Sunday, January 30, 2011

::Team Fan Fiction:: It's Official! 2011 Million Word Read & Review Fan Fiction Challenge

"The act of writing is an act of optimism. You would not take the trouble to do it if you felt that it didn't matter."
~Edward Albee

Hello and Welcome! I'm so glad you've found or maybe stumbled into this little Fan Fiction Reading Challenge! Reading is important, whether it's published literature or self published fan fiction. By reading, we learn about ourselves, about others, and expand our vision of the world around us. The power of words is incredible and they inspire each of us in different ways making us both the teacher and the student within our small space in the universe.

For 2011, I saw that is encouraging people to read by creating a book reading challenge and I know several people who have decided to take that on. However, in the world of fan fiction, stories aren't published in the same way; they're published a single chapter at a time, which makes it difficult to keep track of how many stories you've read. Not to mention that the currency of the fandom is valued in feedback, not money. So, this is what I decided to take on, create a reading challenge that would reward the reader as well as the writer, thus my challenge was born.

Now, unlike the Goodreads challenge, I'm not letting you pick your goal. It's a million words, plain and simple, just because I liked the number. Based on the addicts that visit my blog posting on Fridays, a million words isn't even a challenge, so it makes me wonder just how fast can you get to a million? Hmmm... we shall see. ;)

The rules as pretty much the same as I stated once before, but now here's the link to challenge on FF.Net:

So, are you ready to take me on? I hope so. I think this will be fun and I'm looking forward to seeing who joins me.

Now go READ! ;)