Friday, October 29, 2010

::Team Twilight:: Fan Fiction Friday

Want some candy little girl? Maybe a nice red lollypop? Oh wait, I know what you want, you're one of those. The kind that crave dark delicious tales carefully woven by the literary kind. Well, I might not have what you desire, but I can tell you that Lab Tech Andi has something that might tame the monster that's clawing to get out. Just find the blue door at the back of the lab, knock the beats from "Monster Mash" and when asked, the password is "Just treats". You'll want to hurry so you don't end up with the tricks instead. Be Safe!


The lab was quiet tonight. The excitement surrounding the arrival of SydneyTwimum's little nudger, Charlotte, setting the Love Shack buzzing for a time was slowly starting to calm. Esme and Rosalie could hardly contain their desire to head straight to Australia and welcome the latest tiny addition and were busy planning their trip.

So, finally settling down with my files in my favorite chair, I began to sift through the work lay before me. As my eyes scanned the words on the page, my mind would drift briefly to the plans for later in the week. I knew Alice was coming over tomorrow to decorate the shack and lab for Halloween; it was really the only thing that kept her from traveling to Australia too. I wondered if she would bring over the pumpkins we carved a few nights ago. Jasper seemed especially skilled with a knife and his pumpkin was quite good.

I shifted my attention back to my work, highlighting items of interest, when a sharp clang echoed through the lab. My head shot up and I looked in the direction of the sound, but saw nothing. I opened another file.

Without warning, the sound system blared to life some classical piece I didn't know. I jumped out of my chair, turning in the direction of the unit, sending my papers scattering across the floor. "Damn it!" I mumbled under my breath as I walked toward the stereo to turn it off. With every step I took, an increasing sense of fear crept into my bones and my steps slowed. I glanced around me, eyes darting to every corner of the room and still I saw nothing. Finally reaching the stereo, I pushed the power button, plunging the room into silence once more. I sucked in a deep breath and released it slowly to calm my strangely edgy nerves as I turned to retrieve my wayward files from the floor.

My computer screen flickered to life all on its own and I pushed away the urge to scream. The lab was not usually a place I feared, it was where I came to relax, a place of refuge, but something was going on and this odd fear I had clouded all rational thought. I ignored the papers on the floor and headed to my desk. Playing on the computer monitor, was a video of a little girl, could have been Renesmee, dancing around a room, twirling in and out of a doorway. I moved closer to see if I could get a better look at the girl, when out of no where, a piercing scream and a picture of a horrific face, disrupted the video.

I screamed at the top of my lungs throwing myself backwards, figuring I would hit the floor, but a pair of strong arms grabbed me and I screamed again struggling to free myself, prepared to run out the door. The arms wrapped around my like steel bonds, holding me in place, as I trembled from the fear that encased me and my screams drowning out all other noise; my eyes, tightly shut, rendering me blind. I felt cold hands on either side of my face and as they held my head, my fear began to ebb.

That's when the laughter began to break through. My body was still trembling, but not from my fear, it was caused by the laughter of my capture. I opened my eyes to peer into the bright topaz of Jasper eyes and turned my head upward to see a laughing Emmett. I narrowed my glare at Jasper and commanded, "Emmett, let me go!"

"Oh, Andi! Don't be mad! With Rosie gone, I was bored and that was funny as hell; you should have seen your face!" Emmett exclaimed as he doubled over laughing again, smacking Jasper on the back.

"That was so not funny! You could have given me a heart attack!"

"Darlin', we never would have let it go that far." Jasper walked toward me with his hand outstretched.

"Oh hell NO! Both of you OUT!" I yelled at them. Still laughing, they both backed out the door leaving me to the peace of the lab. I wouldn't stay mad at them forever, but I was debating telling their wives. Emmett should never be left alone to entertain himself. Next time, I'll just have to insist Rose take him with her.


Being scared out of my wits may not have been my idea of a good time, but it is Halloween and tricks are all part of the holiday. So, all the tales I have to offer this week contain frightful delights to put you in the mood. Enjoy!

My first fright comes from a tale called "The Muse in the Attic" by ClearlyAmbiguous. Bella's been surrounded by mystery most of her life, from her mother's death to her husband's sudden request for divorce to the house she just inherited from her grandfather. As a small girl, she loved spending time with her grandfather and he loved telling her ghost stories, however, she never believed the stories were real. Now she's seeing things and she's afraid. Bella seeks out the help from a professional parapsychologist; find out what he discovers is lurking in its history. It will truly shock them all.

The next fright I have to offer is hidden deep in a completed story titled "Beautiful Hitchhiker" by emarroquin. Edward is running away from a broken-heart, it's been a long and exhausting journey, and he's starving. So when he decides to stop in a diner, he crosses paths with a woman who's just as broken and lost as he is, but someone he feels the strong desire to save. Now, both are on the run and something terrible is following after them, leaving a trail of brutal murders in their shadows. How long will it take them to discover that the killer is closer to them than they think? This tale is chilling and is chocked full of details you would never suspect.

My third fright for the night is truthfully not for the faint of heart. It's a small completed fic called "Lions Eat Lambs" by Raggdoll of Twilight. Bella and her friends think they are up for a few days of fun camping in the wonderful wilderness, but find they are completely unprepared for what really lurks in the forest. Bella wakes on her second day to find that all her friends are gone. Figuring they are only playing a joke, she sets out to find them, stumbling upon the manor of Edward Cullen. Little does she realize exactly what she's walking into when she steps into his house, and into a very dangerous game to ultimately rid him of his boredom. Not all monsters are make-believe and this story will keep you wide awake.

Ok, after that last one, I had to find a fic that was still frightening but one that gave us back just a little bit of the Edward we know and love and I found that in a haunting little one-shot called "Swan Song" by ElusiveLamb. It is said that the Mute Swan, upon death, releases one single beautiful song with its final breath to carry it on to the hereafter. So in this we find the story of two lost souls, swans if you will, longing to find the freedom their lives simply don't possess. Will finding each other give them the breath to find that song and experience the freedom they seek? This tale is a collaborative creation by lambcullen and elusivetwilight and is so hauntingly beautiful you'll never forget it.

You’ll need something strong to calm your nerves after these frightful fics, so I suggest a Bloodbath

2 shots Liqueur, raspberry (Chambord)
14 oz. (Merlot) Wine, red
1 splash Cranberry Juice (Ocean Spray)

Mixing Instructions
Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Strain into red wine glass.

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