Thursday, December 16, 2010

:: Team Eclipse :: Eclispse DVD Signings Announced!!!

Evening Shackers!!! Coming out with some amazing news from TwilightFB. This evening they released some information on how to get an Eclipse DVD signed by certain actors and actress' from the movie beginning this weekend! 

From Dallas Tx, to Salt Lake City UT to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Phoenix AZ to Denver Co to New York NY, nine stars from Eclipse will be on hand to sign Eclipse DVD's at local Best Buy's!!! 

You can find out all the information at or From what I understand, you must purchase a DVD in order to have it signed by the star(s) in attendance. Which sucks for me because I already own three copies!!! LOL

We, I mean, Baton Rouge, LA, have a Volturi four pack coming to our gig!! The lovely Daniel Cudmore, Charlie "Hot Stuff" Bewley, Cameron Bright (Alex) and Jamie Campbell Bower (Caius?)!!! I can't wait!!! 

So please, if you can go to any of the locations listed above, let us know and share your experience with us!! But remember, we are a Dog Free place here! LOL

Source: Twilight FaceBook page