Saturday, May 22, 2010

::Team Edward:: I So Called it! Twihard Stole Rob's Hair Clippings.

It's a good thing they haven't figured out how to clone humans yet because Robert Pattinson's DNA is now in the hands of some obsessed Twihard.
The Twilight heartthrob had his hair cropped short the other day for a film role and the discarded clippings mysteriously went missing.
"Someone collected it and Rob is concerned it will end up in some tacky auction. It's probably about the most valuable hair in showbiz!" a source tells Absolute Now.
When quizzed on Ellen about his new buzzcut earlier this week, Rob joked, "I got a terrible infestation of nits and I had to shave it off."
It's a shame he's joking, those nits might have fetched a few extra dollars on eBay.

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