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::Team Twilight:: Stephenie talks to the fan sites!!!

Stephenie Meyer Discussion Points From Imprint Podcast

Posted by Twilight_News - 19/06/10 at 08:06 pm Here is what came up with the lunch that the fansites had with Stephenie Meyer. They will have full transcripts later of the 4-hour interview. Much of it will be released after Eclipse comes out as to not spoil movie for anyone, but this is a listing of some main talking points:
  • Midnight Sun: Is not off the table. It won’t be her next project, but she has not cancelled it. She needs it to be the thing she is the most excited about to  write it effectively or it won’t be good.
  • It was a 4.5 hour interview very laid back atmosphere, they discussed everything.
  • Bree Tanner:
    • Freaky Fred: In his human life was that he was very introverted nerdy human science type very intelligent who observed everyone who kept his distance from people by always avoiding eye contact. That translated into his vampire repulsion technique no one wants to watch or see him. He still retains his intelligence and inquisitiveness.
    • Don’t watch: the line was to bother Bree and to Bella in equal measure.
    • Riley: Stephenie’s attitude/view of Riley had changed.  People lost sympathy for Riley and she did too when writing it.
    • Diego made Riley assist in the actual killing of Riley.
    • Victoria enjoyed making Riley do it.
    • Riley did try to save Diego but Victoria wouldn’t show mercy.
    • The fact that Riley cared for Diego made Victoria want to hurt Diego more and after Riley helps in his death he totally lost every good part of himself. embraced the dark side in a sense.
    • Stephenie hated killing Bree.
    • Bree and Diego as humans were strong minded as humans that prevents them from being totally animalistic as vampires
    • She always knew the Volturi had visited Victoria. The fact that Victoria is now forced into a decision is why Alice can suddenly see what is happening.
    • Jane acts without Aro’s direct knowledge. Aro sends her and the team to North America with Aro’s blessing to act as Jane sees fit. Jane would actually have liked to kill Alice too because she knows that Alice would be Aro’s bigger prize than her if Aro ever got her in Italy permanently. She would be higher ranked than Jane and Jane actually hates Alice more than Bella. However Jane realized that Aro would kill Jane if Alice died at her hands or inaction, so Jane has no choice in the end.
    • Edward didn’t tell anyone that he read Bree’s thoughts because any info Edward got was not going to change anything. It wouldn’t make anything better at that point. Bella was also still human and he didn’t want to risk a human Bella by saying anything.
  • Breaking Down: The parody version of Breaking Down that Stephenie wrote in her head as a release.
    • Stephenie just decided to write in her head a story where Charlie ends up as a meth addict, Bella accidentally kills Alice, Edward runs off in depression can’t stand Bella anymore, Bella settles down in the arms of Mike Newton who then leaves her and runs off with Edward Yorkie. Bella can’t take it anymore walks to the infamous cliff goes to commit suicide then decides she can’t do it turns back from the cliff trips over her own two feet, trips, hits her head on a rock and dies.
  • Other novellas:
    • Nothing immediately in the works, but didn’t discount idea totally
    • If she were to continue she would write series from Rensemee’s and Leah’s points of view
  • Downside of fame:
    • No chance in interviews anymore to really in depth character questions because bigger media glosses over the little stuff all the fans want to know. In other words the interview that all focus on the dream, etc.
  • Themes:
    • Stephenie doesn’t feel that Twilight is out there to have a message or theme and that everyone should choose as the characters do. It’s the choice that they made in their circumstances. She didn’t write it to have a specific theme or message, but if she had to pick something there is an over arching theme of choice and what the pros and cons of any given choice are. But that’s not to say the books are an allegory on choice.

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