Friday, February 11, 2011

::Team Twilight:: Fan Fiction Friday

Go tell your husband, boyfriend, or significant other that you’ve found somebody new. Lab Tech Andi is kidnapping you for Valentine’s Day and holding your captive with these exotic little fics that promise something just slightly out of the ordinary. So, when you find yourself standing in front of a blue door without knowing how or when you got there, knock the lively beat of “I Do” by Colbie Caillat and the password is “Mon Coeur”. Be Safe!


“Wow! What a game!” I said to Esme as I carried an arm full of dishes to the dishwasher. “That was incredible! It’s too bad that no one actually scored though.” She took the dishes from me and loaded them into the machine.

It was the day of the big football game, the Quileute pack versus the Cullen Clan. The afternoon was blocked out for our game and then later Charlie, Billy, and a few other human friends were coming to the Cullen’s house to watch the Super Bowl on the their ridiculously huge flat screen. So everyone had gathered in the clearing, and thankfully Renesmee was sitting beside me filling me in on the details. They were all moving so fast, it was hard for my human eyes to take it all in. They’d been tossing that football around for four hours and just when the Cullen’s were about to claim the first touchdown, Paul phased, catching the ball with his teeth and popping it as he bit down, ending the game.

“If I could have seen that he’d do that, I would have brought extra balls.” Alice chimed in as she also carried in a load of dirty dishes, a slight frown on her face.

“Well, that’s something to note for next time.” I smiled as I walked passed her and back out into the dining room where Bella was dashing around the room picking up paper plates and cups. “With Valentine’s Day coming on a Monday this year, what sort of plans does everybody have?” I inquired out of curiosity.

“Edward and I are taking Nessie and Jake down to the Amazons.” Bella answered tying up the bag she had. “Zafrina’s been bugging us forever to bring Nessie, so we thought it would be good and Edward and I can get in some alone time while she occupied.” Bella wore a smug little smile and I was just sure she had other plans, but I didn’t even want to ask.

“Jasper’s taking me to Italy to visit some of those designer stores we saw the last time we were there.” Alice declared dancing around the room moving furniture back into place as she passed. “I’ve been dying to go back ever since, but it wasn’t until now, it seemed safe to venture there.”

“Where are you and Carlisle going, Esme?” I asked turning my head back toward the kitchen. I heard her start up the dishwasher and walked at human speed to join us.

“Isle Esme, of course!” and we all giggled.

“Well, I bet Emmett got some big romantic plans up his sleeves.” I stated to no one in particular.

“Actually,” Rosalie announced from the doorway, “Emmett and I are headed to Chicago for the Chicago Car Show.”

“Really?” I ask a little surprised. “How’d he talk you into that one?”

“It was my idea,” she shrugged. “I’d much rather look at all those beautiful machines then clothes any day.” She responded and Alice stuck out her tongue at Rose.

As Bella tied up another bag of trash, she said, “You know, it’s good that we all have somebody, but I still feel sort of sad for Leah.”

“Okay, that was random,” I said back.

“No, let me explain.” Then she sat in one of the chairs before she spoke again. “While we were playing today, I noticed how hard she attacked Sam. I was like she was looking to get even. Maybe, she would feel better balanced if she had someone in her life.”

“Hmm… I think you’re onto something there.” I nodded. “So, if you were going to try to find anyone a mate, who are the people you think need them the most?”

“Oh, Jane for sure!” Alice added, “Although if her mate was as equally dangerous and evil they might take down the Volturi. Aro would not be happy with that outcome.”

I laughed, “Ok, who else?”

“I think Mike,” Bella said, thoughtful.

“Mike Newton?” I questioned. “Well, he’s human and we could just put him up on, but isn’t he still dating Jessica?”

“I don’t think so.” Esme said. “They broke up when they both went away to college.” I cocked my head a little and looked at Esme; she shrugged. “What? I hear things. This is a very small town.”

I shook my head. “You know, most of the time, the stories I deal out on Friday are all about you guys. What if give this Friday to non-Cullen centric stories?”

“That’s a great idea!” Alice exclaimed with everyone else nodding their agreement.

“Okay, then I’m off to the lab to see what I can dig up, unless you need me for anything?” I asked standing.

“Andi, we’ve got this covered. You’re too slow to be useful anyway; go do your thing,” Rose said as she pushed me towards the door.


So, that was that, and just for Valentine’s Day we’re giving the Cullen’s a little bit of a break while we meddle in the lives of other characters. I hope you, enjoy!

My first valentine goes out to Jane in a little known tale called “Broken Dolls” by hopeforastalemate. After the Volturi return to Italy, Jane, who has always had her brother at her side, manages to find herself alone for the first time in her very long life when Alec gets mated. Without her brother around, Jane is temperamental and hard to get along with, burning anyone who looks at her the wrong way. Finally, Aro’s had enough and makes the suggestion that Jane start looking for a mate of her own, even if she has to go human to find one. But things get complicated when the person she chooses actually has some ties to the Volturi and has an even stronger personality than Jane. Who would have ever guessed that? This is a very sweet story and amazingly makes the Volturi a much softer and likable cast of characters, instead of the villains they’re usually made out to be. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself pulling for the vamps you’re so used to hating.

My next valentine is for Leah, inside this amazing creative titled “Rising Star” by HopeReborn. Things have settled down since the standoff in the cleaning and everybody’s moved on. Charlie’s officially in a relationship with Sue; Leah’s going to school and studying to be a nurse at the hospital with Carlisle; Seth spends his time with Bella and Alice getting tutored in math. Life has returned to normal that is until someone new, with an incredible number of powers, moves to Forks turning everyone’s lives upside down and unknowingly bring something potentially more dangerous with him. Will joining all the supernatural powers existing in Forks be powerful enough to fight this evil? And just what do the Quileute legends have to do with all this? This is one tale that will have you on the edge of your seat just waiting to find out what’s going to happen next. As a bonus, this little tale has an equally hot lemony outtake called “Clash of Worlds” and because it’s the valentine season, this is one you certainly don’t want to miss.

The last valentine I found is for Mike and Tanya in a fun and adventurous tale called “Life and Death with the Original Succubus” by April Rane. Between the Cullen’s and the Denali’s, everyone has found their perfect match, for heaven sakes even Nessie has a mate, except Tanya. She’s alone and spending time with so many couples is annoying. All she wants is some peace and quiet, so when Bella and Edward offer to take her with them to Forks with an opportunity to escape everyone else’s intimate relations, she jumps at the chance. For reasons that are unexplained, she finds herself attracted to the one person who annoys Edward worse than Jacob ever did. Mike Newton, on the other hand, is involved in a passionless relationship, engaged to Jessica Stanley, but ever since Tanya walked into his parents sporting goods store he craves something more exciting. Will this be exactly what the other has been looking for? You’ll have to pick up this little fic just to see how the Cullen’s take the news about Mike.

So just for the occasion, I’ve concocted another delightful cocktail that I’ve dubbed a “Cullentine”
2oz Apple liqueur
1oz Vodka
3oz Cranberry Juice
Ice Cubes

Mixing instructions
Shake ingredients with ice then strain into a wine glass.

Here's hoping everyone has a Sparkly Valentine's Day! If you're part of my challenge, be sure to log the chapters you've reviewed for the Million Word Reading Challenge, Tweet (FanFicDealer), Message me on Facebook, or email ( if you want to talk shop.

The deal has been made. ;)