Wednesday, September 1, 2010

:: Team Emmett :: Kellan Lutz and the St. Bernard Project

His charity never ceases to amaze me. Kellan Lutz has decided to keep building houses with the St. Bernard Project in St. Bernard, LA. And since he and other cast members will be around come November, he wants all to get involved in this wonderful project he holds dear.

Check out this article from the Twilight Examiner , where Kellan Lutz speaks with OK Magazine about helping out with the St. Bernard Project:

"He told the publication that he hopes to bring the set to this work when possible. "It would be a great surprise for everyone" if he could get someone like Robert Pattinson to help, he said, "Although I would have to take video of Rob trying to hammer a nail, he might hurt himself.""

You can see the entire article here:

Source: Twilight Examiner via email