Sunday, May 16, 2010

::Team Jasper:: We do NOT support illegal pictures. EVER!!!!!

Hello My Sparkly Ones,

Please know we will give you every single new picture of our Cullens, ever... But we do not support sites that purchased and paid for illegal pictures.

I know a thing or three about the internet and I can find out where things come from. I have found NOTHING good about these new pictures of Jackson's photo shoot, so we have taken those pictures off our blog. I do not want anything on our site that could hurt our Cullens. EVER.

I know it's been a long and confusing day with those pictures. They were great. They were also very illegal. Basically it appears those pictures are not to have been released yet and some crazy shell site for a paparazzi company has paid money to leak them onto the internet for profit.

We are a Twilight Fan Site and I will never knowingly post a picture that hurts any of our kids. Today we did by accident because we didn't have enough information.

There is a magazine or a CD insert for those Jackson pics and I hope we'll all buy it!!

Peace, Love and Twilight to you all!