Wednesday, September 8, 2010

:: Team Eclipse :: Eclipse comes to DVD for Christmas

Twitter was a buzz this morning as peeps returned and returned and returned some very important news finally regarding Eclipse and a DVD release date! 

Mark your calendar's ladies and gentleman, Eclipse will hit the shelves at midnight on December 4, 2010! 

Above, are the front covers of the DVD and so I've read, it looks like there is no more than two to chose from, unlike New Moon where you had a tough decision. (I'm guilty, I own three copies of New Moon, LOL)

According to VideoETA, there will be a Blu-Ray copy, a regular copy, and a two disc set. The two disc set will contain the usual, deleted and extended scenes, behind the scenes look at how it was made, photo gallery, music videos and a Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Stephenie Meyer commentary. 

Let's all hope for that commentary!! 

Anyhoo... I'm sure you can pre order as usual at and other retailers as the time comes. Also, as soon as retailers start announcing midnight release parties, we will let you know!

Source: aka TwilightNewsMan