Friday, June 17, 2011

::Team Twilight:: Fan Fiction Friday

You’ve been so patient and waited for me to regain my wits, for which I’m eternally grateful!! I think I shall reward my lovely addicts with gifts of Dadward!! After all it, it will be Father’s Day on Sunday and our swoon-worthy Edward Cullen will be another year older on Monday. Therefore, I suggest you head to the Blue door at the back of the shack, knock the heavy beats of “Sleep Isabella” by Abney Park and the password is “Daddy”. Be Safe!


Yet again, I open the door to the lab and out tumbles a stream of notes so beautiful, they make your heart melt at the sound. It’s the sort of sound that paints pictures with notes. It’s amazing and wonderful and so welcome that I can hardly stay focused on what I’m actually supposed to accomplish today. The amazing thing about all of this is that the notes sweeping me away from my currently reality are not being played my usual keyboard musician, but by the guitar strumming of his inherently talented offspring.

For the past several days, Jasper and Renesmee had been camped out in one corner of the lab preparing a song for Edward’s Father’s Day and Birthday gift. Edward had once made a passing comment to Renesmee that he would teach her how to play the guitar one day and lately he’d been asking if she was ready. What he didn’t know was that she wanted to surprise him and to do that she’d begged her Uncle Jasper to give her lessons in the lab. I didn’t even realize Jasper knew how to play the guitar, but I guess there are still lots of things I don’t know about them.

Renesmee was a natural at music though, just like her father. I’d watched it happen not long ago when Edward had sat with her at the keyboard and played Bella’s lullaby while the authors and I swooned from our seats. After he struck the final cord, she crawled onto his lap, placed her tiny hands on the keys and copied his movements exactly. It was a spectacular thing to witness and very entertaining to see Edward attempt to contain his complete and utter astonishment.

One of the recent side-effects of Renesmee’s songs was the imagery they conjured while she played them. It was almost as if the talent was an extension of her ability to project images by touch. All she really had to do was play a song and your mind would be taken over with pictures. I hadn’t noticed this effect when Edward was giving her lessons, but she wasn’t playing her own music then either. Right now she was composing and it really was magical, but unlike the images you saw when she touched you, if you managed to block out her music, you could block out the pictures too. Although, who’d want to? They were like little vacations without ever having to leave home.

And a little vacation was exactly what I needed. I think Alice could see that too. She’d popped in a time or two, while Jazz and Nessie were in here, but mostly she stayed away letting me get absorbed by the sounds around me. It was perfect and I knew that Edward would love it. So come Sunday, Renesmee would be able to dazzle everyone with her talent and it would be the most perfect Father’s Day ever.


With Father’s day in mind, all the dealing I picked out contain fathers, some good, some bad, some who want to be better. I hope you enjoy.

My first tale, is a period piece titled “To Be in Her Light” by sunflowersongs Edward Masen, the Viscount Cullen, is not a very good man. Up until his father’s death, he has lead an incredibly sinful existence which has given him two illegitimate daughters. Despite the fact that he has no idea how to be a father to these two little girls, he’s not about to deny them either. So with the assistance of his staff, he employs Miss Isabella Swan to be his children's governess, but finds himself drawn to her in unreasonable ways. However, their stations in life and his past might not lead to happiness.

Next, I found this amazingly hot Dadward in “Playing Doctor” by lexiecullen17. Edward Cullen is a young, single dad, whose just been abandoned by his girlfriend with their infant son. This was not the life he had planned and it’s certainly not been easy, but he knows he’ll find a way to make it work. So, when his son's pediatrician, the lovely Dr. Swan, offers to help out, if ever he needs it, will he take her up on that offer? This short is a very beautifully long and slow burn of a one-shot, but completely worth it.

Last, I have a long awaited mystery called “A Beautiful Lie” by Brindalyn. Edward and Bella have been friends since childhood and have shared nearly everything, but at the age of seventeen, they’ll find their paths go in different directions. He’ll become a star and she’ll stay in the sleepy town they grew up in, raising his son, a son he knew nothing about. A son she hid from him to allow him to live out his dream and protect them both. Will this secret be too much to keep from him when this is the only man she’ll ever love?

Now to go along with these tales, I’m going to suggest a simple bottle of your favorite wine, just to soothe that craving for children.

I hope you all have an excellent Father's Day and until next week, Tweet (FanFicDealer), Message me on Facebook, or email ( if you want to talk shop.

The deal has been made. ;)