Wednesday, April 14, 2010

::Team Eclipse INTERNATIONAL:: Dr. Cullen's Love Shack Needs Guest Bloggers Outside the US!

Hey Sparkly Ones! 

Very soon Eclipse Mania will  be upon us!  From Pre-Sale Tickets, to Merchandising  to the big day itself!!  The Love Shack needs YOUR help!  If you live in a country OTHER than the US and want to be a part of International Eclipse Mania on our blog we need you! 

Ok, Lisa, so what EXACTLY do I need to do?  Well it's pretty damn easy! Be able to take a few pictures and write a few emails! That's it! We can give you lots and lots of Cullen Love and complete credit!
We need you to keep up on the goings on for Eclipse in your country! Let us know when and where tickets are available, maybe take some pictures of the merchandise that is for sale- and then on the BIG NIGHT!  Take lots and lots of pictures and send us an email report of all the fun the next day! 

If you would like to commit to help us make this movie the BIGGEST ONE YET on the blog just send me an email to or tweet me @CullenLoveShack!