Monday, November 21, 2011

::Team Breaking Dawn:: Worldwide "Breaking Dawn" Opening Weekend Sales Sets Record for Saga

The estimated numbers for opening weekend sales of the Twilight Saga "Breaking Dawn Part 1" are in and can I say, WOW!!

In looking at only the domestic box office sales, "Breaking Dawn" came in second to "New Moon", but if you look at the midnight ticket sales and the worldwide totals "Breaking Dawn" rose above and beyond making its debut weekend the fifth-best on record!

Here's a chart of the numbers as gathered by

In US Dollars
Midnight Domestic Opening Weekend Overseas Opening Weekend Worldwide Opening Weekend Totals Overall Box Office Sales To Date
69.6 6.3 75.9 392.6
New Moon 26.27 142.8 132.1 274.9 709.8
Eclipse 30 157.5 104.6 262.1 698.5
Breaking Dawn Part 1 30.3 139.5 144 283.5 283.5 stated:

In an industry whose main audience is young males, "Twilight" is a rare blockbuster franchise driven by female viewers. Distributor Summit Entertainment reported that women and girls made up 80 percent of the audience for "Breaking Dawn."

The popularity of "Twilight" has left many men scratching their heads, even those involved in releasing the movies.

"I'm 53 years old, and I haven't figured it out yet," said Richie Fay, head of distribution for Summit. "It relates really to young girls and things that are important to them, their romantic ideas of love and relationships, without getting so physical, at least on screen, that it becomes a worry for their parents."

So, Summit hasn't figured it out??  Really??  The fans have; even the actors understand, so maybe they should have more women promoting to a female fan-base and fewer 53 year-old men, not that their male ignorance has hurt them at all.  The Twilight fandom will see to its success with or without the help of Summit.