Saturday, December 18, 2010

:: Team Eclipse :: Best Buy Signing in Baton Rouge LA

As most of you know already through FaceBook, I have mortally killed Lisa, the owner of this blog. LOL I attended the Best Buy Eclipse signing today in Baton Rouge and guess who was there???

Our very own Jasper Hale!! Yes ladies, the lovely Jackson Rathbone was present and as most of you saw on Face Book, I got Jackson to give Lisa and the blog site a shout out!!! 

And little does she know, someone made posters for the guys and the crowd signed them, and yes... I signed it with Dr. Cullen's Love Shack!!!! see....

Did she fall over again????? LOL

And this is about the best pic of Jackson I got! But don't despair... My friends are sending me theirs so I will be posting more of him!

And since we are dedicated to the Cullen Men, as a special treat, The Wonderful Robert Pattinson PRE SIGNED an Eclipse poster to be given out at the event to the first 100 people and YES! I was one of them!!!!

So in all, my day was pretty EPIC and I thin Lisa liked her little Christmas present I sent her!

Enjoy Shackers! And I promise, as I get more Jackson pictures, I will post them for all to see!!!!