Friday, May 6, 2011

::Team Twilight:: Fan Fiction Friday

Oh Darlin’, are you looking for that perfect gift for that wonderful lady in your life, the one you call Mom? Maybe you want a gift to give yourself? If that’s the case, Lab Tech Andi might have something just in your size. All you have to do is find the blue door at the back of the shack, knock out the guitar riffs from ELO’s song "Ma-Ma-Ma Belle" and the password is “Momma”. Be Safe!


I swirled my brush in the yellow paint and then swept it over the clay mug I’d been handed. While I loaded my brush with more paint, I took in the vision before me and it made me smile.

When I got up this morning, the only thing I had planned was to get up, take a shower, get dressed, and head to the lab, but as soon as I’d opened my door to head out to my car, there stood Alice, beside a silver Volvo, in my driveway.

“Give me your briefcase and get in the car, you’re coming with us.” She commanded, grabbing my things from me and racing to throw them in the trunk. I bent down to peer inside and saw Rose sitting behind the wheel and Renesmee waving wildly from the backseat. I laughed a little as I stood and heard a car door open. “Come on, slow poke! Get in the car already!” she whined as I slid into the backseat with Nessie. By the time I heard my car door close, she was sitting in the seat in front of me.

“Well, this is an interesting surprise!” I said to no one in particular, “Any special reason you’ve come to drive me to the shack this morning?”

“We’re not going to the shack this morning” Nessie answered bouncing in her seat. “We’re taking you to paint pottery!”

I raised my eyebrows and looked around the car, “Pottery?”

“Well, you know Mother’s Day is coming up and Bella is so funny about gifts,” Rose began to explain, “so we knew that Nessie couldn’t just buy her mother something.”

“However, if she made something for her mother,” Alice continued with a mischievous grin. “Then Bella would have no reason to refuse it.”

“Okay… so why am I here?” I asked.

“Because, Andi, it’ll be fun!” Nessie replied as though it was the most obvious answer in the world. Alice and Rose just laughed and we continued on to the pottery place.

The place was deserted when we got there, but I knew that was probably only because it was so early. I walked around the studio looking at the items that had already been painted, glazed, and ready for pick up. I also saw several interesting glass pieces, some made into jewelry. “This is very pretty. Is it painted?” I asked examining one of the pieces.

“No, that’s fused glass.” The proprietor stated. “We have several kits over there.” He pointed to the back wall.

“Oh, I’m going to do that!” Rose said grabbing a kit from the shelf and then settling herself at a table. The rest of us wandered along the back wall looking at all the things, just waiting to be painted. Renesmee carefully selected a trinket box with a beautifully sculpted fairy sitting serenely on top.

“I think Momma will like this, don’t you?” she said as she skipped over to show me.

“I completely agree!” I told her looking at the box.

“Hey Andi! Here’s what you need to paint.” Alice said as she crossed the room clutching the largest coffee mug I’d ever seen.

“What on earth do I need that for?” I asked laughing.

“For fun, what else?” she told me as she handed it to me. “Now let’s sit down and Nessie, I’ll help you with yours.”

Now, I knew there was no way I could create a design as intricate as the one Alice was trying to help Renesmee paint on those fairy wings, so I just kept it simple and they were right, this was really fun!

It took all of the morning and a good part of the afternoon, but by the time we left, Nessie had painted a fairy with wings that practically appeared transparent even though they weren’t; Rose had created some amazing glass earrings for Esme for Mother’s Day; and I had painted a gigantic and completely impractical coffee mug. As we handed over our creations to be glazed and fired, the shop owner told us we could pick up our things in a couple days.


As we headed back, I thought about all of the wonderful mothers in our lives, the ones that love us beyond reason. And so, being inspired, all my tales today feature our two favorite mothers. I hope you enjoy!

My first little motherly tale is something all mothers learn to put up with “Six Interruptions” by Brynna. From the moment Esme and Carlisle came together, it was destined that at some point, each of the Cullen kids would intrude upon at least one intimate moment for the first time. Throughout the many decades they’ve been together, this is a peek at each of those interruptions. This tale is cute and a few of the reasons behind those interruptions may just surprise you.

My next motherly tale is a bit like life, titled “La Dolce Vita: Hollywood Living” by johnnyboy7. Bella is taking her son and starting over in Los Angeles, leaving behind an abusive past and a dark secret. But just because she had a plan, that doesn’t mean that’s where she was destined to be. Edward is a widowed mega movie star, with two children and the insane notion that he’ll never fall in love again. However, when their sons’ become fast friends, they’ll find themselves being hurdled into a frenzied Hollywood romance. Will they burn out as quickly as the rest of Hollywood? Will Bella be able to keep her secrets forever? This is a wonderfully complex story, with a plot that always keeps you on your toes. For a change, the Edward in this tale has dealt with most of his demons and doesn’t feel unworthy of Bella’s love. He just wants something honest and true, but can he handle the truth?

My next tale may not have kids in it, but is a wonderfully light Esme piece called “Guide to Losing a Player in One Date” by sleepyvalentina. Set in 1986, Carlisle Cullen, a first-year med student, was not only at the top of his class, but he'd also been rumored to have been on top of the majority of his female classmates. Now, in a gross anatomy lab, Esme Masen, has found herself stuck with him as a lab partner. Will she be able to resist his smooth player moves or will she find a way to beat him at his own game? This story is actually a series of dates and not just one, but the titles for each chapter will have you laughing all by themselves.

And lastly, I had to bring back Mom-ella in this little tale titled “Play Dates” by SarahCullen17. Bella is a young single mother of a five-year-old son, Emerson. She doesn’t have much, but she’s smart and manages to make due. Because her son has kept her so busy, a love life has never been high on her priority list. That is until her son becomes slightly smitten with little five-year-old Emmy, Edward’s only daughter. He too is a young single parent, just trying to make ends meet, so the idea of dating has been the furthest thing from his mind. But what if your kids insisted? Play dates could be a lot more interesting.

So, I think to go along with these deals, we need a mom-worthy drink, so I suggest a “Blushing Lady”


1 oz PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur
2 oz vodka
1 oz pink grapefruit juice
lemon wedge
coarse sugar for rimming

Mixing Instructions

Rub a wedge of lemon around the rim of a martini glass and dip the glass into a plate of coarse sugar. Set it aside. Pour the remaining ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice.
Shake and strain into the garnish martini glass.

I hope you all have a marvelous Mother's Day and until next week. Tweet (FanFicDealer), Message me on Facebook, or email ( if you want to talk shop.

The deal has been made. ;)