after her.

“Hm,” she paused briefly, appearing to be looking for something. “Jazzy’s getting out his guitar, want to play something worthwhile?”

“Oh, anything to be away from here before she turns that noise back on.” And they sped off into the forest.


As quickly as I could, I plunked it back in the dock, turning it all the way up. That will teach him, I thought and giggled to myself. That brought me to all my dealings for today, whether Edward likes the songs or not, they all have a little music in them, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

In this classically canon story titled “Music Lessons” by locqua, Edward and Bella explore the many magical qualities of music and the ways that it can be quite an aphrodisiac, even for vampires. When Edward shares his passion for classical music with Bella, they discover a whole new world together just weeks before their nuptials. The first half of this tale is a multiple chapter missing moment tale with the remaining chapters just fun and sexy one-shots. I always forget how much I really miss the playfulness that existed in the books between Bella and Edward until I find an author that gets it and reminds me that their book personas are so much less angsty. You’ll love reading through this just as much as I did.

Here is an adorably innocent tale called “For You I Will” by Xo-SARCASTIC-oX. For several years, Edward Cullen has been helping his mother teach music to young kids in their family garage, but if he has to struggle with one more reluctant 8 year-old he’s going to lose his mind. In an attempt to find music students more his age, Edward decides to put up a few flyers around school, but he’s been nearly invisible walking the halls, so his expectations are pretty low. Imagine his surprise when the girl of his dreams, the ‘IT’ girls notices his flyer and takes down his number. This is a quick read and it’s very cute. I love geeky Edward stories.

You’ll not want to miss a single note of this beautiful and heartbreakingly sweet tale titled “Music of the Heart” by wmr1601. From a very early age, music has been Bella’s sanctuary and the only thing that has brought love into her life in return. However, when she finally draws up the courage to escape her crumbling marriage, she’ll be forced to leave all her music and those she loves behind. But when she hears the music again, is it really fate showing her the way? Has her past really let her go to let her be happy? My favorite thing about this story is that the Charlie is a complete opposite; he owns a restaurant and knows how to cook!! You’ll love it!

And finally, a little Mozart inspired tale called, “A Little Night Music” by katinki. Bella, once broken and scared, finds her only comfort in a rented sound studio playing the piano late into the night. Across the hall a kindred spirit plays along and calls out to its mate. Will these two be able to handle the attraction that pulls them towards one another? Will they burn up in the flames of their pasts?

Being that it’s Mozart’s birthday and I just like to annoy Edward, I think everyone should have a glass of “Mozart”

1 1/2 oz. Rum, anejo
1 tsp. Triple Sec
1/2 oz. Vermouth, sweet
2 dashes Bitters, orange
1 twist Lemon

Mixing Instructions
Shake everything with ice; strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

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