Wednesday, January 19, 2011

::Team Fan Fiction:: Did somebody order this Fan Fic Reading Challenge?

Ok, so I’m sittin’ here in the lab, minding my own business when “BAM!” I’m smacked in the head with an idea. So, now you’re probably thinking, “why is that a problem?” It’s a problem because I need some SERIOUS help! And again you’re thinking, “We already knew you were crazy, this is not news, Andi!” Actually, it IS news because I NEED input from YOU!!! Now, before you go calling those men in those nice white coats, unless those men happen to be Cullen’s in those coats, let me lay out the details and you can let me know what you think.

Well, on Sunday my lovely blog sister, Denise, announced to the shack that she was participating in the 2011 Goodreads Reading Challenge. Her goal is to read 10 books this year, which I know is seriously going to cut into her fan fiction reading time, but that’s her battle. Personally, it was a big stretch for me to fit in the four books I managed to read last year. So, she’s a better woman that I. ANYWAY… she lamented that there wasn’t any such challenge for fan fiction and that got me thinking… What would a fan fiction reading challenge look like?

I'm so GLAD you asked! Let me tell you what a fan fiction reading challenge might look like...

Introducing the 2011
"Million Word Read & Review Fan Fiction Challenge"

1. You have until December 31, 2011 to read one million words of any fan fiction you choose.
2. To get credit for the words you've read from a story you must submit a review to the author for each chapter of the fic that you’re claiming.
3. And since I’m neither a mind reader nor psychic, I will create a story post on where I will re-post the rules for this challenge. Each participate will submit a review to that story post, simply stating the story title, author, and chapter(s) they reviewed so that I can find out the number of words to add to your total. If you reviewed chapters 11-15 of a story then all of that info can all be submitted to the challenge in one post. All story reviews must be from the current year to qualify.
4. I thought I would post the word count totals for those participating each Sunday. It would simply be listed as a story update on that way people can see where they are.
5. Since this is not a contest, I’d love to be able to offer an incentive for all of those who actually complete the challenge; however I’m not sure what that incentive will be yet. Sorry, ideas?

So here are my ponderings...
~ Is a whole year too long?
~ Should we break it up into shorter blocks of time? If so, how long?
~ I don’t think reading a million words is completely out of reach for a whole year, it’s only about 20 minutes a day. Thoughts?
~ Who would be like to participate?

Lastly, do you have any questions for me? I don’t want to put together a challenge that’s full of holes, so let me know if there’s something that doesn’t make sense.

Ok, I guess that’s it. You have my grand plan. If we have interest, I’d like to start it on Sunday, January 30, 2011. That doesn’t give us long to knock out the bugs, but I’m hoping this will be fun for everyone. I’m going to hide under a blanket with my fan fics, now. :)


Fanfic Fairyblood said...

What a fantastic idea!!!! I just started a fanfic reading group for the SVM/TB Fandom~ it'll be a great challenge to get everyone involved. Brilliant, Sweetie~