Wednesday, June 9, 2010

::Team Love Shack:: Eclipse Read Along Chapter 9 TARGET

Good Morning Sparkly Ones!!!

Welcome to our Eclipse Countdown Read Along DAY 9!! We ask everyone to join us on this journey toward The Twilight Saga Eclipse by reading the book together with us this month.We will post one chapter summary a day for the month of June and as we close the book we can pick up those tickets and hit the theater!!!!! We encourage everyone to join the discussion on our Facebook page daily!

We have been having GREAT discussions thus far, so don't miss out on it today!

Today's Chapter is Target. It's a crucial turning point in the story where the Cullen's discover an unknown vampire is lurking around Bella.  It's ironic that we read this chapter today because we just saw this scene in the new clip on the Insider last night!

Chapter Number:  9
Chapter Name: Target
Page Numbers: 196-213
Date of Chapter: June 2, 2006
Bella returns home from the Cullens to find a message from Jacob.  He is sorry and wants her to call him.  Bella heads to her room and discovers that there are things missing: a pillow, some laundry, and some socks.  When Edward arrives, he is alerted to the scent of a vampire he doesn’t recognize.  Quickly, Edward takes Bella to Alice while Jasper and Emmett comb the woods and keep on eye on Charlie.  Alice is frustrated because she didn’t see anything.  Edward is angry that someone got past Alice’s sight.  Alice is overloaded with watching so many things.  Their first thought is that the Volturi paid Bella a visit, but Alice is sure she would have seen that.  They ponder whether or not Cauis or Jane would have sent anyone.  Emmett and Jasper return saying the visitor left hours ago and used a car.  The Cullens continue to try to determine who would go into Bella’s room and why they hadn’t harmed Charlie and are unable to reach a solution.  Edward brings Bella back home and vows she will never be alone. 
The next day, Bella decides to forgive Jacob and call him.  During the conversation Edward, asks to speak to Jacob.  They discuss the visitor and devise a plan for Jacob to come over and stay with Bella while Edward follows the trail of the unknown vampire.  Jacob is also trying to rearrange the boundaries of the treaty in case the visitor comes back so that the wolves and Cullens can work together.   
Characters Involved: Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale, Emmett Cullen, Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Charlie Swan

Character Mentioned: Sam Uley, Billy Black
Places Visited: Cullen House, Swan House
Memorable Quotes:
“It’s not very attractive behavior Bella.  Forgiveness is divine” ~ Charlie pg 197
“Is Jacob paying you for all the P.R., or are you are a volunteer?”  ~ Bella pg 207
"I mean that if you see a wolf running around your house, don’t shoot at it."  ~ Jacob pg 212
Important Information learned:
An unknown vampire was in Bella’s room.
No one recognizes the visitor’s scent ,and the visitor didn’t harm Charlie.
Alice didn’t see anything pertaining to the visitor.
Bella forgives Jacob.
Jacob and Edward are working together, changing the boundary lines to assure if someone comes again they will be caught.