Friday, October 22, 2010

::Team Twilight:: Fan Fiction Friday

Are you dying to go somewhere, but can't afford to travel? Well, Lab Tech Andi's flown all the way across the country to find these lovely little fics to help feed your travel bug as well as your usual literary addiction. When you're ready to reserve your seat on our virtual flight, please put your tray tables up, your seats in the upright most position, and make sure your electronics are turned on. When we reach the blue door at the back of the shack, knock the awesome beat of "Save Me, San Francisco" by Train and there's a pass phrase you'll need to know this week which is "Where I left my heart". Keep your hands and feet in the vehicle at all times and Be Safe!


Flying back to the Shack after spending a week in San Francisco, I wondered if Alice would ever forgive me for leaving her behind. I thought of all the begging she’d done while I was packing. She must have been able to see that no amount of begging would convince me to let her tag along.

“Alice…” I tried to explain to her for the millionth time, “I’m going to be in training classes all day! I won’t have time to shop with you!” She’d been bugging me like this ever since she saw the vision of me heading to San Francisco.

“You don’t have to shop with me; I’ll bring Bella and …” suddenly Alice was cut off.

“Alice, I’m staying here to print shirts. Andi needs the help.” Bella shouted across the room.

“Fine,” Alice huffed as she stuck her tongue out at Bella, “I’ll bring Rosalie and we’ll shop while you’re in class and then we’ll all hang out after you get out.”

I rolled my eyes at her; this was going to be impossible. “What about school?” I asked.

“Oh, school smool. We wouldn’t be missing anything. Please Andi! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!”

“I said no. I just simply won’t have time to entertain you.” Honestly, sometimes hanging out with vampires isn’t much different from hanging out with bratty children. Then Alice appeared to space out for only a second and when she came back she huffed off to my desk, slumping into my chair. “I’m sorry Alice, maybe some other time.” I attempted to console her.

“It won’t matter. Rosalie was going to turn me down anyway.” She pouted as I finished my packing. I knew being alone during the day wouldn’t have been a problem for her, if I’d only agreed to let her come. I just didn’t need the distraction and it would have been way too tempting to get distracted by Alice. So, she stayed at home and pouted while Emmett drove me to the airport, sending me off with a bone-crushing hug and a pat on the head.

My time San Francisco had been fairly successful and I’d even managed to catch a couple shows. I knew Alice and Jasper would have adored the “Beach Blanket Babylon” show and Edward probably would have liked the performance by “Cherry Poppin’ Daddies”. Emmett and Rosalie could have given all those dancers at Yoshi’s a show they never would have forgotten. Of course, I know for certain that all the Cullen’s would have loved playing with the patrons at the “Stinking Rose” and all their garlic flavored fanfare. I wore one of my shirts to that restaurant and got a lot of strange looks.

Despite the few extra-curricular I managed to fit into my schedule, I missed my vampires and my authors, so I’ll be glad to be back home in the lab where I belong.


Even in all my travels, I still managed to find that my Cullen’s were with me in spirit. All the tales that I brought with me to deal have our favorite characters in San Francisco. So, you are welcome to travel with me on a virtual trip to the bay area thru the following:

This first tale I have to offer is one I’ve had in the lab for a while and it’s one that I hold near and dear to my heart titled “Edward Wallbanger” by feathersmmmm. In this story, Bella is an interior designer who’s subletting a fantastic apartment in San Francisco from her boss, Esme. Edward is a professional photographer who lives in the apartment across the hall, but in the wee hours of the morning she’s introduced to the sexual habits of her neighbor thru the thin the walls of her bedroom. The chemistry between these two is incredible but each of them has challenges they need to overcome before they can move forward with anything other than friendship. Now, I’m going to warn you, this story is nearly complete and is one of those that has the potential to be pulled for publication, so if you haven’t discovered this one yet, you’ll want to hurry up and read this while it’s still available to the fandom.

My second offering is a haunting mystery titled “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Bronzehairedgirl620. Something dangerous is going on in Forks, WA and a young girl is murdered. Edward Masen is one of three boys accused and convicted, but he didn’t do anything and no one believes him. Circumstances have placed him in the hell of Alcatraz, where he’s certain that death would be a blessing. However, the fates may be bringing him salvation. Will Bella be able to discover the truth and save him before the fires of hell break him? This tale is newer than most of my usual dealings, so you know it’s got to be good if I’m bringing out such a young story. Start this one now and you won’t be disappointed.

My last offering is one of starting over titled “Feeling A Moment” by RaspberryRose. Once upon a time Bella wanted to be an English teacher, her mother was her best friend, and she was planning to attend the university in Seattle where her mother and step-father had a house, but all that changed with their unexpected deaths. Finally, a year later, Bella has decided she’s ready for a new start and although she knows she’ll miss her father and close friends in Forks dearly, she just knows that this move to San Francisco will be the change she needs to move forward. Will her new roommate help her find the adventure she’s looking for? This tale is sweet and wonderful in all the right places; I just know you’ll discover yourself here too.

To go along with all these tales, I think everybody deserves a Screaming Orgasm (San Francisco Style)

1 oz Triple Sec
1/2 oz Cognac
1 oz Irish Cream

Mixing Instructions
Combine ingredients in a cocktail glass and stir, add ice and serve.

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The deal has been made. ;)