Tuesday, April 13, 2010

::Team Eclipse:: Let the Madness BEGIN!! Ticket sales begin around the world!

Hey Aussie and Kiwi Cullens - 

We got word your tickets for Eclipse including a New Moon/Eclipse Double Feature are NOW on sale in New Zealand and Australia!

For Australia - 
 Tickets for Hoyt's are now available and Event Cinema shows the link but it's not active just yet!

  UPDATE! Sadly Imax in Sydney is a DEFINITE NO! They state they will not be getting the film at all.

We have a rumor that presale begins in Brazil on Friday!  As always we'll keep you up to date when and where you can buy tickets in your area.

UPDATE for Canada!!  Tickets will be on sale SOON  for Empire Cinemas go to this link
You set up for them to text you the MINUTE your tix go on sale!

UPDATE for America!! No word on ticket release but go to this link
You can set up a Fan Alert to email you for your zip code when tix are available!

If you have info for your country please email  us CullenLoveShack@yahoo.com.