Thursday, September 23, 2010

::Team Breaking Dawn:: Breaking Dawn NOT to be in 3D

I was all for the second part of Breaking Dawn to be available in 3D - I thought it'd be kinda cool to have Bella wake up and see with her sparkley new vampire eyes and the whole end battle with the Volturi in 3D.

However, getting back to the point, is has been confirmed that - for now at least - we're safe:

A major rumor making waves over the past twenty-four hours claims that the second part of Breaking Dawn “will be released in 3-D.”

Similar reports surfaced last spring.

Once again, they are false.

The site behind the claim, which warns visitors not to “fall for any casting scams,” is itself questionable.

A rep for Summit says, “Neither film is being shot in 3D,” and calls the rumors “fabricated.”

And a source informs that while 3D effects can be added during post-production (as they have with some recent releases), right now it is too premature to say whether either part of Breaking Dawn will be converted.