Sunday, September 25, 2011

::Team Breaking Dawn:: Summary of Important Dates Coming Up

We're in the home stretch now and we have so many release dates coming up, I thought we should have a summary of them just to make sure no one misses a thing.  If there's something I've overlooked, let me know and I'll update.
26 – Breaking Dawn Soundtrack Track List Preview
27 – “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars song release

You should start seeing the promotional displays during this month!!
1 – Advanced Purchase Tickets go on sale in the US (Fandango & Movietickets)
11 – Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga): Movie Tie-in Cover
11 – Aim High Premiere (USA only) on Facebook web-stream broadcast  
18 – Breaking Dawn Part 1 In-Theater Promotional Items will begin to become available.

1 - Dr. Cullen's Love Shack Exclusive!! A Month of Breaking Dawn Call-in Event (check out our FB event post for details!)
8 – Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack available
9 - Dr. Cullen's Love Shack Anniversary!!
11 – Immortals Worldwide Release Date
16 – Breaking Dawn Part 1 France, Italy, and Sweden Release Date
17 – Breaking Dawn Part 1 Australia, Greece, Hungary, New Zealand, Portugal, and Thailand Release Date
18 – Breaking Dawn Part 1 Worldwide Release Date
24 – Breaking Dawn Part 1 Germany, Malaysia, and Singapore Release Date

22 – Breaking Dawn Part 1 Hong Kong Release Date

25 – Breaking Dawn Part 1 Japan Release Date

Be sure to mark your calendars or bookmark this page!!