Friday, July 15, 2011

::Team Twilight:: Fan Fiction Friday

You’ve been under this spell for a while and now that it’s over, we mourn its loss. As lovers of fiction, we’ve adopted some characters as family; watched them grow in print and then on screen, but the adventure has to end sometime, right? So, Lab Tech Andi is casing her own spell and bidding a fond farewell to Harry Potter with just a few magical deals she came across. So point your broomstick toward the blue door at the back of the shack, knock the heavy beat of “Stupify” by Disturbed and the password is “Alohomora”. Be Safe!

I felt him hovering just behind me, his cool breath danced along the flesh of my neck. I knew that my pulse was increasing with each exhale and tap-tap-tap of my fingers. He breathed out once more making me shiver.

“What is taking you so long?” he growled low in my ear and I whirled around on him in frustration.

“Emmett McCarty Cullen! I would get this done faster if you would just leave me ALONE!!” I growled back at him and turned back to my keyboard. “Rose, can’t you please get him to leave me alone? I’m begging you!” I said under my breath knowing that she’d still be able to hear me. Emmett walked to the front of my desk and leaned in until he was mere millimeters from my face. I raised my eyes to his ochre ones, sucked in a controlled breath and blew in his face, “Go. Away.”

“You’re going to make us late!” he stated and then banged his hand on my desk making me jump a little and paced away from my desk.

“Leave Andi alone, Emmett” Rosalie said as she continued to casually flip though the magazine in her lap. “She’s not going to make us late for anything.”

“But she is!” he pouted and I suspect he was only attempting to gain an ally. It wasn’t working. Rose just rolled her eyes. He walked back over to stand behind me. “You type so slowly!! Move, I’ll type!” and as I felt his massive hands begin to curl around the tops of my arms like he was going to move me himself, the lilting piano of Dashboard Confessional’s ‘Blame it on the Changes’ began to stream from his pocket, Alice’s ringtone.

“But… Fine.” He stabbed at his phone and roughly shoved it back in his pocket as he walked away from me.

“Alice told you to leave me alone, didn’t she?” I asked and giggled a little continuing to type.

“Yes, but if you don’t hurry up, I’m going to ignore her.” He fumed from the other side of the room.

“Emmett, it’s just movie,” I pleaded from my chair but the statement only made him speed to me and invade my space again.

“Only a MOVIE! ONLY A MOVIE!!” He turned his head to Rose, “She thinks this is only a movie!” He threw his hand in the air and forced a laugh then slammed his hand back on my desk. “THIS, you silly girl, is NOT just some MOVIE!! It’s the LAST HARRY POTTER MOVIE!! There will not be anymore after this one!! This IS IT!! AND I DON’T WANT TO MISS IT! YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME MISS IT!!”

Calmly, I put my hands on my desk and rose from my chair making my nose touch his, “It’s not like they’re going to destroy the movie once they show it. Besides, you guys have a private theater! It won’t even start until we get there! You WON’T MISS ANYTHING! Now. Go. Away.” I moved to sit back down and he snapped his teeth at me, but I didn’t flinch. Rose giggled at my fearlessness.

“Come here Emmett and let her finish,” Rose cooed patting the cushion next to her. “She’ll never get done if you keep interrupting her. Come.”

It was the most alluring thing I’d ever seen Rosalie do, but it worked to get Emmett away from my desk and I tap-tap-tapped as fast as my little fingers could tap, so that Emmett could go see his movie.

So in honor of the very last Harry Potter film, I’m paying homage to magic and the magical and even found a way for the Cullen’s to help Harry crossover. I hope you enjoy.

First, I’m giving you a tale with little hidden magic called “An Untitled Continuation of the Twilight Saga” by gothicfictionfan. It’s been almost six years after Bella became a vampire and the Cullen family has moved once more to start again. With Renesmee almost an adult the family has decided to enroll her in a private all-girls school while the rest of her family begins classes at the nearby public school. But a new beginning doesn’t necessarily mean that danger doesn’t lurk around the corner. Will the Cullen’s be able to fight off this new unfamiliar threat?

Second, I found a bit of otherworldly magic in “The Mirrors” by adorablecullens. Some families have secrets that go back generations and are so mythical they could only be the inventions of fairytales or the insane. As a child, Teddy discovered a doorway into another world and found a kindred spirit. At first he wondered if it was just a very realistic dream, but when his doorway is suddenly lost with the destruction of a family heirloom, his life is forever changed. Now as an adult, can Edward let down his carefully constructed shield and open himself back up to magic and love when he meets a beautiful - and hauntingly familiar - woman in real life?

Lastly, I give you a tale that takes you all the way to Hogwarts called “The Secret Keeper” by A. E. Giggle. Bella and the Cullen’s have been through so much and after being victorious against Victoria and the newborns, they thought all their danger was gone. At least until Bella’s bracelet begins to heat up, alerting her to dangerous events unfolding at her old school, Hogwarts. That’s right, Bella has a secret of her own and now she has no choice but to inform the Cullen’s of her true, magical identity. To put it simply ... she's a Witch and Voldemort is after Harry. Now, she and the Cullen’s will join in the battle to fight off the Death Eaters and save Hogwarts.

To go along with these magical tales, I thought I’d find something that might be a magical ingredient called “Vipers Venom”

1oz Cinnamon Schnapps
3 Scoops Ice Cream
1oz Peach Schnapps
1oz Sambuca

Mixing Instructions:
Blend Ice Cream till it is smooth. Add the Peach Schnapps blend. Add Sambuca Blend. And add Cinnamon Schnapps and blend. Pour into bowl or glass for a milkshake.

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