Tuesday, May 11, 2010

::Team Breaking Dawn:: EW Report More on Ashley/Kellan, Jackson's Status "Unclear" for Final Film.

Following up on a story we told you about this morning, Entertainment Weekly has learned more about Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene’s attempts to receive higher salaries for a two-part Breaking Dawn:

Yet sources tell EW.com that the duo are asking for $4 million a piece for each of the final two films. Greene and Lutz had initially banded together with fellow co-stars Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone to form a united front, but sources say Reed backed down and is now close to finalizing her deal, which is said to be in the $750,000- $1 million range per film–the amount Summit initially offered the four cast members. (Rathbone’s status remains unclear, and his reps had not returned a call for comment at press time. Reed’s manager declined to comment.)

The studio declined to comment on the negotiations. But sources tell EW.com that Greene and Lutz believe that because the supporting actors do as much publicity as the lead actors, and have to log almost as many hours on set, they should be paid accordingly. One source involved in the negotiations says that Greene and Lutz just want to get $1 million or more.

Source - Entertainment Weekly.