Friday, July 8, 2011

::Team Twilight:: Fan Fiction Friday

I'm sure you've been shaking with need, digging around for that next hit, scraping by with anything you could get your hands on, but Lab Tech Andi is in her own recovery and has put together a few tales that are sure to let you escape whatever hell you're in too. So head to the back of the shack, knock the beats of "Good Life" by OneRepublic and the password is "Rescue". Be Safe!


It was like I’d been living at the bottom of the ocean these past few weeks; I usually thrived under stress, but lately all I could feel was its weight bearing down on me. Slowly, I felt myself surfacing like I was swimming through a heavy syrup; my brain only half functioning. On the edges of my consciousness, I couldn't hear the voices trying to pull me further out of my dream-state.

“Andi, you need to get up! Can she even hear us?” Bella said just a few inches from my head.

“Oh, I'm quite certain she can hear us,” Alice responded. “In fact, she should be awake in another 32 seconds.”

I rolled over trying to bat them away, but they swiftly moved out of the path of my swinging arm. “Go away!” I pleaded to them. “Why won't you just leave me be?”

“Because we have let you be for too long now. The addicts need you, the authors are worried about you, and quite frankly, I'm tired of watching you sit around here all day.” Bella said as she pulled me into a sitting position. “You need to get back into the routine of things, you have things to do.”

“But I don’t even know what to give them.” I rolled over again, this time to face them. “Alice, look into the future and tell me what stories they want.”

“Andi,” Alice sat down beside me, “you know I won’t know that unless you’ve already made up your mind yourself. Besides, it’s not like you haven’t been reading. Just give them something that you like and the rest of it will come together.”

“Are you sure?”

“We’re sure!” They said in unison which made me giggle a little.

“Ok, but if I get this together, can we do something fun?” I asked dragging myself out of bed.

“Definitely!” Bella told me as she pushed me toward the bathroom. “Now get a move on, we don’t have time to waste!”


Then I began thinking, what would I give my poor neglected addicts? Something fun? Something dark? Something I’ve loved? Alright, then here goes…

First, I’ll give you a tale that makes me laugh quite often called “Spirit of '76” by spanglemaker9. It's July 4th, 1976, and all of New York City has cut loose to celebrate - everyone except Edward Cullen. But Emmett refuses to let him sink any further into the family mold and insists they head into the city without a single plan. Of course that’s when they bump into two very modern girls who seem to remain just slightly out of reach. Will they ever manage to catch them? The whole one-shot is awesome and this author never disappoints, but I think the funniest part of this story is the image of Emmett in bell bottom pants and platform shoes. It’s just so Emmett.

Next I’ll give you a story by a fairly new author that I picked up only for the simple reason that he has a way with painting pictures with words called “The Photographer” by BellasBritishNerd. Edward and Bella have known each other since high school, were even best friends, but once she moved away under the pretence of attending college, their level of communication suffered and Edward wasn’t sure he’d ever hear from her again, even if he couldn’t ever stop loving her. However, fate works in funny ways and even when you think you have everything you want; do you ever really have everything you need? Will their continued lack of communication eat away at the thread-bare amount of trust they had to begin with? This story is not a happy one and this Edward is sexy, but pretty rough around the edges. So if you like your Edward’s a tad on the raw side, I know you’ll love this tale too.

Finally, I’ll give you a tale that’s a beautiful struggle called “Never Bargained For You” by SpringHale. Edward Cullen, a PhD candidate in English Literature and father of two little girls, wishes he could change his past when his wife, Tanya, suddenly up and disappears without a warning. In search of understanding, he seeks out the guidance of an author who has inspired him to find a new purpose in life, Bella Swan. However, Bella has her own turmoil from a failing celebrity marriage and simply wants to delve into something new so she won’t have to think much about her own life. How will these two souls help each other mend as they blur the line between student and mentor? What I love about this story is that it makes you think about more than the characters; it makes you really want to know what moves them. Read this and you’ll want to know them too.

Now to go along with these little beauties, I think I’ll recommend a Cranberry Lifesaver:

2oz Amaretto
1oz Cranberry juice

Mixing Instructions
Mix together with crushed ice in a glass and garnish with mint leaves

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